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Porcupine Advance, 15 Aug 1938, 1, p. 4

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mBarrle the year have pas mist. There are months left in 1938 gard only to the claims ther and disregarding all others, Dated at Timmins, Ontario Gday of August, 1938. WILLIAM O. LANGDON Massie Block, Holicitor for the Admini: 1938 dece OLI 118C who July, 1 ticulars HOUSE POR REN‘T In the Estate o wise â€" known PACE POUR Bretell‘s Beauty Shop Special for this Week 59 PINE ST CROQUIGNOLE WAVE B Gtherwise known otherwlise known deceased. An entirely new process of wayâ€" ing. The results are of incomâ€" parable beauty! No â€"heat or weight on the head. Curls white tinted or bleached hair without altering the colour. Reg. $7.50 wave this week 85. TIMMINS AREKNA SEATSâ€"Ringside, $3.00 MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT Len Wadsworth V apoâ€"Steam Curl Former Middleweight Champion o. ‘. C. Sanctfioned TITLE BOUT N1 10 Rounds Title Bout Ray Mcintyre T‘his Week Only s sCHUMACHER PMONE 1090 e of Nick Zubrinich, other n as Nikole Zubrinic nown as Nick Zubrinic} a0wn as Nilceolas Zubimik Middleweight Champion eC New Brunswick S5¢ Timmins, Ont. five monln )ptimist On Pag. r $ "L 4 Jack Dempsey THURS., AUG. 18 pessi oriou pa 5th nAip of prayer book bride hono wedding ce Rabbi Mon many frien Hebrew Synagogue Scene of Wedding dayv Miss Johnson will become the of Mr. Len Traver on September the ceremony to be performed by Canon R. S. Cushing at the St. thew‘s Anglican church. popula wish showet Shower in KHonour of Miss Ada Johnson Pleasin PROPERTIES FOR SALE ntertaine ous show! ur of Mi CGHi WE stream easing IEvent on Evening With Mdn\ tiful Gifts for Bride Helpt eline; pI Two Action ind LI it nont bride 1lp 3 1AI 11 LC a Goxr bea We 1l R4 h 3 O C th at 8.30 p.m. WI pDpi as referee l bride P â€"Filled Preliminaries 11 Reserved, $2.00 Pic 11 M homes des Kaura IN H AIMS POR SALE " adjoining Payma OR d for children, boys and M Shub, brother as groomsmar A. Ur., C Aid, Timmins Any home Undefeated Featherweight Champion of Western Canada. the céeremony, a erved at the home dparents, Mr. and f 108 Pine Street in receiving the gowned in navy Korman, oL lorâ€" Sam Heiklen, of and Mrs. Albert 1 Lake, Mr. Irvin 1 Lake, Miss Rita Mr. and Mrs. Al ake, and Mrs. T. eauty Shop, and ce Avenue, South osed commencing 23rd, owing to the »tors Mr. and Mrs. Korman ndparen JrC "Tops" Tellino 10 and g riends to note LE ind 1€ 1G4€ a cakin 1€ : wedding Harris, of Mel Cowle )T it green p1 Timmins‘ Favorite wWeLr age:s iring have it 44t1 ha ind uUup Jn 8 Rounds | Household Science Section | _ to be Featured This Year. enlertaine parties, b: who will Full particulars of the show may be gathered from the prize lists recently issued. These prize lists may be obâ€" taired from any of the officers or executive of the Timmins Horticultural Society. The following are the offiâ€" cers and directors:â€" Honcrary membersâ€"â€"Mayor Bartleâ€" man, John Knox, K. Ennis, Dr. S. L. Honey, R. P. Kinkel, R. Elston, A. H. Wohlrab, Hon. Earl Rowe, Mrs. John Knox., G. W. Ecclestone, Mrs. W. H. Pritchard. Presidaentâ€"George Hogg. First viceâ€"presidentâ€"Mrs. R. P. Kinke 1irectorsâ€"wW. BbpEénce, A. Mrs. A. James, A. Proulx, M Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. C. Briggs Mr. Campbell. Auditorsâ€"A. R. Harknes prizes in every class and section. This exhibiticn of household science should prove of very special interest to all, and in addition it should do much to encourage the better practice of the household arts and sciences. Fourteenth Flower _ || || Show on Aug. dded to the show. This is the Houseâ€" old Science scction, including a whole eparitment for baking, bottled goods, eed‘lework, knitting and other branches f household arts. There are good Second viceâ€"presidentâ€"W. FP. Lawry Secretaryâ€"treasurerâ€"J. H. Knell. Du ectorsâ€"W. Spence, A. E. Rigg Trs. A. James, A. Proulx, Mrs. Stirrat Prior to id P This OT D2> nNnelid i Balsam Tuesday. several years past the annual ition of flowers and vegetables by ‘immins Horticultural Society has recognized as one of the best in lo. This year it is intended to ue this reputation and to make n more so. This year‘s exhibition 11 annuals} C ancy basket: house plant foliage; veg the wedding, the bride was 1 at Several showers and her many friends in town ill wish much happiness to couple. Rush, $1.00 A. R. Harkness and R URKE‘S DRUG STORE and Advance Reservations Mr. Kert The Timmins Finnish Young Peoples‘ Society will have their regular meeting every Friday evening at 7 p.m. in the Timmins Finnish United Church. Among the local and personal items in The Sudbury Star last week was the following item of local interest:â€" "Mr. and â€" Mrs. Leonard Fabbro anâ€" nounce the engagement of their elder daughter, Leah Naomi, to Mr. Thomas Joseph Carbone, of Timmins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carbone, of Toronâ€" to, the marriage to take place in the very near future." Revy. A. I. and Mrs. Heinonen and children returned from their holiday Saturday (Aug. 13th). Rev. Heinonen conducted the regular services yesterâ€" day at 2 p.m. in South Porcupine Unitâ€" Finnish United Church. Rev. Heinonen will leave Timmins ed Church and at 8 p.m. in Timmins Tuesday morning to conduct his monthly Pinnish services up the line as follows: Tuesday 8 p.m. in Kapuskasing United Church; Wednesday 8 pm. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Kotiâ€" ranta, Reesor., Ont.; Thursday 8 p.m in ‘Hearst United Church, Hearst, Ont.; Friday 8 pm. in Cochrane United Church. All of these services within the bounds of the Cochrane Presby tery will be conducted in the Finnish lanâ€" guage. Rev. Heinonen will return home Saturdsy morning and will conduct the regular services in South Porcupine and Timmins on Sunday as usual. Councillor Emile Brunette, Mrs. Brunette and daughter, Doreen, will leave toâ€"morrow for a week‘s vacation in Montreal and Maniwaki, Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto. Rev. A. 1. Heinonen Returns from Month‘s V acation Miss Bonneville, of Montreal, is spending a two weeks‘ holiday visiting her brother, Mr. Bill Bonneville, in town. Mr. Percy Fraser left on Saturday to join Mrs. Fraser at Englehart where they will spend two weeks visiting at the home of Mrs. Fraser‘s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Cory and son, Marcus, left on the 545 p.m. train on Sunday for New York, from where they will sail on the Normandie on Wedâ€" nesday for Tavistock, Devon, England, to take up residence there. Lorraine MacMillan, and left on Saturday to holid and other points south. Miss Ettie Tubman, of Earlton, and her cousin, Miss Gwen Tubman, of Shawville, returned on Saturday after visiting friends in town. Miss Evelyn Ferris, of Goldfields Drug Store staff, has returned to Timâ€" mins after a pleasant vacation in Monâ€" LTVC Mr. Walter Cowan and Mr. Ernest Lacy returned on Sunday from a holiâ€" day spent at Huntsville and Toronto. Sol Platus, Manny Abrams and Jack Gauthier are on a fishing trip to the French River. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Lacy of 34 Toke street, will leave toâ€"night to holiday at Winnipeg and Vancouver. polin Bob Wright returned over the weekâ€" end from holidays spent at Cobalt and nearby fishing grounds. Miss Francis Raymond returned on Sunday after visiting at her home in Thornlce. Mrs. Peter Douglas returned last week from a week‘s visit to relatives in Kapuskasing. Miss Loretta Paquette retiurned last week to her home in Kapuskasing after a holiday visit to Timmins. Mr. George Lamarche left on Saturâ€" day to spend a few weeks holidaving Mrs. H. Larocque and daughter, were recent visitors to Haileybury where they formerly resided. Miss Lillie Sullivan is spending a holiday at her home in New Liskeard. Miss HMHeulsa Scully is visiting friends in Kirkland Lake. Miss Ruth Babcock has returned ifter a holiday spent in Toronto and jo0ints south. Mr. P i busine Miss Claire Durrell left last week or Toronto where she will join her ister from Vancouver. Mr. D. Smith was a recent visitor 0 Campbell‘s Bay. Bornâ€"to Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lacy t the South Porcupine hospital, or riday, August 12, 1938â€"a daughter M t Mr. Stewar. Sutherland, of Toronto, is the guest of Timmins friends last al M Temagami he W. H. Doughty is visiting friends ercy Youlton left on Friday on @ss trip to New York City. 0 Timmins last week A. Fournier was a visitor l Westmeath. or Emile Brunette, Mrs. and daughter, Doreen, will QOn (From Globe and Mail) Whenever lawâ€"making bodies adopt foolish, destructive or unfair laws, the mental processes of those affected are automatically set to work to find some method of beating the devil around the stump and in the special case of taxation it is particularly true. The adoption of amendment 32B to the Warâ€"Time Income Tax Act, conâ€" trary to the promises, direct or implied, as you will, of responsible authorities, has already been followed by a meticuâ€" lous search for loopholes and results are now beginning to appear. For instance, we are told of a syndiâ€" cate that has been formed under the Godfrey amendment to the Companies Act, with capital of $35,000, to develop Whenever 1 foolish, destru mental proces. automatically method of be the stump an LKAstOon. © Jessie W Beating the Devil Round the Stump of Taxation Bornâ€"on August and Mrs. Harvey C Sixth avenueâ€"a son Bornâ€"on August 13th, 1938, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Croft of 109 Hemlock streetâ€"a daughter. Bornâ€"on August 10th, 1938, to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Delorme, of 28 Wi!lâ€" son avenueâ€"a daughter. Bornâ€"on August 6th, 1938, to Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Proulx, of 16 Kirby avenueâ€"a son. Shower in Honour of Miss Jessite Watt Brideâ€"toâ€"be Given Party and Miscellaneous Shower Four Births Registered During the Past Weekâ€"end The trouble about being happy is that we do not realize that we are until we are not. U "th, 1938, to M Guillemette, of 5 re told of a syndiâ€" formed under the to the Companies $35,000, to develop COPYBRICHAAT . l938 KINC FLATURES SYNOICATE Mrs. Hatton Mtrs. J. ‘F. Eas:â€" ; for the occaâ€" miscellaneous Kiwanis Magazineâ€"A m a clivil service examinatio a letter carrier, but not memBzr of congress or | At any rate, it those of us who to watch results. successful, there trust certificates patch the nether pid patch the nether regions wits of developers of thi are everlastingly pitted rapacity, and sometimes step is to the Exchequer Courl, wnhere costs, not less than $400, must be deâ€" posited. Add to that valuable time lost, cost of lawyer‘s fees and other expensive irritants, and it will be unâ€" derstcod that the proceeding is not such as will encourage the ordinary promoter to go forth and find. In fact it might be better to apply for relief at once and be done with it. is to effect a pool by voluntary and those who have tried that to their sorrow against the un cracy and not ag in the statute bo In these cases ; is possible, but by the appealed to the Revenue, and w‘ been denied, as it pic reasoning, or it may be sound, DuUlL, as we see it, Blackstone‘s disciples seem to have overlooked the fact that their client is "up against" a virtual autoâ€" cracy and not against law as written in the statute books. has been organized and the shares are to be issued direct to participants when organization has been completed, In this way, some very bright legal minds have decided that, since the syndicate never owned any property, operation of Amendment 32B is foreâ€" stalled. If that should be the result, it is quite likely that this method of chivâ€" vying the devil around the stump will become popular in the best mining circles, ranking with the efforts put forth to beat the Securities Act, when men should be employed to far better advantage in developing the great minâ€" ing opportunitiee the Creator has placed under Canadian soil for the enrichment and happiness of the peoâ€" O1I Northwest lerritOriecs. In this case titles to property acâ€" quired are registered in trust for the benefit of a succeeding company, which will be capitalized for 3,000,000 shares, of which 700,000 shares will be set aside for unitâ€"holders on the basis of 20 shares per unit of one dollar. Unitâ€"buyers in the syndicate receive trust certificates entitling them to proâ€" portionate shares when the company I‘B There may b LV Our hop though we of lawâ€"maketr OoONDpaAY. aATGUST 15th, 1938 > cases appeal to the Courts , but by devious paths. First mnissioner‘s decision must be to the Minister of National and when application has 20, as it usually is, the next the Exchequer Court, where less than $400, must be deâ€" Add to that valuable time of lawvyer‘s fees and other T‘é 1PE urage the ordinary th and find. In fact to apply for relief me with it. ; i a lies across the finâ€" fellow who is tied ip» when he might da. If the stock is be interesting for on the sidelines the plan proves soon be more und than would law in this legal be sound, but, as ‘s disciples seem ind ie pMan proves on be more d than would s a mile. ‘The is vast country 1 â€" against the the gross stuâ€" d taxâ€"gatherâ€" h the developâ€" vet placed any to become parliament in must pass to become

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