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Porcupine Advance, 21 Aug 1941, 2, p. 2

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wA g), rolling lightly cach way from '."s._ ,._ t to edge pastry is two A,inghes larger than a nineâ€"inch pan; oceasionally lift dough with a spatula and sprinkle board with flour as needâ€" ed: do not handle dough any more than necessary: fold dough in half and transfer to pie pan; trim edge evenly with scissors: fill; moisten edge of ° pastry with water; ‘roll other pontion Standard Pastry 24 cups sifted Rour. 1 teaspoon salt * cup cold shortening 5 tablespoons cold water (about) Mix and sift flour and salt; cut in half of the shortening with two knives or a pastry blender until mixture looks like cornmeal: cut in remaining shortâ€" Alternate layers of sugar and fruit should be used and always planty of both before the upper crust is placéd over the moistened edge of the lower crust. The upper crus; must be slit several times in order to allow a pasâ€" Some Helpful Hints for the Making of Fruit Pies If there is anything better than a appliés; increase flour to three tableâ€" bubbling fruit pie at this time of year,| spoons and sugar to about one and a I just don‘s know what it is. You can ‘| half cups, depending upon tartness of see I like my fruit pies hot. My affecâ€"| the fruit; a few cherry pits may be tions are divided among cherry, greeni added with the cherries for an addiâ€" apple and huckleberry or blueberry,| tional touch of flavour. and 1 like them with two crusts or at Peach Pie least one crust and a lattice. Dsep Use recipe for apple pie; substitute dish pies are also good. five oups peeled, sliced peaches for the First of all there is the pastry and| apples; increase flour to four tableâ€" it is not hard to make ‘if you follow ! spoons; a peach stone may be added directions. Just be sure that you do| with the fruit for a more distinctive not add too much water, because adâ€"] flayour. dgitional dour added to correct this misâ€"| (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) First of all there is the pastry and it is not hard to make ‘if you follow directions. Just be sure that you do not add too much water, because adâ€" gitional flour added to correct this misâ€" take makes the pastry tough. Also, let the mixed pastry chill before you try to yOll it. After the pastry has been rolled and the pie pan lined, the crust should be sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and filour. The amount of flour is always small but depends upon the juiciness of the fruit. A tablespoon each of four and granulated sugar is usually right for apples. Berries and cherries will need three tablespoonfuls of each, and peaches even more. You will have to use your judgment to some extent when geciding upon the amounts. The coatâ€" ing of sugar and flour on the bottom crust prevents its absorbing the juice and getting soggy. sage for the steam which forms when the juices cook. Domestic Science Expert Telis How to Make Standard Pastry, Two Crust Pies, Apple Pie, Berry Pie, Cherry Pie, Peach Pie. ening until particles are the sizes of a pea:; at one side of the bowl add one tablespoon cold water and stir in as much of the flour mixture as the water will tske up; continue adding water, one tablespoon at a time, until you have four or five balls of dough and some dry mixture leoft in the bowl; press all together lightly with fingers, and if all dry flour is not taken up add a little more water; remember, the less the dough is handled, the flaker the pastry; chill and roll. Yield: one twoâ€" crust nineâ€"inch pie, two pastry shells or twelve tart shells. T woâ€"Crust Pies Divide chilled dough in two portions; Toll one portion on lightly floured board smooth surface to about ‘sâ€"inch thickâ€" of dough one inch larger than pan] fold and cut several slits in centre, lift carefully and â€" unfold over filling; turn edge of upper crust over edge of lower crust and press edges together with tines of fork: top crust may be cut in strips and arranged in lattice form if desired. oneâ€"naA and sa spoon Line : mix 1 ti sprinkle sugar at lavers 0 aot with bake in grees F. apples a Use precedi mubstitute four mes, blueberri berries or hul apples; ince spoons and quarter oup Cherry Pie Use recipe for apple pie, saubstitute three cups pitted sour cherries for the PAGE TWO tab £aspoon ns pare By Edith M. Barber Mix 3 O Berry Pie ig recipe for apple pig; _ cups washed blackberâ€" huckleberries, raspâ€" led strawberries for the Apple Pie n flour salt n butter h pie pan with pastry; n sugar with four and m»stry: mix remaining fill shell with alternaite s and sugar mixture; CGeoxyrye lard pastry . You will have to to some extent when amounts. The coatâ€" flour on the bottom cover with pastry; hot oven (425 deâ€" forty minutes, until eld: Nineâ€"inch pie. ispoon cinnanron or niurmeg with sugar i: or add one tegâ€" aoneâ€"half teaspoon aspcon lemon jJuice.| ced tart apples to three tableâ€" sugar to threeâ€" ! All know that the Nazis have realized the tremendous importance of nutriâ€" ’ tion, and have done everything to imâ€" prove the health of their people by balanced diet. Recently one of their leading nutritionists, Dr. Gerson, has stressed the great value in getting necessary vitamins and minerals from | natural foods rather than from pills. ‘ To win this war we must be better than our enemy, and every Canadian must be taught what foods he needs to build a strong body, and to help him resist disease. | _ For many years, the Ontario Division of the Red Cross has been giving nuâ€" Wwition classes to mothers and houseâ€" wives throughout the Province, through the volunteer services of publicâ€"spirited graduates in Household Science. All Miss Velma Eimes, brideâ€"toâ€"be was once again guestâ€"ofâ€"honour at a showâ€" er, when op Saturday evening Miss Margaret Faston entertained at her home, 76 Maple street south. During the evening, on behalf of the friends gathered together for the cccasion, the hostess presented the guestâ€"ofâ€" honour with a beautiful chest of Rogers silver, and expressed the good wishes of the gathering. A delightful social time was spent, and a dainty lunch was served by Miss Faston, assisted by Mrs. Wilkins, Mrs. Middleton, and Mrs. EBaston. Mrs. C. M. Hatton poured tea, at a table which was centred with a beautifullyâ€"iced cake, bearing a miniature bride. Among those who attengded were: Mis. C. M. Hatton, Mrs. J. McGhie, Mrs. J. T. Easton, Mrs. Wm. Greenidge, Mrs. W. Stanley, Mrs. J. Wilkins, Mrs. H. J. Kelneck, Mrs. Glen Smith, Mrs. Alex Cadman, Mrs. V. A. Middleton, Mrs. Wm. Harris, Miss Gertrude Greenidge, the hostess, Miss Margaret Easton, and the guestâ€"ofâ€"honour, Miss Velma Eimes. Much Impressed With the Municipal Offices Here Another Shower for Popular Brideâ€"toâ€"be Miss Velma Eimes Again Honoured by Friends. Taking part in the gift, but unable to attend were Mrs. J. A. Oltean, Mrs. A. Prout, Mrs. C. Lacy, Miss Kay Mcâ€" Innis, Mrs. Wm. McCoy. The city of Sudbury is working on improvements to its municipal offices and equipment, and for this purpose last week City Clerk H. P. McKeown and City Treasurer A. J. McDonald paid a visit to Kirkland Lake, Timâ€" mins and South Porcupine. On their to Sudbury the officials said that they had dlearned much on the trip. Billing machines similar to those in use at Kirkland Lake will be recomâ€" mended for Sudbury. The Sudbury ofâ€" clals were particularly impressed with the madern methods in use at Timmins and South Porcupine. The Sudbury Star last week made the following reâ€" ference to this part of the trip:â€" ‘"*Mr. McKeown and Mr. McDonell also visited municipal offices in the Town of Timimins and South Porcuâ€" pine township. Both officials were impressed with the town offices in Timmins. ‘"‘Timmins has a reéally fine building and layout generally," Mr. McK2xown said. "All of the departments are centred in the one building. This building also contains the library, courtrooms and other offices. With all work connected with the city conâ€" centrated in the one building, work seems to go very smoothly. We hope that we have accomplished much the same thing in Sudbury by purchasing the old Bell Telephone building converting it into a city hall. ‘*‘The town hall at Timmins is and the equipment in use there is modern,." he added. Red Cross "Refresher‘"‘ Courses in Nutrition ‘"Mr. McKeown said that he and Mr. McDonell had also been impressed with the organization of the municipal offices in the Township of South Porâ€" cupine. ‘"‘We found our visit there very interâ€" esting and very instructive," he deâ€" clared." Toronto, Aug. 20â€"â€""Deadlines" just don‘t exist for those interested in the refresher course in nutrition being givâ€" en by the University of Toronto Exâ€" tension Department at the request of the Canadian Red Cross. _A steady flow of applications has made it necesâ€" sary to extend the time for registraâ€" tion to August 18th. This course is being given August 5th to 30th in the Household Science Building, and the lectures will be on recent advances in nutrition and methods of food preparâ€" @tion, on budgeting and on consuwmer education. C new veryvy and I‘ve known girls who wrecked their entire lives by being so selfâ€"conscious about a birthmark that they drew only pity from their friends. I‘ve known other girls who dismissed the cirecumâ€" stance with a shrug of their shoulders and carried on normallyâ€"usually makâ€" ing up in their jolly personalitiee for what others might consider a ‘:personal tragedy." This preparation is now mixed to resist sun and water so once you apply it to your skin you may swim, play tennis or just be a pretty spectator with no fear that the stuff will wear off! This handy camouflage comes in light, medium and dark so if you select the proper shade it will blend in with your current skin tone miraculously. Liver spots, acne scars, varicose veins and birthmarks are almost completely concealed (at least blended so they are not noticeable) if you apply the cream as directed on the jar. Banish Selfâ€"Consciousness Now let me lecture those of you who are selfâ€"conscious over a permanent blemish. To be selfâ€"conscious about something you cannot help is sheer stupidity. Do what you can to cover it up, yes. Even wear cloihes so cut that it might be concealed. But do ncot let it mar your happiness. People are not as vindictive as is generally supposed by those who are victims of skin blemishes. People may be curious but wellâ€"bred persons will never show their curiosity about anâ€" other‘s misfortune. What you areâ€" your individual charm and friendliness and gay spiritâ€"is what people appreâ€" clate and seek. I have known the ugliest looking men and women to be the most popular members of a community or group. Why? Because they shrugged their shoulders at what they could not help and spent all their effort on developing character and charm. Their intrinsic worth showed through their manners, their eyes, their words, their deeds. People cculd not help loving them. Young girls are selfâ€"conscious to a aegree anyhow. That is a cross of adoleszsence. But young girls with blemishes who do not strive to conquer their concern will always remain selfâ€" conscious, lack poise and friendships and miss a lot of fun out of life. If you are timid about wearing a bathing suit or revealing play suit beâ€" cause of a sear or minor skin blemish take heart. You should not give up the things you like to do most because of a troublesome skin disfigurement for there is a waterproof cream which does a dandy job of covering over such a blemish. At a young age it is hard to recognize the genuine values. Superficial exâ€" teriors are so likely to mix up good judgment. But those of you who are worried about a disfigurement should take it from me that the old adageâ€" that all that matters is what you are, not what you appear to be or what you may haveâ€"is true. Push up that head proudly and get your ration of happiness out of life! Don‘t be a stupid girl and act as if you have the biggest cross to bearâ€" people are not the slightest bit interâ€" ested in your cross for they have crosses to bear of their own! women trained in Home Economics have a unique opportunity of making a vital contribution to the war effort by promoting a Red Cross programme in nutrition in their community. Any person is eligible to enrol who has had a Household Science course at University, or a recognized twoâ€"year course at College. Those interested in the course may send their applications to Mrs, A. R. Stevenson, Canadian Red Cross Society, 95 Wellesley St., Torâ€" onto. Trv The Advance Want Advertisements Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) “ Beaury and You by PATRICIA LINDSAY zâ€" On fresh, clean skin apply this thick, adherent cream to cover a blemish. Then play to your hearts satisfaction with the assurance that the blemish will not be noticed, Minor Skin Blemishes Adequately Covered with Waterproof Cream. THE PORCUPINE ADVANCE, TTIMMINS, ONTARIO Because the cause of cancer has not been found, many think of it as ‘"inâ€" curable" and that the number of cases is increasing every year. As a matter of fact, cancer is curable. The number of cases is increasing only because men and women live longer today than at any previous time in history. Ssome weeks ago Dr. Irwin â€" J.Abell, Chatman of the Health and Medical Commiittee of the Federal Security Adâ€" ministration, and former President of the American College of Surgeons, in a public statement, pointed out that with early discovery. of cancer and prompt destruction by surgery, Xâ€"rays, or radium, the cancer comes to an end. Cure depends on early discovery and that the pant of body in which cancer By Jomes W . Barton, [*$5.15 additional on Tonurist fare] Cancer Is Curable of Pour s That Bouy @ Plan to see allthe Canadian Rockies pn your Western trip this year . . . ravel the scenic way across Canada by the smart airâ€"conditioned Conâ€" tinental Limited! Travel West the scenic way â€"the Jasper way â€"by the Continental Limited. Through sleeping cars from Toronto to Jasper and Vancouver. Unexcelled diningâ€"car service at popular prices. Your local Agent will gladly furnish you with information as to fares limits, etc. Booklets and other details may be secured from District Passenger Agent, CN.R., North Bay. You‘ll enjoy a stopâ€"over at Jasper â€"â€"Canada‘s Switzerlandâ€"where soarâ€" ing peaks, jeweled lakes, unrivalled summer activities and Canadian National‘s Jasper Park Lodge, invite you to a glorious vacation,. At no additional cost over first class (Standard) fare* you can break your rail journey with a delightful "inland ocean"" voyageâ€"sanling Lake Huron and the majestic Superior by modern ship with«every travel comâ€" fort. Connections are also made at Vancouver or Prince Rupert with Canadian National‘s "Prince" boat cruises through the sheltered Inside Passage to Alaska. AZl outside rooms. Becalise of the knowledge of preventâ€" ing disease thus enabling men and woâ€" men to live to an older age than ever before, there is now about 25 per cen‘ of the populaition over the age of 45 years. Since 90 per cent of all cancers cacur after the age of 40, it can readily be seen why cancer is apparently on the increass. It is on the increase beâ€" use in former days large number would not be alive after the age of 40 to develop cancer. is found can be reached by surgery Xâ€"rays or radium. Is canser really curable? "The reâ€" corded thousands that are now living and well from 5 to 25 years after they were treated for cancer afford indisâ€" putable proof that the disease is courâ€" able‘". ‘These cures were possible beâ€" cause, as mentioned before,.canter was diszcvered early and immediate treatâ€" ment, where pos:ible, given. The first lesson, then, for all of us is that we do not le: the fact that the cause of cancer is not yet discovered mak» us forget that it is curable. The second lesson is that wherever or whenever a lump, ulcer, skin defeci, is present, it should be investigatad even if no discomfort or pain is presâ€" ent. Persistent indigestion, alteration in regulari.y of the monthly periods, dischargs of blood from mouth, bladâ€" er or bowel demand persistent study or investigation, because we know that early cancer is curable. Cancer "staris" at one spot, if this spot is treated by surgery, Xâ€"rays or radium, there will be no spread of the cancer cells to other parts; the cancer is cured. Cancer:â€"Its Symptoms and Treatment of recovery. Send today for Dr. Barâ€" tou‘s valuable booklet entitled "Canâ€" cer: Its Symptoms and Treatment"‘ (No. 110). Enclose Ten Cents wilh your request to cover cost of handling and mailing and address your requect to The Bell Library, Post Office Box No. 75, Stiation O, Néw York, N.Y., menâ€" tioning the name of this newspaper. Miss Velma Eimes, brideâ€"toâ€"be of Saturday, was honoured on Friday evening at a sunprise farewell party held by her Finnish friends in the Harmony Hall. Miss Eimes left on Tuesday for Calgary, Alberta, where she is to become the bride of Mr. Herb Hatton, of the R.C.A.F. As the guestâ€"ofâ€"honour entered the hall, she was escorted to the head table, where a large cake bearing the words "We wish you happiness," was used as centreâ€"piece. Mixed summer flowers also adorned the table. There the brideâ€"toâ€"be, with her friends, enâ€" joyed a delicious lunch, before being presented with a handsome gift of money. The presentation was made on behalf of many friends by Miss Nelma Johnson, who extended best wishes to Miss Eimes. Later, the large crowd enjoyed dancâ€" ing, and each guest spoke personally to

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