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Porcupine Advance, 11 Dec 1918, 1, p. 4

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Advertisements â€"inserted without written instructions will appear until written orders for their discontinuâ€" ance shall have been received WEDNESDAY, DEC wha \\x” dce}\l) regret his dgati and svmpathv will be véry zcneral and sineere to his bereaved wulmv and his I!n.v...'v'. 7 "‘Al‘“l"‘ “‘!. (% 2% 1 Office 26 Oanada ~ United States itepavers THE BEST MUNICIPAL SBRVICE WANTED. L\ PORCUPIEE AOVARCE NO BEATHS FOR A WtH shed cvery Wednecsday by Goo, Lake, Publisher Subscription Rates nleo mtlun it 114 C M Residence 112 $2.00 a year $3.00 a year DICKSQN HASPTT A T ONTARIOD Epidemic Steems to Have Run Its Course. )11 municipa! % % ‘ the town and ciass n affau us 1| will OT ter riti DCU_ the 3 T nid Del DEMOBILIZATICN OF THE RAF. EUNNING SMOOTHLY all Ths : til! His imn ing »ro| $10,000,000,â€"1s ds University Medic: edueational instif orceupine Hdei 10,000,000 TO DAUGHTELE, $10,000,000 TO COLLEGE ang@gdian mIS l ED CHARLEY JOHN TINED THOUSANTD I mceleney a PC V )1 A 1 SITUATION REMAINS THER SAME ! pt prineiples of se fortune w is tins Camp is ItCs e past week there have ther deaths in the whole amp from the Influenza d apparently the disease course and exhaasted itâ€" s this (C‘Camp is concerned. ition WNWILLC i( JOHNETON iAND DOLLAR B Lo 1€ ngo hool at 13 f()l'. correct living s made in min da, Cobalt anr been with the ome time, zshd lation uniform mÂ¥ T nil ; o «f¢ YÂ¥ COC ®€ â€"anotfher Harvard d other belo medi1ca spee Cadet \ U vhi and rduâ€" m AIns ) find veral nNialI rea k Â¥ u end cept and l1 10 J11 iD V C U offiees from opposite the Uoidneias to the Mascioli building, nextt to the New Empire Theatre. The premises, reâ€" contly occupted by the Curtis Drug Co., are now being fitted up for the brokerage office and will make fine quarters for the business. Mr. Fuller expects to move into his new oftices toâ€"morrow (Thursday). i. 8. FULLER MOVING TO NZEAP EMPIRE THEATRE WELCOME, SWEETNESS | TO THE DINING TABLE | ants an FORMER PORCUPINE MAN CHARGED WITH BIC wife wa divorce. sen was uile t pine and spc ing@ here. H named perty, and other develo tivities in _EH been living in time past. There is a man you all know well That works up at Twin Falls, And on a pretty damsel He frequently makes calls; So up the Abitibi He sailed just like the wind But as he approached Mistongo His thoughts were far belhind. GERMs MoRE DEADLY â€"THAN GEnRnyMAaNSs. i Medical statisties reveal the startâ€" ling fact that 2,462 died of consumpâ€" tion in Ontario last year â€" seven every day of the year. He says :â€" On busing EBELGIANS‘ \)f estimates â€" tnat though CGermany and seizures of _\\I\' ha ney ind S mater the ages of 209 and 50 are victim: the Groat White Plague. The sad story of a once hapoy 1 ily has been bro‘ught to our attent ‘Thea fTather. many mcn in time. Help is urgently nseded to on the work. Contributions may be sert to Mr. A. E. Ames, COhsirman of Finance Committee, 53 King stroeet woest, Toran‘n, by whom they will be gratefxrlly acknangwledged. ) aft his r l MQ aADoind entat {)] ist come tabl bope i1 press ailed just like the wind as he approached Mistong thouchts were far behin ro(uUuols witne d hotels were . ee real sugar les for the use strictions on by the Food F nDIne 101 11 one of pioneers of the POTI d spent much time prospe . He discovered the . v; ifter him on the Newray p ind had a part also in f velopment and pioneering in the district. He has | h rederick 1 neral, inter echa said tl M edcerick E. Tite A€tOrâ€" ral, interviewed by the Imiver o said that the. British. W ar including the Colonial repreâ€" s. has unanimously decided Holland to extradite the forâ€" nan Emperor. MARRIAGE TE‘ :P xt ay at his trade until finâ€" r down completely, he had An examination proved in the last_stage of conâ€" He lived but a short time natrot "*#~{) @a2me witlh m \Uv neiee and {1 4 1 eLPr Ow were amazt avoI Indust: nV \Ihl vill b." are moving e the Goldfields to ig, nex‘t to the New The premises, reâ€" I1aAtC. MISS ‘TANGO dustrial Commititec P An 11‘\est1'mtum. Belgium‘s _ damage military oceupation mnachinerv and raw THE PORCUPINE ADVANCE achinery 560,000 f IS $1,200,080,000 deal CI Euty Upi i WJ 1C being atrons re upon patrons. rn 01 0V V l') TO rCo )me i d TO RENT â€"A number of HOUSE in good locations ; reasonable re: apply B. F. Lennan, 60 Elm St. D0( t WANTEDâ€" AL, . HOTt W ANTEDâ€" GENERAI WANTEDâ€"MANX ‘TO DRIVE DEâ€" LIVERY TEAM. â€" Apply fo The W ANTEDâ€"YOUNG MANX AS TIMI @OWVS, CO Ww th th 111 D Come nomt, £€ will be made to thine@ morning;â€" Mrs. R.; J. I tvre Mine, Schumaeher ANTEDâ€"A MAID FOR GENERâ€" AL HOUSEWORK ; good wages. Apply to Mrs. H. J. Marshail, 12 Hemlock street. ~12â€" C ( $4%664%006 etuarn imim at once ake the consequen XNTEDâ€"A â€"~â€"STENOGRAPHEKR ; eginner preferred. Address Box %., Advance Office, Timmins. 353â€"â€" 890000000000000086 6@00006000§04 000864 OA DL TY Bull x comment is 1 following, furt O( )( )4 STOLENâ€"â€"WILL ‘FHE CUK 114( o1 wWiIshes, a mas to Pete Old Porem TL the dog from Eim street, at once to T. Benhbhow or in the building formerly occupied by the Curtis Drug Company, where we will be pleased to see all our old clients and friends, and we hope many new ones We are in close touch with all stock markets during the day by means of our much improved STOCK QUOTATION SERVICE BY FAST WIRE, ard all changes in prices are promptly entered on our board. On and after Thursday, December 12th ef and Hard Tack No. 5. urs very truly, P. M. BARDESSONO. i¢, Pete, at onee, and effort e to get you full of someâ€" r,â€"roast turkey and eranâ€" ‘, plum pudding and that of sauce,â€"and other kinds and so on. 1 stet lc CAPABLE nall 1C els will n, unds wagcres orce. aplhy and Next the Empire Theatre, Timmins ANNOUNCEMENT NEXT THE EMPIRE THEATRE 1) n One with preferred Advancd COOKâ€" apply " MelInâ€" al we will be in our new offices tfi §$00000008 9000066 MNMOWOOMM““OOOO““: | 0 ristm 0200000202030” i that will give lasting delight LAa4G S4CORCC$OCOCOAORARCQEAL®L 344 0640 H. C. McDONALD, soLICITOR, NCTARY PUBLIG 9â€"10 Roeyal Exchange Bldg., Cobalt Phonse 58. Moors Blig., Timmins CAPITAL PAID UP $7.000,000â€"RESEARVE FUND $7000.000 PELEG HOWLAND, PRESIDENT . E. HAY, GENERAL MANAGER. We have a store full of elegant gifts that will give pleasure and satisfaction long outlasting the season. Something is here to suit every purse and taste: Just a Few Suggestions MATTAGAMI HEIGHTS IMPERIAL BANK Spscial line of Wrist Watches for laildcs, 1rOmM qi4%4 10 $q04. Get the boy an Ingersoll Watch warranteed for a year, $2.00 to $9.00. This is the lowâ€"priced watch that stands the wear and gives gocd time and service. Solid Gold Tic Pins, mond pin. . MILES WALLINGFORD J: HEAD OFFICE ; TORONTO BANK BY MAIL Deposit accounts may be opened and operated by mail ifi more convenient to you than personal visits to nearest braach,. Dealer in Logs, Lumber, and Wood «* Ni CCE C l es Branches also sat South Porcupine and New Liskeard, Mining Contracts â€"â€" Mining Claims Shaftâ€"Sinking a Specialty Mako: E S T A B â€"4 S H E D 1 8 7 5 in Gsnt‘s Ghains in solid g’old, from $l3 to H. HORWITZ in MILNS BRANCH, r laides, from $12 to 1iâ€"karat, from $2.50, to $45.00 for a dia atches, from $10 to $7 CNTARIO Aanageor.

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