Ontario Community Newspapers

Barrie Examiner, 24 Oct 1912, p. 6

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,The total _production of rye is 3,08 000 bus-hels against 2,568,800 ` busue. in 1911, the yiglda per acre bing re- spectively 20.75 and 17.41 !.vus1u.s. of nuts. barley, and I've. zucreascs in permanent xnvcstmexgtj ' zind guaranteed as such. Thcr"Pandora" is fear? Iessly guaranteed by deaiersvas we}! as by the makers. simply be- ` cause they know that it will give untcr satis- faction. Can you K'on'dcr that :1-. w.-..... Sold By J. R. HAMBLY sea of u number or u Bros. of Clarksburg. ring quiz: :1 large 'or_ __j_.a__ , Ont. -- I aim passing C_ha_ngg of Life and for two - .u man) people L'ii` A it for fcmze V `.`l:- ness and painful menstruation and it highly rcommend Lydia E. Pinkham s VegetahIeCompeund 5 to any suffering wu- \JCz:nada. -- I cafn A .l ravmzgz BA1:r:jE>u1z; ` arveyank, New J` Th: relief tlley give from llcnrtlmrn, atulence, biliousncss and Llyspcpsin is- ! prompt and permmzcnt. Try one after } _cacll meal,--ll)ey ll make yoli feel like wdrsc. My stomach j-ust fc11'mw. 1 ; read of Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia . .l`a.b1cts, and a lady frjexxd 914 c l11cyVwg:rc fri_end to!d__ .u very easy to take, so I thought I woulrl give them a trin1nndrc.1I1_\' they wnrkul_ wonders; Anyone having lhix : wrong with his stomach shonhl gin Na-Dru-Co.D_s`5pepsia Tablets .1 trial they will do the rest. My stomach is ne now and I can eat any food. I I 5 '1 : I I ` .u- `II vlurillll Iv- - - -v"'-" `strength and substance. She had ul- S1nceTakiIrgNa-Dru-coDyspepsiamlets" W=W5.b=n 100'? P `O W W H-4"- . - j__ bots as being xndependent, but now Mrs. J. Mcrkhugcr, Waterloo, on:., she `Was left, "lame-footed and , lame- en1husiaslic.1Hy recmm-inn-nds'I\'a-Dru:Co `handed. \\'-th I1" dht to Cuff)` and he!` Dyspepsia Tablets: Ilcrexpcricncc with .bare land. and the house 11151. 815 51 Ouum`-`5 u 9-\'1".1i"5 "1`}`- lionud to`st:=ud the sieze of time. i1!-provis- ` ` stomach, she writes. ` much medicine that I might say to take , any more `would only be 1; king I had taken 55 it wor_sc. `\_1} stoxxjncll just {Q11 mu". V x I ;uMYV `Tag: had come `band in hand. t relezrtless enemies of the ; they had wasted STIIMABH MINE and together _ _ strength S1nt:eTaknw Na.nm.nn nvsnnnnia Tahlpta" lwnys been lookcd up nl tine and foo: . One of the m_a_ny goof} features f 1513-Dnx-Co Dyspepsia Tablets is that 25 cent bottle 0! 3 simple wash 5 the 'itch and will surely con- : `any patient. s it not seem strange that ` 561: people suffer year in and yearll of preliminary value, lze/can-.3 in con- sequence of the bad \ves.the1' and late Se son lmrvestinz onex~.11:ions' had aide 1161: (now howlong the D. D. DJ ` Lgboyatories will continue the 25c. ;` Our Story for l`l.....l. "The Hum `The night` Before Thanksgivir;g" How a` Sad Heart was Gladdened. you want relief 9 at 25c. on Qxrxr ; ation.` ' " re days to make other people ` V in, but sometimes. when they` they seem to be full" of shado\vs,~,` II J IUI V I Thanksgxvmg 1 _j_ . Y 1 oers. 7 3 E tonight try 3 .K personal reco:u- : "Dear me! What is it?" she {alter- : ed, stepping bank as he came In and dro ping he-r crutch. Be I dream1n'? > I w 3.` drenmin` a_bout-0h, there! _ What was I a-sa`yh':` "1`aixi`t {rue l Crop Conditions ii In the Dominionf; 4 There was 3 tall- Mander, who seemed > row door,Wp.y., . _ Come, let ma in." door. She wgs _conscious of only her. cme great tear. They've come_ to ' "'"t1ie"po'orh' e!" she laid. , jcoulgl have the luxury of 5. fire. . lhad a-feeling that it_ was her 1 ;night at home`, and `with st!` _ trccklessness she beizan tn ll H. `[1336 draw 3 little nearer to the re, >'_and laid her. head bacl: drowsily in th old rocking chair. It s.:`cme:1 only a moment hefnrp. 1t. sccxned . before > there was a loud kncfcking, `and somebody lifted the latch of the door. The tire shone bright thtollnvh `got nobody to come, an no 5!. th_e_ Light more Thanksgivin ` dreadful glad they don't know. Hagainst the window, and alone thinking in `the dark. There's lots 0' folks I 1 "There's 0 foIks_I love," ylsid once They'd be sorry I n ` got sun _bcfore her. " [as '.'t ha`d t [still sat by ,] `.`}t'11.g.e'L me. good an" \v=-rm,, she`: iaam, Stxll _ta1kmg to hersexi, as '. {3pc-I mly people -do. `Wm 1'11 ;{0`to be.-11 Much Damage l;1;e_hy Wet Weathergi ' Throughout Canada; ` Mrs. Rpbtfs own, and.she had 'Lu1'n` >-it mast thankfully. There was oniy I smell armful left. but `at least. s`m in," "It's 11. cold night. `pert me, did you. Mo V,in to happen,.' she saij. Poor [Johnny Harris`, perhaps he's think- inf 0 me, if he's 31 e." - * It as just. at sunset, nnd looked out hopclessry across t elds, there was a sudden 2 Her naarcst nbigbbor had be": _ foremost of tpos-: who wished 11111` t` ' go to the town farm. and be him , , - - -: La|CA=\.L| DOB XTCI. poor and sorrowful indeed. Atross --sac down, 511-," '11:: frozen road she looked e.v;st\var.l toward mm with t _over 3 great stretch 0! cold meadow --\'o._,'u ha, (0 g 1-dscape of hat` hcrt. 3 ` There was Johnny Hgarx'is,",sai:1_ 5 my Ann. saftly. He was :1 501- ody . bright through Ergut of the old stove and made. 1 her wood lot to'- pay him Ht would plow over in thccld count.` and tell 5' Years `ago now. I a1wa_ys \ i he got sick or anything, I 1 nave a good home for him. . } ism { Wm` 0N MARCH 5,%1g[3. % g _ - \_./ALUE $4.00` W made t in the room, but Mary Wakcil up frightened and he suicfgayly. You didn't ex- ' had ,1.-r=<:n cured bif your fnxfxousv GIN PILLS, uml he advised me to try llxel . So Inbought two-boxes at my druggist 5 and hr.--`ore I had used one box I felt a , _ boxes of GIN PILLS cured me." 131' 13 E QUESNET4. GI}; PILLS are gainim: a world-wide rcpxxuuion. by the way they conqucx-the most obstinate cases of Rhcumntisxn and all kinds of Kidney Trouble. _5oc. :1 box. G 10: 32.50. Sample free couhl not s1ccp ms and I . 0115 could lm x'dly wa!k. I 1m:1bx.cn treated by some of our best `hysigriaus but` without relief and I lost inns fieeu pounds. One day I met our of our lcatling')10lC1kec15El'S, who by fnuxous PILI " J llxcm. now I would nofllave spent over One llxlmlrcnl Dollars for nothing when two `Donl-dsou Lines, `' Johim, Halifax, Portland. Boston. your accomntoda ion `zit The Exami- ner_O1'F.c.=.. the Barrie Agency White-Star-Dominion, V Cunard, 'sz1iZ'iug .for, and from St. nr John, Portland, Boston, or New York. A card wi11.hring the necessary information. ' in tbgse provinces did some dam-,,l but as a rule only late sown; a, inclucdng ux, were seriously` ted. In parts of southern On-1 gain 5RciJ`[i*0%NA; V AGENT 1 y ` and her own folks had come; ` the night _bc~fora Thanksgiving. v 1itL'm old woxuazx limp-.`:1 after him. I forgetting c\_'_ery_thin__: but hosyntnlity.` ` Had not sin: ,1 hr for John to :up of tea and set it down z}_ . a trembling hand and u -100`: a No, I wanted to come myse! nncurses :1 HI I-ILL: IVE long years suffering from Kidney Troub]e-- two boxes of GIN nnvq` ....,1 -"p Before I nislml the was completely cured. me you I can hardly believe d only known what I know xeint h5m.again and nodd- e did not even try to speak. I a good, hot supper ready,` 1 \VDZ!].fVlll ml thrown overboard from a Japanese vessel in mid-Pacing, exactly where the steamship lane from Victovrin to Tokio crosses the 180th meridian was picked up at Prince Igupert recently. I The sender was the Capta.in_ of tho ship whose object was to dlacovor the direction at the tidal current at the point refqrred M3. The importancenof _the dlsdfgry rests an the mat that.` ' rnontn ended` sepwbeans and'corn for husking are be- v Les that during this!1o\v ting 8.\`erage. quality for either 0! I ,' wet weather hon-|Lhe two previous years. Rye is`] uvcr most Parts at slightly kbe-ion` the average. Flax [SJ] ovpr (e provihces_well above the Quality of both 1911 0,` and Manitoba.|(T:': p.c.) and 1910 (73 p.(:.) ' '- 1 |rgc areas 0! grain,] Root. crops continue to show cxce1- v1 oLher forms of '"vcgetbI~e" (Iii!-e not similariy in abstracting the noxious` carbonic aclzl from the atmcsmher I 21190 witnessed the ood which, causud ` by the overowing of the Red x'ive_r,C '_ submerged the whole of the territory` an which the city of Winnipeg ow efnnfla mm F'\` , u.` x._._ . V manna, the builder or the forts at Up~ i , per Fort Garry and `Lower, Fort Garry V for-`the rH_udsozV: s Bay company. Her - , ozi` or the fst wbIte'wbme bon In I _- Mm-xlmba and who dled'nt Treherne, I . `Man, at am age of 76, had in common I` FLOATING B01:T'LE/ TEST 2 are huge areas ot'(V1a...z'1dV:; >_'lk:alIy only one son or {on 1 giuced. Into such dIs.ric:'s e'.' One of First White Women Born In` Manitoba Wltnessed Stormy Scenes _ .._. ,-1 \ Ipicung an Indian {:1 E1139 0'.-.-r "_Nlagara Fa.._Us in n beaded birth is I Misconceptions Still an to Our Re Manager cf the Grand ;I;n;unk'Pac1c<; who has reeigned 11 slxgar position with the Chicago & A1m1_: Ry. - This wash is composed of mild and 1 soothing oil of wintergreen .mixe3 I rwith thymol and glycerine, etc.-, and r `known as D. D. D. Prescrintion. We THE VALUE OF TREES % `SAW WES] mime? ;_j nrsommne CANADA e respiration of :z co r.'...ber of nzgn, pa;ha;s C` more. `I :1-' ` E. 9 `iDI\."1)0 02 min esseu Stormy Scenes 7_ Ann Clellzmd. who `wa \vhIfe'wnman 'hnl'n In / t Direct From Japan to Columbia Go.:at- I ' oraory at Ly'pn, Mass., seem to ;;rovVev this fact. Every suffering woman owes it to herself to give Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound .9. trial 7 If you want snecizil dvino wn'h- en `Vegetable specidl advice write to Lydia E. Piuklnun Medicine 00. (con- denlial) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read x:ud.uusm-.rc by a woman and held in strict condence. ' 25 055413 In} smprm um; j Bnmswick, Cgnadix. . > _ Lydia E. Finlzha s Vegetable Com- : pountl, imzvle frsm n '9 root: and hei"os, I ycontains no narcotic or harmful drugs, and to~dny holds the record of being the - most successful? remedy for female ills -: successful 1`.-maf ili we know of, and thousands of voluntary , testimonia!s_ on my in the Pinkham lab- _ . '1hc doctor who attended me for ' :: num` 5! 11'1"}: been entirely relieved of the 'aboV oer of years did not hlp me, but - mptoms by_ Lydia. E. Pinkham s ' ` : V'egr_-t:;b}e Cornpound, Blood Purier and` ` Lixfer Pil1s,`a:1d give you pe1-mission to ` publish my te5timonial.- Mrs. Lpuxs E B1:.xu'c.x<;n, S1'., IIammc`md,0nt'.-,Cmada. Nn\v nvnm-u-;,.1, Wants Ot}-1erWomen to Know :1 How` She was Fnay ! Restored to Health. g Hammond, Ont.-- : t'nrough`the Change V` ye"-5 had hobushes very bad, head- , soreness in the back of head. was - ma. Elcvbnu. o.au.u.`m: '7. `fl I EETEUTONIC" & "CANADA? `Q90 an: Cibln (ll) 35,0 and :55 `I ueaq parser, to his surprise disgo\`- 'cted 11 one dolmr bill apparently none the worse of `passing the animal's ' grinders. ` ' Mr. Maccregor prove the bill as his property it would undoubtedly be `a perplexing pl`0b1em._ However. ha MONTREAL--0UE'BEC LIVERPOOL , SAlLlN0cv:rySA TURDA vs by the --uunuam'1c-- AND_ MEGANTlC" Fitted qilh neg up.-duh dcvige for eumfnd md ;WMAN 8lBK g % 39;; YEARS 1 Root. !1 lent gures ns representing average condition duzlng growth. The highest \ are pdtatocs. 90.12 p.c., and the Iowa}

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