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Barrie Examiner, 24 Oct 1912, p. 7

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How Wiikfnzge it in a large iron `pot and heat it over 3, slow flre, stirring it continu- ally until it is "pm`ched. The Thfeshlng Operuztion, It ia-thE11_ready low the threshing. This is done by one oi the men put- full, when (2115 ricois-taken-Jto s-bore, r and spread out to `dry. Alter 3 few 1 hours in the hot sun the grain is '5 ready for the patching. This is us-- ; uajly done by the `women, who place E it in large `pot . nection with the harvesting of the `ice, which are briefly subdivided as f llows 2-1. gathering ; 2, drying, 3, pa, chi-ug; 4, threshing; 5, sifting. In gathering, shogts are laid In the bottom of the canoe; -11115. u start jjj. If you admire pretty things you will enjoy looking over our assortment, even if you don : want to buy. 1na3mzEVExAmIN.Ea l.!.I R115` I: is Harvested [: _O.'z!l and see our Sample "or Phone 51 I-__n. .2 o,,,- I uunc on and a Book of Specimens will be sent to you for your impaction. PRIVATE / GREETING A EARDS % _.j_. This form of greatmg for the Holiday :1:ou is steadily growing in popularity. m 1':.....,.... I ..nr.|u unn-m-{no-.. n 1}: \_Te nre showing :1 very fine line of nutiful Card: 11: `u-nsor-nblu Pricvs. J .,... ....-W,-..xu.... '9 have, without doubt, (ha finest line tr ahnwn in Raw-in J ,.,..,... ., u. yvyunul J. People appreciate :1 Distinctive Remem- Inv:I- of this kind. besides it will save vou You \-Nil! Like Them derlul rheumz-1t'ic cure. If you have rheumatism in any form don't delay going to D. _H. MacLa'ren s drug store -and" get 3 bptftle of Rheumo` today. 'c :\ `X 1% I A may up on me Qorcn, Vynera i( the youngster can get a quiet snooze ` , and pienty of air at,the same time. 4 V `is :1 thi 0 cvcrv house with A bahvli of the basket. With plenty of ' bedding In the bottom at the buslget (3 and the coverings properly adjusted.` 8 baby can be made an comfortable as} t , In a crib and get plenty or Mr. BABY S _PO_RCH , BAASIKET nwn -away by the wind. Crude as_it-J` .y seem, it is exceedingly effective ( I the workers are scrupulously an throughout the whole process.4: -of the Keene River, which has been `the scene of rice harvesting opera- at-19 crop will be harvested. It is rather than try to expend it in c1'it- 1 `icizing the shortcoxizings` of people who may not be nearly as bad as we are, after all? 11 . character {amped upon your face, rixvhenyxnybody might read them. Do 1 ;`you suppose, if such a thin: werefl another beautiful subjclt. enttletl '1 "Mother's Treasures, 5. -'companioul( to the 1yeumutiiu1- picture "Hamel tber 5 Treasures" is 23 by 29 in~';` . all ready for trumlrig, and`! me would sell in any art storm: at `I : and deeds. There is no a meness and cruelty to -5 Gossip` lends herself. Toy 1 and Weekly Star. It "`,: ,', `, fF,5. `FEE, ,1*};9i! -&:,. Hargejn/cghjia` sggumfprisoned for "political violence" and }very member of a*fam reluslng food, should be permitted to `ome II-'1I`t.0` it illt'3F95t`!dic quietly of atnrvation-w1th plenty 3 we "1,` the ?' 5} of food at hand. The government The premmm p1::fu`re,!` M A .-mm: ..,.+ 1... u..._-.: .,_ L.,. .. .. ..... .. ........ auuu a uu1Jt:L101.` :`air! They "could "smoke-as they :e`cou1d qrink, and-do other things-,f '5' but the \vomen-never! ,'N'aturally lovely women rtaliated by smoking ihlerself blue. A number of Chicago wo~ `men have taken to cig{njs- and girls C ,1, who never smoked before are puffing rsraway likq-Hook, the Ipiratle i_u Pager`: 1` Pan. ' < t 1:" .If 71 TOUT`/5511595 abcut you, than V ) :1 Cycle oi/bliss bought at such 3 . I - I-n<:e,\ ()1 such nnnr xrnlnia an Human ) uucnun-umnna1;tau tor choice-is| Ipossibly bracing after a tiring 1 day, mkeu as an anuetizer hoinrp Han. [wary lar apart. It is the same with r the cigarette. They hang together id 2 . ', the little silver case as man fn'vr.`41v aalvrse weather 0 'tions 4; large proportion of the a able crop `W111 be harvested. 1 we unue suver case_ as one fnmkly, E-and they folkow one another quickly. .' On the whole. `I.think wnmrn or: ..+. , um women. 1511': it just likle Vmen `go abogt a. thing Yikc this in a. LU! sv wav. Natnr-n11v :+ Kan ,. sy way. JNa1:ura.11y, it has given m E impetus tcsmoking among women _`.The men did it with znnh .. EI]V\A!`1';\` t blame it the lady would not a.va'il {herself at them. Forcible (coding is `Intrusions, but letting women who Iharve nttemnted murder mm nrnrwu .. . smuie, a. [on OK opium! tie " most` gruelling day of bgard'V asjmncvintnaent and (1 nnuru ;`smo:e,_ or drug. But they will not, I 1 these days.` be dominated by men in ` the matter of amnkp nna 1-nrrfnilu Lcr wunout `tnasc t . ngs. I see that in Chicago an anti-cigarette league has been s't:1rted bv men whn .<:mn1z. -`mous. Anal it nughteued me. I hold i "it a dreadful thing to be babit-r1:1- `gylzum 3 \u..x'u. Lat: rule: was enor- I 1 man. You sell vnur trmadnm inr \chu+| an me mutcn tor the second, be- ` e I know myself, and I cannot ` `d taint. ;. hahif mnafar ...., ...,a 1 .uuu an nnnu. The ` d not be blamed for this. as they * ulied th'e vitunls. and were not tn 1 ricg is, vested in the tribes. whose In- ` dian parentage is unquestioneri, and the prim'jtive custom is one of thel . ._,.... ...E,u....,-... a. long, long 1 the mzffch f.m- - AND 'l'HE GETTES. [or think: 11 wntn wmcn cue , nippd, 'u'.',h`.c;l, - nu: hzvari.-xh im- uncut. In 9. ruucuxous PDSIUOIL More- "over. ig any Indy chose that way to- `wards procuring the Erown of martyr- '|dnm. Mr. Shaw A: um in nu I I J L u.\n. u.\:. UIHL. 1 Talking of Suflragettes, these pobr` women verc shockingly treated {mg I Wylie:-1 whcu they interrupted 3 meet-! _ int!` at which the Chncelnr, Mr,| 1 suounu not care to 1001: abroad up-' i on the world through such wihdows as those. To see through the eyes of mmurderer. 1: is a thought to un- ttle the mind. What appalling Vi- 1'n mufdeied wnmnn mun 1 sum 01 3, murdered woman, murdered horrivly, might not be retained upon the nunils nf thnsm. nvnn 1-n `la-2+ rm. .. m uuug, wucu: wxu. racy *"` n in the matter of physical I `OW ?-The minute .mcn lay rough ear ela on women that moment wr- r '1` Clea/u man's eyes will be those of the lixilng man after the mu:-utin.-. n9 in the audience called out,And it `served the ould beggar perlectly I ; ght!" ' ` _- ~43: . ,.aaas.xv.' mrshv ( ( REMEMBERTHE P;mcEs Blue Label % V` "- ` __ 55 per lb. Grey ~Labelj . - 48; per lb. . Orange Label ' -T 3 45 per lb. Wand other Blends up 'l:o-$1.00 per pound ----_.`--_-an/\-mtg:/-'sa nrnrntrt ouumg ml: p1:1cps nnL1 orld / t`nnn m at the longest. Every second precious. Let txiygith _ glaivi_w_i_I_l__ ,, improve your `looks and your sight. See us and you will see better, feel better and be better. \Ve have the experience and disposition to do the right thing at the righttime, at the right price. . - D. T H. 7_F_iacl,AREN new gm: nose unumuz tn: atgn 0/ a scam--looi: for the sign ofzhe trade-mark. As they are bcimz knit th-::( are shaped laslingly to the curves of the foe: and leg. They /z`t-1hey` wcarbetter- K and the utter absence of any scam at all makes them fe is Sho;rt Makers` of Underwear Sweaters an (I and Hosiery ' interesting Description `bf Primitive niethnds Still Used by Indians. .. rPnte:'nnrn \7.x':1vninnr\ vg_r so must) more comfortable. No differencu in cost-but much in qualit,. in economy 5 and in comfort. - 65 A `$9 buhly didn't realize the perfectioh reched V \:n:@ / ... ....u._... .L, JV: 7 }__j \J . Fun-r as ."'d ru ,r\:~ sJ;`;a2 dag-`S: ;l'@;L%c V! x./ 1% ' 3*). Seam-in-front el-no-\`lp.'.-g-an . '-`- D-iG stockings would seem absurd! Then why any seam You have kept on wearing stockings with a seam up the back-shapeless. uncomfortable things ! because you pro- bably perfection "7 /,\ r.= ..._..- ., Penmans Paris. Canada . It is ` said that the so1e.right _to' gather the 'ricg=. 7 existe_L1 in the more primeval age. _The 20th cautury`has_roh`hed the old- time custom of much of its charms: turesqueness is still mu'r:).\ in evi- vdencg at the annual gathering of the rice harvest. . ' Modua 0`D&I`nd`.A

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