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Porcupine Advance, 21 Aug 1941, 1, p. 2

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. OUT TOâ€"NIGHT w«i»~â€" +~@pperent indifference of the Nazis 40 ,, mt 3+ t is shown by the. prevalence of : typbus Ttmmms Society Bchumacher Gardens 30 feet and over‘ ist prize, donated by R. J. Ennis. ; and prize, donated by Mrs. M )oâ€" .Mmm. | ll'lorist mm Cmm m mm : Porcupine, Dome and the District PFrines Offerad Not. Ooly for Timmins Gardens But Also Tor Hollinger Townsite Gardens, Bufl'alo-Ankente Home Gardens and Schumacher Ga And prize, Three Dollars, â€"donated by Buffaloâ€"Ankerite Mine â€" 3rd prize, Two Dollars, donated by Buffaoâ€"Ankerite Mine. 4th prize, donated by Canadian Inâ€" gdustries Limited. Hardware. ; i’ltfl' Best Novice Garden Open to all members who huve*not Wymammfimm“ petition. Donated by C. K. Huckerby. Silver Cupâ€"Donated ‘by Mayor Bruâ€"; nette fTor the best garden in Tinmins: to be won two years in succession ‘beâ€". fore becoming the property of the winâ€". .@rd prize, Two Dollars, donated ‘by Buffaloâ€"Ankerite Mine. â€" ‘4th prize, donated by Canadian Inâ€" dustries Ltd. . kel. | Filver Cupâ€"For best vegetable garâ€" den in Buffaloâ€"Ankerite Gardens. >‘ Silver Cup, for best flower garden m‘ Buffaloâ€"Ankerite Gardens. l Donated by Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Kinâ€" operative Society. 2nd prize, Three Dollars, donated by Buffaloâ€"Ankerite Mine. Gardens Over :60 Feet Ist prize, donated ‘by Marsha.n-mccle-l stine Limited. ' and prize, donated by Society @rd prize, donated by onsumers‘. Coâ€" 3rd prize, donated by Swift C’anadlanj 4th prize, donated by . Canadian Inâ€", dustries Limited. , Gardens 30 feet to 60 feetâ€"Hollinger, warious sizes :‘of Timmins «garfens and also special prizes for Hollinger Townâ€" site gardens, Schumacher gardens and MBuffaloâ€"Ankerite ‘gardens. extend prizes to a larger extent, The MHollinger Consolidated Gold Mines Aye providing two groups of prizes as ‘FTollows : MHollinger Townsite Gardens Only CLASS Aâ€"for all members having mwon a first, second or third prize in previous competition. i CLASS Bâ€"for all members not hav= ing won a first, secord or third prize in previous competition. Class Aâ€"ilst prize, dongated" by Hol- linger Mine; Jnd prize, donated by nol- linger Mine; 3rd prize, donated by Holâ€" linger Mine; 4th prize, donated by Canadian Industries. Class ‘Bâ€"I1st prize, donated ‘by Holâ€" linger Mine; 2nd prize, donated ‘by Holâ€" linger Mine; 3rd, prize donated by Holâ€" linger Mine; 44th, prize, dona:befl by ‘Canadian Industries. : ' "The prise lists of the Timmins Worâ€" ticultural Society Tor their anrtfual exâ€" hibition of flowers, vegetables homeâ€"crafts . to "beâ€" held the MciIintyre Arena on Tuesday of next week, A _. / Weetand Under. _ > > ist prize donated by R. J. Ennis. : Bnd prize, donated by National Groâ€" Schnmacher ‘Garvdensâ€"Gardens 30 ‘ FReetand Under. Best Vegetable Gardens . Ast prize, cup, donated by R. P. Kinâ€" Gardens Excluded j ist prize, donated by C. A. Remus i Z2nd prize, donated by the Northm'n Best Flower Gardens lst prize, cup, donated ‘by R. P. Kln- ower Co. 3rd prize, donated by Canada Packers | éth prize, donated by. United Cigar: Gardens 30 Feet :and Under ; 1st prize, donated by 5..G. Fowler .. and prize, donated by Ideal Hardâ€", It is noted in the prize list that to m 4 i 3. # Yeu‘l enjoy the delicions Seoed served at the Tern at moderate under there ‘has not been a single case of Atyphus fever reported in the British celving medical treatment in London. Mr. and Mrs. George Kyle and daughâ€" sers, of Third Ave., havé returned from two months‘ holiday at Montreal and other points. ' MMrs. Crinklaw and daughter, of Lonâ€" don, Ontario, are visiting friends in daughters left Monday for s Boston, UB.A., where they will take up resiâ€" Mrs. Bright, of Calgary, is visiting her .daughter and sonâ€"inâ€"law, Mr. and Mirs. Douglas Argue, Poplar street. Mrs. Geo. Henderson, Second Avo., returned this week from London where ‘she wisited her husband, who is reâ€" awir. Tomkinson and daughters, Marâ€". jorie and Audrey, left by car this week for a holiday in Southern Ontario. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leng, Lake Side, Drive, left by car for Muskoka they will :spend m two weeks‘ vacation.‘ They were accompanied on the trip by their son and daughterâ€"inâ€"law, the Mrs. Ed. Robinson, of the Coniaurum property, left Friday for a holiday at Ottawa. She was accompanied on the trip by her grandson; Teddy Ashley. Guardsman :Charles Penniec, of the Home Guard, Monteith, visited his home in Timmins â€"during the weekâ€"end. HMe also visited friends in Schumacher. Rev. John and Mrs. wLeng, “<'>f- Mrs. â€"MacDougal and son, of Lonâ€" don, Ontario, are visiting friends in Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wallace and son, Ronnie, are holiGdaying at Detroit. Beverley Kitchen left by car Monday for Barrie, where he will spend his vacation with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jucksch, Pirst Ave., left Sunday for Pembroke where they will make up a party and go on a two weeks‘ fishing trip. @ilill _ AVily. £, L. GOODET, LAKC BSide Drive are holidaying at the Laurâ€" entian Mountains. They were accomâ€" panied on the trip by their daughter, Mrs. Frank O‘Connell, of Larder Lake, Mrs. Lockie MacDonald and little son, Bobby, have returned from a holiday at Midland and other points. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Adamson, Third Ave., have returned from a holiâ€" day at Niagara Falls and other points. MWiss Flo Jamieson has returned from ‘a Iholiday at Midland and other points. Bernard Boutet has returned from ta ‘holiday at Belle Terre, where he was "the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Boutet. â€" Mr. and Mrs. CGeorge Webber and family left by car for a holiday at Lonâ€" ‘don and ‘other points. They were acâ€" ‘companied ‘by Mrs. Rodgers, of Lonâ€" (Misses Dorothy and Grace Hiscocks, of Troquois Falls, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wylie during the Northern Ontarto Ladies Golf tournaâ€" ment held at Timmins. _Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moore, First Ave., left ‘by car for a holiday in Toronto and New York. don, who has been visiting at their hqme for the past two months. Other Interesting Items of Schumacher and District. Wokumacher, Aug. 20â€"(Gpecial to The Advance)â€"About ‘fAilty girls will Jleave Friday for a week‘s holiday at Camp Bickell, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wylie will accompany the girls. Mrs. George Shippam will be in churge of the cooking arrangements. /‘ Mrs. James Scullion, First Ave., enâ€" tertained ‘Wednesday in honour of her daughter, Alice, who was celebrating her ninth birthday, also Alice‘s cousin, Agnes Scullion, whose birthday was the same day when she was ten years «old.. ‘Over twenty little guests attended, and a very happy time was enjoyed with games and community singing. The hostess served a delicious lunch _and each guest had a piece of the birthâ€" ‘Mr. and iMrs. SBpiegelhalter, Railroad «Bt., have returned from a holiday in Sudbury and district. ©(Mr. and Mrs. Bill Robertson, of Belle Terre, are in town for the wedding of ‘Mrs. Robertson‘s sister, Miss May Bugera, RN. mes, Richards, of Welland, formerily of S. Porcupine, has suffered a stroke in that town and is seriously ill. | Mrts. Thompson, mother of Mrs. Percy 48 THRD AVE. s Larder Dome Ave., was the scene of a lovely W. McQuarrie. Dr. W. G. Woods is leaving South Porcupine next week, having offered his services to his country in the Dentai A very delightful shower was on Monday evening at the home of: Mrs. J. Fera, of Bloor Ave., to honour. Mrs. J. W. McQuarrie. Blue and white flowers decorated the home and the guest of honour was made the recipient of many dainty gifts. Bingo was the form of entertainment offered and prizes were won by Mrs. Wm. Butler, Misses Audrey and Norma McCaw, Mrs. Granovelli, Mrs. Wilmer FPera, Mrs. J. Baxter, Mrs. W. Christianson, Mrs. Adolf Schmelzle, Mrs. H. Ronalds, Mrs. Henry Kaufman and Mrs. C. Carruthâ€" ers. The hostess served a delicious lunch during the evening assisted by. Mrs. H. Kaufman, Mrs. Schmelzle, Mrs. 6. Miller, and Mrs. P. Burke. Those present were: Mrs. H. Coott, Mrs. W. Butler, Mrs. James Armstrong, Mrs. C. Kochakian, Mrs. C. Carruthers, Mrs. A. Stringer, Mrs. J. Sckhardt, Mrs. W. Mawhinney, Mrs: J. Baxter, Mrs. W. McQuarrie, Blood, Mrs. W. Fera, Miss Audrey and Miss Norma McCaw, Mrs. Roy Wood, Mrs. E. Hodgins, Mrs. J. Costello, Mrs. Mrs. A. Clement, who has been holiâ€" daying with her daughter, Mrs. Russell Cresd, left on Tuesday for her home in Connaught. Sergeant Wilson, of Monteith, and Terry Wilson, of the Upper Canada Mine spent the weekâ€"end at their home on Bruce Ave. Mrs. Wilson has just returned from vacation in Toronto and Oshawa. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smith with daughters Beatrice and Joan, are leavâ€" ing on Saturday for two weeks‘ holiâ€" day in Peterboro and Toronto. While in Peterboro Mr. Smith will attend the Dominion Fire Chiefs‘ Association Conâ€" vention as past president. A special feature of this convention is to be the presence of Fireman Ivall of the Lonâ€" don, England, Fire Department, who is to lecture with films, on the methods of dealing with insendiary bombs and other firs menaces after air raids in the Old Country. Other ‘News of South Poreu pine and the Dome. District Kiwanis to Greet Governor at South Porcupine South Porcupine, Aug. 20â€"(Special to The Advance)â€"From the "Weekly Tailings‘"â€"Kiiwanis leaflet:â€"‘"‘The big event of the seasonâ€"Interclub meeting with members of the Timmins Club at Kiwanis Hall, to greet Governor J. M. Burden of the OQ@M. District on Thursday.â€"The Club will be pleased to welcome its District Governor upon his official visit to the Porcupine and trust through contact with him Kiwanis friendship and ideals may be deepened and ~enlarged." Mr. Pat Sanderson, of Preston, who has ‘been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Walker returned home on Wednesday. Bhown is ‘Col. Gearge Drew, :Qntario Conservative leader with ‘his wife and ‘threeâ€"yearâ€"old son, EAward, standing ‘before the T.C.A. plane on which ‘Col. Drew started the iffirst ‘leg ‘of his journey to Great Britain. Col. Drew is making ‘the strip to study at close ‘range, the social, ecoâ€" momic, labour and agricultural progress being made in the Mother -'Country Col. Drew left LaGuardia Airport, New ‘York, on the Panâ€" American ‘Clipper Tuesday morning and arrived in England Wednesâ€" day. He flew from Lisbon to London., Mrs. Drew and Edward â€"came from Guelph to Malton Airport Monday evening to wish Col. Drew bon voyage. . H. Ferrigan, Mrs. B. of THE PORCUPINE ADVANCE, TIMMINS, ONTARIO J. George, on a speeding charge in; Whitney, pleaded Not Guilty. Chle!jq Marshall said that he stopped accused, who was going 50 miles per hour in the 30 mile zone. Accused said that; the policeman had not followed him but. had come out of a side road and could not therefore have seen him goâ€". ing through Pamour at 50 miles per U. Koivisto on a case of assault adjourned for one week. Police Court In spite of Magistrate Atkinson’s warning to speeders, the police are still bringing them in. On Tuesday eleven were brought up and all were fined. Five drunks also paid the usual fine; l and eight illegal parkers paid $1 and: â€" _ Friends of Mrs. A. Kincaid, oldâ€"timer of the Porcupine Camp and now reâ€" sident in Kirkland Lake, will be sorry to learn that she is in St. Michael‘s hospital, Toronto, having undergone serious operation. Mrs. Andy Whetham. and baby are on holiday for a month in Callendar. this source. . Miss E. McCool will be leaving early next week to start as nurseâ€"inâ€"training‘ in Ottawa Civic Hospital,. and Miss Kathleen Pecore also will leave to‘ start in similar capacity in St. Miâ€" chael‘s Hospital, Toronto. | The Queen Mary COlub Gardens inâ€" tend next year to enlarge their space for flower plants. The ten thousand giant pansy plants which they had for sale this spring, not only all went, in a short time, but they could have sold twenty thousand more, we are told. Some of the wonderful flowers now blooming round the Dome office and in the Dome Club Gardens came from Mrs. Clay and baby, who have been visiting in Hamilton, came back on Wednesday. Mrs. Henbert Salkeld of 6 Cuallagher Ave., who has been in Toronto for some time for medical attention return home ‘on Saturday. party and social evening on Monday, when several friends of Mrs. Pearl Shields met and showered her with a number of lovely gifts. â€"During the evening the hostess served a delightful lunch. Those attending were: Mrs. S. Knectel, Mrs. L. Nevin, Mrs. Buck ‘Thomas, Mrs. Carlo Cattarello, Mrs. "Chick" â€"Abrams, Mrs. Hilton Miller, Mrs. J. Smith, Mrs. A. Draper, Miss V. McCaffrey, Mrs. I. Cameron and the guest of honour, Mrs. Charles Shields. Ptes. Bob Purvis and D. Mahoney: from Camp Borden were home, this week on leave. | Mrs. B. Anthony leaves on Friday for holiday in Toronto, Orillia and Hamilâ€" LAC Lawrence Haddon was this week visiting his family on Connaught Hill. Pearce and Allan, ‘his sons, left on Monday ‘to see ‘him, and ‘Stan is still with him. His oondmon is reported as serious. . LAC Fred Andrews, was visiting at the parental home last week. i Mr. and Mrs. Edward Huot :and baby, ‘of Val D‘Or, are visiting Mr. and NMrs. Jos. Huot. ‘Also Mr. and Mrs. Smith, of Torontoâ€"parents of Mrs. Ed. Huot â€"are guests at the home of Mrs.: J $ Huot and Mrs. S. Tessier. Friends of Mr. W. D. Pearce will be sorry to learn that he is critically ill in hospital in North Bay, having been stricken while on holiday at a.summer cottage on Lake MNipissing. Mr. Stan Charlie Armstrong, who left last week to report at North Bay for the R.CAF., has been sent on to Manning Depot at Brandon. Mrs. Hunter, who has been visiting. Mrs. H. Weir, left this week for her heme in Meaford. Accompanying her 1 as far as Utterson was Mrs. H. Weir. _ Mrs. Highlands and two children, of Mrs. D. Mclellan and sons, who have been visiting in the Ottawa Valley, came home on Tuesday. Accompanyâ€" ing them for a short visit is Mr. J. R. Windle â€"of LeGrand Semmary, Monâ€" treal. | Dr. Kochakian, of Rochester, N.Y. is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs James Armstrong, Rae Ave. t f E i g i ~ct stnnna the car. Magistrate Atikinâ€" son, who was in merclkful mood, said: "I‘ll let you go this timeâ€"lteap sober: after this." and dismissed the case. Another manâ€"a truck driverâ€"also felt the magistrate‘s good humour his injundotion to a relieved youth as hre dismissed the case. ‘the Funds names gnd addresses of those serving with the TJorces who enâ€" listed from ‘South Porcupine. Anâ€" shipment of parcels will soon be ready :and :one will ibe sent ito any man whose number and address is known. Reggie Libby received ‘his call ‘to the Navy on Tuesday and left by traim for Miss Mollie McPhail, :of Renfrew, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Myles. Mrs. Brinmbacombe leaves on Monday for ‘home after spending a month with her sister, Mrs. Chas. (MciInnis in town. Miss B. Pearceâ€"another sisterâ€"arrived last Saturday from Toronto to spend some time at the McInnis home. ‘ . Mrs. Thoburn, of Toronto, spent a few days last week in town visiting her ‘brother, Mr. Nelson Laxton. Houth Porcupine, Aug. 20â€"(@Gpecial to The Advance)â€"Mrs. Ewing «of the Boldiers‘ «Comfort Fund has asked us to announce ‘that relatives any solâ€" ‘diers «overseas will please give in to ditch (found Wedding at Kirkland Lake / of Schumacher Couple A pretty wedding was solemnized on August 10th gat Kirkland Lake, when Pearl E. Tisdale, daughter of Mr. and: Mrs. Ernest Tisdale, Platt Veldt pro-g perty ‘became the ‘bride ‘of S. Gilbert McGee, only son of Mr. and Mrs. John. McGee, Niagara Falls Mr. and Nirs. Jack Howey, Pine street, were ‘the atâ€"‘ Miss Joyee Wilson, of the Consumers‘ Coâ€"operative staff is sapending her ‘holidays in Foronto: â€" 4 \ Mr. and Mrs. A. Fortier have returnâ€" } ed from ‘honeymoon and have taken up, residence in town. $ Bornâ€"To Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Caswell, «o0f 38 Murdock St., Timmins, on Aug. Schumacher, Aug. 20th. Special, to The Advance. in Oobait returned home on Sunday. l Mrs. Lemmon and Mr. Percy Lemâ€" l mon, who have been visitors in town‘ over the past week, left on hlc_m(lasJ Sor home in Windsor. They were ac~ companied hy Mrs. Gerald Rosebrugh and son, Richard, who will visit t the parental ‘home ‘for a few days ‘before CGonnaught Hill, visiting . tendants. ‘The Rev. J. Swasâ€" The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Salter, of Bruce Avenue, â€"died on Friâ€" day in the Porcupine General Hospital,‘ after having lived only six days. He‘ was buried on Monday in the Tisda.lei Cemetery. . Four small patriots have handed in to the Red ‘Cross Funds the sum of $1.51â€"the result of holding an allâ€"day session on Golden Avenue, with , lemonade and orange drink booth Jlast‘ Friday. These young ch!ldrenâ€"-allj .loyal Canadians although parents month‘s hnoliday at her ‘sisters home] (Mrs. Peter Smith), leaves on Saturda.y for home in Toronto. i spending a ‘holiday with ‘her grandâ€" mother, Mrs..J. E. Woodali. gratulated on their efforts to help‘ Canada. A real satisfaction was noted as they handed in the results of a: whole ~day‘s work. Their fames are:l Helen Niskala and her ‘brother 'Leo; Niskala, Eila Hapaniemi and Annie Ylyski. Mr. and Mrs. T. Kelly, and Miss Lyda, Jordison leave this Saturday for holiâ€" j day in Toronto. 4 A7th, a son, in Porcupine General Hosâ€" pital. Bornâ€"To Mr. .and Mrs. Jack FPlynn, of 36 Maple St.8., Timmins, on Aug. 15th, a daughter in Porcupine General Hospital. Miss Peggy Spjuth who has had a Make sure your ‘child is starting back to ‘school with eyes equipped to stand the strain. ‘ineffective eyesight makes poor students; An examination will show" if glasses are needed or not, Phone 190 , of up residence at 62 Second> avenue, |\Achumacher. Congratulations and best .vm are extended them by their mw trmlda. The young couple are tika, officiated. The young couple will spend their honeymoon. at Niagara Falls. On their return they will take ary at South Porcupme popular employees of

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