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Porcupine Advance, 18 Dec 1918, 1, p. 2

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iQQOOQOWMNMMNQOMWWW ‘ H‘ifi!fififififi!fifififlikfikfi!fifififi%fifi%%%fikfi55-.‘:55555%5%%%5%5Hfi%fifl%fifiifi%flfifi%fi%fififi Beautiful and Sensible Gifts for Men Muffiers. Silk and Wool, from 1.75 10 5.00 Ties of Silk and Satin. boxed, from $1 to 3.50 Slippers of Wool and Leather Ostrosser [nitial and Plainfhandkerchiefs, boxed in hailf dozens Fur Caps., Smoking Jackets, PyJamas, Gloves, Collar Boxes Please call and get acousinted The class, quality, and values of our goods may surprise you is Complete The Quality is Aigh Our Prices are Low COULD NOT SECURE THE RETURN OF ‘"MIXED PICKLES‘" laveiled *‘mixed by the License Inspec Bay. The car contaime woeighing in all 13 tons, tents were not mixed pi« anvone could get mixed dismiussed the app grounds that Renaud had the goods, being neither nor the party to w hom the consigned, and that moreo USE CARE IN MAKING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ed, and that moreove as not a legal one, : rings, the name of t se supposed to make as used without aut right, and the name or was addressed w fictitious one. ‘The Toranto and will be s vendors, distributed destroyved. In this c eresting to note mor seized by the a with the )1 AskKeq 10r‘ SelZzeld here often r confiscate f:the claw. ir quantity cent quality out on given a suppiy oL ilif confiscated. There is a that liquor destroyed unished‘" before it is < . but this idea holds m ijon than common trut 1 vouu O1I _ the appe ked for i technical tly made use jof °t sent T. 1 U S ality, liqu usually sh Yurt O(LS preoperty CasSOn oronto [f th ttention to he ground. . nd similar instituâ€" supply of liquor so ) W II r@ 1sS oOnIy CA SHiL destroved here by lhnipped DV the oronto. The o disposes of he liquor is of s onlyvy a small 1 O (U N mds orations OUI 118 C1 Lt *) Ol more of apJ| [o? OC ppet were popt usual lip * w# + Th the tfoo 1A o+ harvest specimens and other inflamâ€" mable materials, such as draperies, seenery, cotton to represeat snow, and thre like, especially in connection with electric and other lighting®ystems, is decidely an increase of hazard, it beâ€" ing impossible to make displays of this nature perfectly safe. In addiâ€" tion to the danger of property from stirmdv The letter also calls attention to the Statutory Conditions of Fire Inâ€" surance policies which make the poliâ€" cies void in cease of ‘‘any change to the risk,"" but within the control or knowledge of the assured."" The use of dangerous Christmas decorations, after this warning,. cogies under this t o Durlding, whicih is« owned by a comâ€" pany, was heing torn down when the seizure was made. 1t is elaimed that of recent years the bumlding has not been a paying investment and there is some dispute regarding the taxes. Haileybury rink is in the bailiff for taxes due building. which is own on TA Te danger ol properiy LLOIL ie displays referred to, the danger ) life in crowded stores or places of eeting by reason of a panic oceasion 1 by fire, even though it be small nd easily controlled, is so great that ie Underwriters, who have made a irdy of such hazaras, would fail in rcivr duty should they not give waruâ€" risitor to ilkenham, of of" Matheson, iumnp last week the hands of he town. The 046009060066 66066066 The Great West Life Assurance C€o. The General Accident Assurance Co. At your service any evening. 1 have just w hat you are looking for Canada Food Board License No. 14â€"242 Prepare now for a millk shortage dus storms blockirg the roads and railway KLIM, pasteurized separated milk in powâ€" der form daily, in the kitchen and on the table, and milk troubles will vanish. _ Use dry with other dry ingredients in cooking, or make into liquid by whipping into water, It is 100% nutrition. Cost less than any other form of milk® Order KLIM from your Groter. Packed in 1 and 10 ib tins with handy covers,. represented at Schumacher by T. MOSELEYâ€"WILLIAMS â€" BOX 52

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