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Porcupine Advance, 21 Aug 1941, 1, p. 6

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â€"‘Tight P:tchmg uel With Fo i â€" Runs in Tenth laning P{msh ScoreatEndomethlnaiuwas 0â€"0, but Mcintyre Blitzkrieg in Tenth Breaks up the Gme McShane Pitches Fine Game Throughout for the Winhers. George McShane, the man who never wins the close on*as, came through with just as nice a pitching effort as any person would want to ses. In the ninth inning wich two men out and Chase on first base, he deliberately passed Barton and Lawton to gat at QOltean. With the bases full and nsedâ€" ing only a scratch hit to win the game, Oltean flied cut weakly to Kosick. t was good McShane strategy that pullâ€" ed the Maulers out of a tight spot. McShane had good control of the game all the way and fanned seven men to Chereva.y‘s one. The only pazsses that M:Shane issued were the 1wo that he dsliberately walked in the ninth inning. Ouimet and Cherevaty each smashed out threeâ€"basse hits while Wektiber connected with a twoâ€"bas> knock in the first inning. Neithor of the runners scored on thsir hits alâ€" though Quimet banged in two runs on his knock. Firs; scoring threat of the game cams in the second inning when Barâ€" ton sinzled to right field and when Thayer kicked the pill around in the field before getting it back in Barton went around to third ‘base. Raw#n was thrown out at first and then Oltean banged ons to second base where Koâ€" sick got his mitts on ii and threw to the plate to catch Barton who was streaking in. That was the first chance that the Hollinger had. Most surprising man on sither lineâ€" up was Art Quinn, who raplaced Zachâ€" ary at first base. ‘Art played fawless ball throughout and got himself a pair of hiis besides bringing in one of the four Mac runs in the terth. Art alâ€" most collapsed at the plate after scorâ€" ing in the tenth. He had run all the way from first base and that was just about as far as he could run. In the third inning the Bembers again threatened to score but missed on an umpir2‘s ruling. With one out, Cherevaty hammered cut a three bagâ€" ger to rizght field. .Cookson then hoistâ€" ed out a long fly to leoft field and Cherevaty streaked in to the plate. Base Uimpire Drummond ruled that Cherevaty had left the base before the ball was caught and when the players touched the ‘base Cherevaty was called .out. It didn‘t take the Macs long to mess up Cherevaty‘s pitching duel with Mcâ€" | Shane in the tenth inning. First man up, Jack Thayer, smathed out a single to right field and was advanced to secâ€" ond when Chase couldn‘t gst his hands on Dunn‘s drive to third base. Richâ€". ardson was thrown out at first base. and both runners advanced. Cooke bunted a perfect ball down the first base line whoen the Macs pulled a squeeze play. Cherevaty fielded Mzâ€" Ehane‘s bunt but tossed it over Mcâ€" Kay‘s head to let Dunn in with the second run. After the crror McShane tried to get to second and Gooke tried to get to third. Cooke was successful bu the McIntyre hurler was caught going into second. Art Quinn singled to third base and Cooke was held there. With men on first and third Ouimet banged out a three bagger to score them bith but he was left at third when Webber popped out to short left field. Hcllinger tried hard to tie the game in their half of the tenth inning but they were too far behind. MoShanz was trying hard for a shutâ€"out and The game then tightened up till the ninth inning when the Bombers were set <«with the bases loaded. ‘Cookson and Romualdi had flied out to short and Chase singled to short. With two wicked batters facing him, McShane decided to pa«s‘the next two men and get Oltcan. He did this and Oltean filed out to Kosick at secsond base. had it in his grasp till the Bomber pinchâ€"hitters broke it up. Dorey was seore Tenmpant and to spoil McShane‘s shutâ€"out. Chase, next man up, fanâ€" ned to finish the inning. ‘TOCHAIS Hollinger Cookson, of ... Romualdi, ss ... A The line score was: McIntyre ......... 000 000 000 4â€"4 8 3 Hollinger ............ â€"0D0 000 000 1â€"â€"1 8 2 Cherevaty and McKay. McIntyre xxTennant xxxDupuis The Summary Error.s, Kosxck Thayer, Richardson, Chase, Cherevaty; stolen bases, Lawâ€" ton; sacrifice hits, Richardson, Cooke; twoeâ€"base hit, Wekber; threeâ€"base hiis, Cherevaty, Quimet; double play, Roâ€" mualdi to ~Oltean; runs batted in, Cocke, McShane, Quimet 2, Karahan; earned runs, MciIntyre 1, Hollinger 1; left on base, Hollinger 8, MclIintyre 4; struck out by â€"ChErevaty 1, by McShane 7; first base on balls off Cherevaty 1, off McShane 2; umpires, Karahan (plate), Drummond (bases); time of game, one hour, forty minutes. Thayer, rf ... Dunn, cf .:.......«..... Richardson, ss ............ Algongquins Need ‘POUBIS _ s n ifi es 37 1 8 30 21 X batted for Romualdi in the tenth inning. _ XX ‘batted for McKay in the tenth inning. XXX batted for CherevaLy in the tenth inning. Men in Their First Battalion Oiltean Would Prefer to Have Parâ€" tially Trained Men Such asâ€" ‘Members ~of ~Reserve "Army Units. Lieut. G. G. Countryman, recruiting officer for the district, announced this week that there are a number «of vacancies in the Algonquin Regiment that will have to ‘be filled up soon. The first battalion is in need of men and they would prefer taking men who are partially trained, such as members «of the reserve units.* Tradesmen and others are needed and it was pointed out that any person can be placed in the regiment some place. The first battalian of the Algonquin Regiment has earned a fine name for itself in the West and is regarded as the finest fighting unit in Westerr Canada. The entire regiment was reâ€" cruited in Northern Ontario and the officers would like to bring the unit up to strength with Northern men. The chances of advancement are muth greater in the Algonquins for a man from the North than they would be in aa southern regiment. The Timmins Armouries received a request last week, to recruit for bandsâ€" men. Several bandsmen are needed in three or four regiments. Men are also , 1b 34 4 8 30 13 AB R HPO A needed for the Provost Corps in Camp‘ BRordecn, the Veterans‘ Guard. and several of the infantry units. The 42nd LAA. Battery, R.Câ€"A., at the Armourâ€" ies in Simcoe, Ontario, sent a request to the Timmins Armouries to recruit 140 meon for them. Tradesmen and. mechanics are the type of men needed. The 16th Field Ambulance, R.C.A. M.C. at Camp Niagara needs twentyâ€" five men in the younger brackets. These men are for first aid men, stretcher, bearers, medical ®sergeants, etc. . THis is a fine chance for young men to gflt, into the Medical Corps. Anoither announcement from the Arâ€" meuries this week was that the mediâ€" cal boards are to be held at nine o‘clock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mcrnings in the future. _ All should make note of this change in Men who have left Timmins for the Army in the past week include: R. G. Rennett, Omer Goulet and S. J. Lamipâ€" kin, who left last Thursday for Toronâ€" to where they will report to the headâ€" quarters of Military District No. 2. On Friday night John Jélbert and Louis Pust left for Toronto. Jelbert will join the Irish Regiment on his arrival in Toronto. On Sunday Fernand Turgeon and Donald McPhail left for Toronto. Turâ€" geon will join the Ordnance Corps in Toronto and McPhail will join the Royal Canadian Engineers. On Monday Ernest Gill left for Camp Borden where he will join the Provost Corps. Results Field Day Kiwanis Playzround at South Porcupine South Porcupine, August 20. Special to The Advance. The following are the results of the Field Dayâ€"Kiwanis Playgroundsâ€"-â€"held on the ball grounds toâ€"day: High Point Winners Midget, girlsâ€"Patricia O‘Shaunnesâ€" Gnrls’ Events Winners Midget, 15 yard. dashâ€"-'Patrtoia O‘â€" Shaunnessy. Junior, 15 yard dardâ€"Eve Riskovich Intermediate, 25 yard dashâ€"Dolores Costello. â€" @ Threeâ€"legged race â€" Lorene Blood and cean Sullivan. raceâ€"Jean Whitton. Bay raceâ€"Jean Whitton and Joan Sullivan. t ; #)B Senior, 100 yardsâ€"Jimmy Dogue Bay raceâ€"Larry Mansfield Threeâ€"legged race, junior â€" Stan Kuhtala and Joe Dursh. Threeâ€"legged race, senior â€" Henry Coots and Lionel Gauthier. Broad jump, seniorâ€"Harry Coott Hop, step and jump. intermediateâ€" Carl Smeltze Hopstep and jump, seniorâ€"Billy Patricia OC‘Shaunnessy, Eva Riskoâ€" vich, Delores Costello, Jean Whitton, Wanda Costello, Jean Sullivan, Lorene Billy Adams, Lionel Gauthier, Jehnâ€" ny Hrynuik, Don. Briden. Roddy Belisle, Elwood| Bennett,| Mel lowing contestants: Junior Girlsâ€"Joan Sullivan, 10. . Intermediate, girlsâ€"Jean Whitton, 16 Midget, boysâ€"Larry Sullivan, 5. Junior, boysâ€"Norman Whitton, 8. Intermediate, boysâ€"Carl Smeltze 16 Senior, Boysâ€"Harry Coots, 19. Boys‘ Events Winners Midaget, 25 yardsâ€"Larry Sullivan. Junior, 40 yardsâ€"Norman Whitton. Intermediate, 50 yards â€" Mulburn High jump, seniorJimmy Dogue Pole Vault, intermediateâ€"Don Briâ€" Pole vault, seniorâ€"Harry Coott Broad jump, intermediateâ€"Don Briâ€" High jump, intermediateâ€"Dan Briâ€" Crests will be presented to the folâ€" James J. Braddock, former world‘s heavyweight boxing champion, the "Cinderella Man" of the ring, who lost his title to the present champion, Joe Louis, will be the â€"third man in the ring at the Mcâ€" Intyre Arena toâ€"night. Braddock‘s appearance on the card is expected to swell the attendance figures tremendously, He is the second big name in sports to visit here. Tony Galento having apâ€" peared at the Mcintyre Arena last month. â€" Braddock has been outdraving Galento all over in the South, where he has also been donating his services to several war charities. s mmmmm.ms ONTARIO ._‘____-L.._‘i__‘_ L a |4} Hodgins, Carl Smeltze, Larry Mansâ€" field, Jim Dogue, Cliff Allen, Enid ‘Caâ€" tala, Stan Kahtala®Marko Oreskovich Joe Dursh, Harry Coott. Mr. Percy J. Andrew, Dome to Speak Here on "India" Sudbury Star: The girl in the front office was one of the first to line up with the "V‘" campaign. Until Victory is assured §be’s ordering vanilla. The guest speaker at the Kiwanis luncheon on Monday, Aug. 25th, will be Mr. Percy J. Andrew, Dome Mines, his subject being "India." ‘Mr. Anâ€" drew‘s address is sure to be both interâ€" Monday, Sept. h, is the date on which Division Lieut.â€"Governor Frank Todd, of Cobalt, will visit Timmins esting and informative, as he spent several years in India, being there dufr- ing the last war. ‘"‘Whipper" Billy Watsen, Toronto boy who made such a hit here has been signed for the main bout at the McIntyre night when Jack Allien of Teronto stages his second presentaâ€" tion in the distrist;. Watson became a favourite of the crowd here last . th wh holds, has been matched against Watson for toâ€"night. o WATSON IN FINAL AGAIN TOâ€"NIGHT Shown above is Larl McUCready, CAN@AUOIZN AlldL DIGUSH . heavyweight wrestling champion, who is appearing on the wrestâ€" ling card at the MciIntyre Arena toâ€"night. McCready will wrestle with Ernie Powers, of Vancouver, in the semiâ€"final, and is one of the biggest names in wrestling to ever appear in the Neoerth. ‘The bouts toâ€"night will be refereed by James J. Braddock, {former world‘s heavyweight boxing champion. above is -Earl McCready, Canadian and Britis.l_l Empire Feeling in Kirkland Lake is fearful that the town may suffer a strike. |wtweekmeumonheldavote..3.fls ‘ voting in favour of a strike and 108 against. The union officials can now ’callastrlkelltheyttnnkit warranted | This week T. F. McGuire, organizer for the union for the Northern Division, and the secretary and president of the Kirkland union were in Ottawa to heold a conference with the Minister of Laâ€" bour. The mine ‘officials claim that by refusing to work Fridayâ€"the day the vote was takenâ€"the men acted illegâ€" ally. The reply of the union is that the men offered to work on Sunday instead of Friday and make up lost _time. The mine officials say that is not, practical and that there is a loss of, $86,845 in gold output through the acâ€" tion of the men in refusing to work on Friday. The Kirkland Lake mines have men around the mines, but the union says there has been no picketâ€" ing.. The mine officials say that there has been practical picketing. Another Playâ€"Off T omorrow Mike Cherevaty will likely ‘be Vince Barton‘s choice for mound duties and the Macs will use either ‘George Mcâ€" Shane or Les. Edwards. The second game in the best of three series between the Hollinger and Mcâ€" Intyre teams for the championship of the first half of the:â€" northern section of the Temiskaming ‘Baseball League will be played temorrow afternoon at the McIntyre Ball Park. ‘~ Both teams were ‘tied ‘at the end of the first half of the schedule and they decided ‘to play a best of three series to decide the winner. The first game in the series was played yesterday afâ€" ternoon and the Bombers won 3â€"2. Macs and Hollinger Will â€"Meet Again Toâ€"morrow at Fourâ€"THirty at Mcintyre Park. If MciIntyre loses the game they will ‘be eliminated from further competition this year and if they win the same two teams will have to play another again on Monday.. . If McIntyre can win their next two starts they will enter a best of five seres for league championâ€" ship and the right to proceed against the Kirkland Lake Winners If Holâ€" linger wins toworrow they will have the northern ‘section championship tucked away and will probably start the playâ€"offs with Kirkland Lake next week, Northern Ontario Ladies Golf Championship Won by Sudbury Golf Member Mrs. C. L. Grisdale, of Kirkland Lake, Runnerâ€"up. Mrs. J. Pass of Sudbury, Winner of Consolation Event. Reâ€" Winning six holes from the runnerâ€" up, Mrs. C. L. Grisdale, and halving seven holes, Mrs. W. Parkinson of the Sudbury Idylwyldse Club became Norâ€" thern Ontario Ladies‘ golf champion in the finals which were played at the gof club on Saturday afternoon. Her score was 70, while Mrs. Grisdale in the runnerâ€"wp position, marked a 76. The champion ousted Mrs. E. B. Weir, of Timmins; 6â€"4, in the championship, filight during the morning, while Mrs. Grisdale, who represented the Kirkland Lake Club, defeated Mrs. J. McDon- ough, of Haileybury, 4â€"3. Mrs. J. Pass, also of Sudbury, Idyl- wylde Club, and last year‘s champion, won the consolation, defeating Mrs. Creswell of Kapuskasing, in the mornâ€" ing, while Miss Christine Green, of the Sudbury Golf Club, defeated Mrs. J. B. McClinton, of Timmins, In the afternoon, Mrs. Pass won from Miss Green 54. The following are the complete reâ€" sults: Saturday Afternoon . Championshipâ€"Mrs. W. Parkinson, Sudbury Idy)wylde, defeated Mrs. Grisdale, Kirkland Lake, 6â€"5. ~â€" Consolationâ€"Mrs. J. Pass, Sudbury Idayhwylde, defeated Miss C. Green, Sudbury Golf Club, 5â€"4. Second Flightâ€"Mrs. Connell, North Bay, defeated Mrs. Biggins, Sudbury Golf Club. Consolationâ€"Mrs. I. Rosner, Timâ€" mins, defeated Miss Soderston, Iroâ€" Consolationâ€"Miss Gauthier, Timmins, defeated iMrs. McWhirter, Haileybury. _ quois Falis. ‘Third Flightâ€"Mrs. Leaman, Timâ€" mins, defeated Mrs. Edgecombe, Kirkâ€" land Lake. Consolationâ€"Miss |C. Gauthier, Timâ€" mins, defeated Mrs. R. Cochrane; Mrs. McWhirter, Haileybury, defeated Mrs. J. Sloan, Timmins. Consolationâ€"Mrs. Morland, North Bay, defeated Mrs. Smith, Kirkland First Flightâ€"Mrs. E. Baderskl Timâ€" mins, defeated Miss D. Hiscocks Iroâ€" quois Falls; Mrs. F. MacFarlane, Hailâ€" eybury, defeated Miss M. Baderski, Timmins. Championship Flightâ€"Mrs, W. Parâ€" kinson, defeated Mrs. E. B. Weir, Timâ€" mins, 5â€"4; Mrs. C. L. Grisdale, Kirkâ€" land Lake, defeated Mrs. J. McDonâ€" ough, Hailey'bun;, 4â€"3. Consolationâ€"Mrs. J. Pass, Sudbury Idylwylde, defeated Mrs. Creswell, Kapuskasing; Miss ‘Green, Sudbury Golf Club, defeated Mrs. McClinton, Second Flightâ€"Mrs. Biggings, Sudâ€" bury Golf iClub, defeated Mrs. W. A. Hones, Timmins; Mrs. Connell, Cochâ€" rane, defeated Mrs. Hogarth, Timmins. Consolationâ€"M1‘s. Rosner, Timmins, defeated Mrs. Todhunter, Timmins; Miss Soderston, Iroquois Falls, defeatâ€" sults of Final Play in Event Held Here Last Week. Final Clearance SHOES FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY Bardessono Block .__1.98 || fik. .....@â€" 79 Price ............ Falcon Shoe Store 11 Balsam South Timmins Attractive Ladies‘ Pumps, Reg. $2.98 Saturday Morning ~~EMPIRE â€" BOWLING ALLEY ~~A _ SHOES NEWLY RENOV ATED AND REDECORATED of our complete stock of ___â€" Smart Summer THURSDAY, AUGUST 218T, 1941 ed Miss M. Baderski, Timmins. Third Flightâ€"Mrs. Edgecombe, Kirkâ€" land Lake, defeated Mrs. Young, Timâ€" mins: Mrs. N. Leaman, Timmins, deâ€" feated Mrs. Oskhorne, Timmins. â€"Consolationâ€"Mrs. Smith, Kirkland Lake, defeated Mrs. Kennie, Timmins; Mrs. Morland, North Bay, defeated Miss Girawood, Budbury Golf Club. Coniston Wins the First Game of the Nickel Belt Finais Sudbury, Aug. 20 (Special) â€"With Oren Price flashing his finest form of the season, Coniston set down Frood 4 to 0 in the first game of a bestâ€"outâ€"ofâ€" three semiâ€"final series in Nickel Beli Senior Baseball here Monday. The game was called in the eighth on acâ€" count of darkness. Coniston‘s chunky southpaw aceo allowed only four hits, struck out seven and issued no walks. Spike Boal, vetâ€" eran Frood second sacker, collected haif of Frood‘s hits, two mighty triples, but died on base both times. McLenahan opened the scoring for Coniston with a triple in the fourth, scoring when McGodan dropped Beavyâ€" er‘s perfect relay from deep centre. Coniston added two more in the sixth when Price singled to left field; Staples dropped a hit into right, and Young was safe on a fielder‘s choice when Beaver threw out Price at the plate. McLenahan hit to Beaver, but the ball took a bad hop, striking the Frood shortstop on the head and momentâ€" arily stunning him. The ball rolled into left field, Staples and Young scorâ€" ing. Slimmons made it 4 to G for Conâ€" iston with a triple in the seventh, secorâ€" ing on a perfect squeeze play with the help of George Gee. . irn Frood Back 4â€"O in Playâ€"off Opener on Monâ€" day Afternoon. Visit the Falcon this week and save! Summer Shoes for every member ‘of the family are beâ€" ing sacrified to make room for Fall Steock. Another Range of w Styles, reg. $3.95 Phone 2145 Timmins

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