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Porcupine Advance, 11 Dec 1918, 1, p. 7

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qi ts mmmwmmamommoaamm@aa ma i Telephone 49 Opposite Pos: Ufhce, i immins 3 6 | m *k whus Opp.y>= Real Estate BUY Warâ€"Savings Stamp$ UY Warâ€"Savings Stamps for $4.00 each, place them on the Certificate, which will beigiven‘to you; have your Stamps registered against ‘loss, free of change at any Money#Order Post Office; anc:â€"on‘the first day of 1924, Canada will pat you $5.00 each for ye»aw~4stamps. As an aid to the purchase«sof W.â€"S. S. you‘ can ‘buy ‘THRIFT Stamps for 25 cents cach. ‘Sixteen of these Thrift Stamps on a Thrift Card will be exchanged for a W.â€"S:S. ‘Thrift Stamps do not ‘bear interest.. Their virtue is that / they ~enableâ€"you to apply every 25 cents y can save towards €5e‘ purchase of a Government, interestâ€"begring security. "If high rates of be paid on GGzernment borrowâ€" ingsit‘is but right thiat every man, woman,â€"and ‘thild should have the opportunity t# earn this interest."â€"Sir Thomas White. itoe the Gold{ieclds WHERE VEA THIS SICGN SIMMS HOOK EB RFEAL â€"ESTATE SULLIVAN NEWTON MONEYâ€"ORDER POST OFFICES BANKS AND a Sâ€"cent packazge of WRIGLEY‘S will give you several days‘ enijouvmeni: it‘s an investment in bensfit as well as cleasure. for it helps teeth, breath. appetite, digestion. War Time Economy in Sweetmeatsâ€" «11 $5.8 for (Successors to Sealed tisghtâ€"HKept right Heep ‘WRIGLEYS in mind es the tengestâ€" Yyou can bux, Seng «1f to fhe bovs af the Aw>nit. On Sale at all INSURANCE of:all kinds MADE CANADA Opposite Pos: Office, Timmins E. G. Dicks Houses to Let and for Sale NCE Puw.achCcC 18 DISPLAYHD ‘AN AMUSEMENT PARLOR | PROPRIETCR FOR LUCK organist. â€" The hymnsâ€"sung we ward _ Clhristian "»liiikafs.'" Holy Tthost war souls in spirec, Jesus, I have promised," *‘ ever, God of Love." . ‘The Is f hands was performed by useil tfo he. 4 will} be watehe it eventually arrived in fine condition, and was pmudl\ paraded around town by the lucky winner, with suitable immâ€" seriptions. Some suggested that Tom should stable it in his poolroom or bowling alley for the winter months, but instead he engaged a room on the first floor of the Timmins Garage for the beauty. nol 1 xsl lo AIERG 01 YICIEDRY LOAN CAMPAIEN | resente X. Mard run of mine _ c development of = ('nstl_\' a c prop Ineospora ted {lhe @3 perform« \nderson, M There were THE PBRESS I thltea effort (_l NÂ¥ 1 I resLLLent V 116 find THE PORCUPINE ADVANCE proposition as ear Hadiles oul«] ndoubtediv W peration ilit1 Ti ine l. () 1 PoOs aAaVvVin Â¥Ci ull AnDxit future. readiuly ""CQ)n Come itahle â€"hard worth Chax t)1 ~() In modes mouUs ong, identify of Now I lay t rl Sock ow 1 Aay mc pray the Lo rant e o#f lc 31101 a ut 1 lilOwIn me down ind clear} LVIn Y During the transition perfod from war to peace is th ti ’.:lw I.O GC[. Kesp the wheels of commerce going by buying the articles necessary for your comf{ort and happiness "But see that you get c dollar for dollar value for every dollar you si,end ‘ says our Minister of Pinance. Our motto is: Dollar for dollar returns for every dollar invested. A gift from a reliable jewelry store is the gift that pleases most. More than twenty years of actual practical experiâ€" ence enables us to select wisely. Satisfaction guaranteed with every investment, according to its merit. Please don‘t delay your Christmas Shopping, as every detail of our stock is at its best Right Now If you are going to do anythingâ€"Do It N il.\‘im]p so®ctrei before OT. GUWroct s life and of Iitev. A. Marâ€" ripiain) the Mayor | er the Induction evenin«,. when His 1y ~tTRICNHACRCL, ~=~Dud ifure s an anonyâ€" it Only two week wal mumnd on tation .. °P. H. ST QCK TIMMINS NEW JEWELRY STORE Â¥ ©0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000600604 600 Lord, please May this cot May no stich And down this teut, before 1 wake. Keep me safely in Thy sight, CGrant no fire â€"drills hnmwh the nighut; And in the morning, let me wake, Breathing seents of Rirloin Steak. ‘Deliver me from work and drills, And wihen I‘m ill, don‘t feed me pills. If TI should hurt this skin of mine, Paint it not with Todine. Tirâ€"a «NOWY lvltl.o bed, Where l ]nn" to i@y h("uY Far away from all « .nnp And smell of half baked. beans, ‘Take me back unto the land, I\\ here they walk without a band. Where no thilling bugle blows, Where the women wash the elothes, Lord, Thou knowest all my woes, Heed me in my dying throes Take me ‘h‘u‘.\,l’l] pronnse tlhen. Never to enlist again. A men e to have a Dissatistied Customer erant me in mny slumbe un it‘s Iumber,

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