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Porcupine Advance, 18 Dec 1918, 1, p. 6

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Good Thinss to Eat 4#0860090900000900800000000000000000000400006090046866 Â¥ SUBSCRIBE NOW “mm ©00000000000048800060009$900000040000606¢ m Chmstmas (hfts % ©@0000000400040¢09 00900000004 000000000 00000 00000 0 0 040 00# 2 ‘“OOOO“N“NQNMWMOMQMMWWOMO that will give lasting delight To the Retail Trade: We have a store full of elegant gifts that will give pleasure and satisfaction long outlasting the season. Something is here to suit every purse and taste: Just a Few Suggestions Very nice line in Gent‘s Ghains in solid gold, from $13 to $40, 14 karat. Full line of Gent‘s Waltham Watches, from $10 to $75, solid gold 14 karat case. Limoges and Nippon China, Cut Glass, Waterman Fcuntain Pens, French Ivory, Silverware, Novelties in Gold and Silver, Bracelets, Watch Fobs, Chains, etc. Special line of Wrist Watches3 for laides, from $12 to $52. wh. db . Get the boy an Ingersoll Watch ,warranteced for a year, $2.00 to $3.00. This m the lowâ€"priced watch that stands the wear and gives good time and service. Next to Canadian Bank of Commerce JEWELER â€" TIMMINS Sclid Gold Tie Pins, 14â€"karat, from $2.50, to $45.00 for a dia mond pin. Duncan‘s Limited, wholesale fruit and commission merchants, wish to anâ€" nounce to their customers that they have a car just arrived with a specially selected assortment of Christmas fruit Sunfiower Brand Sunkist Nave! Oranges, various sizes, Fancy No. 1 Kings and Spies barreis, Pears, Nuts, Etc. Duncan‘s Limited â€" Timmins This is the place for securing the good things in the line of cakes, pastry, etc, and you may depend on the purity of the goods and the sanitary conditions under which they are made, CHRISTMAS CAKMES of ALL KINDS Some pleasing designs in Seedâ€"T op Cakes.for Christmas; also Christmas GCakes made to order FRENCH ard PUFF PASTRY of EVERY KIND The Real Scotch Shortbread a Specialty o one and all Duncan‘s Limited wish the Compliments of the Season 0000006066006 including the famous H. AHORWITZ for Christmas Time The Old Firm â€" Third Ave. Timmins aker and Confectioner UHHEALTHY CROWDING AT BOARDING HKOUSE3 be bigger than on Saturdays. kicking. . The oceasionally. â€" ferred to abovet ing of boarding houses, enquiry shows that there are some foreign boarding houses in town where the overerowdâ€" ing is objectionable and a menace to health. In one place on Third â€"Ave. where there is accommeodation for aâ€" bout 25 men, there are about 50 erowd ed in and sanitary conditions are far from well. In some other boarding houses, the aliens are crowded toâ€" gether in a way that does not conduce to their own or â€" community‘s TWO YEARS‘ SENTENCE FOR BOLD RCOB less one day in tis Ontarmo dveformaâ€" tory. ‘lhe youth of the acensed no doubt had weight with the Magistrate, for the ervues charged agsainst Lamâ€" otte warranted even more severe punâ€" ishment. â€" Lamotte, who is only nineâ€" tsen vyears of age, was charged with relhhing the iime office of Burke Lindâ€" say MeCluskey‘s camp near" Waâ€" wailfin. â€" He held up the timekeeper‘s son with a revolver and took anway a few is eash and four marked blank cheques. The raising of a cheâ€" ame for five dollars to fifty dollars was tzxcnmn Yyuars ol Ago, reuhing the ime ofi say MeCluskey‘ waifin. He held u zon witih d tFevouiver and tojk PRWaAaY a few in eash and four marked blank cheques. The raising of a cheâ€" que for five dollars to fifty dollars was anothss offence that he admitted as having â€" comumitted _ recently, while there were other evidences to sugzest M ; \ ndi LAS WEEK SEHRVICES | N(E T. MATTHEW‘S CEKURCH.| re is for aâ€" en, there are about 50 erowd sanitary conditions are far I. In some other boarding hbe aliens are crowded toâ€" a way that does not conduce own or theâ€" community‘s police eourt istrate Atkir cce eourt on Thursday e Atkinson sentenced Lamotlre to two. years thic Ontario Reformaâ€" ith of the accused no ht with the Maaistrate, 11 d ‘by Constable Meâ€" one of the Timmins was fined #10 and filth on the streets dviceo and counsel. d by the sentence + realize his posiâ€" i senteneing s one day in re he purchased of selling liquor apt." He pleadâ€" [ and costs, )ple â€" oT MOoneta Timmins â€" have op to the nuisâ€" s to scavengt 8 to sug far from THE PORC UPINE ADVAN t e ferie ts t A We wish to announce to the citizens of Timmins: en o c e o n c o s e hn h se e 040044 6444696 % Gerrard‘s "My Four Years in Germany"â€"â€" T arzan of the Apes. Charlie Chaplin in, "A Dogs Life." Over the Top. Hearts of The World, and other big successes. ©$040900000000000000800000000000040000000800000460600604484686 Monday, December 23rd. $99040000800008080 000004 000000000446 441 New 1 heairg Christian‘ December 25th. (Christmas) and December 26th. WE PRESENT HALL CAINES supeclh love drama Commencing toâ€"morrow, December 5th, and continuing until Mcnday night, December 23rd, all purchasers of goods to. the value of 25¢ and upwards will be given a receipt bearing a number which will participate in the four prizes shown in the windows of this store. Four numbers, which are absolUtely unknown to me, have been selected l"y J. P. Taillon, manager GCanadian Bank of Commerce, and G. A. Macdonald, editor of the Porcupine Advance, and enclosed in a sealed envelope in the vault of the bank. At 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 24th, this envelope will be opened and the numbers placed in the window along with the prizes to which they belong. Customers holding the winning receipts, on producing the same, will be given the prizes, all of which will delight the hearts of the kiddies. A full line of Toys, Dclls, Toy Books, Fancy China ard Glassware, Notepapers, Etc., Etc., at reasonable prices ; also a good selection cif Victor Records t ree Prizes for Boys and Girls with Earle Williams and Edith Storey. ERNEST H. BRIDGER SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS THEY ARE VALUABLE with the usual highâ€"class program. BDO YCUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EARLY TO AVOID POSSIBLE DISAPPOCINTMENT Wishing you one and all the Compliments of the Season. CCOMIWNC z: (Successor to the L. Stadelman Co. TIMNMINS o h

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