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Porcupine Advance, 11 Dec 1918, 1, p. 3

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',“ xME PORCUPINE ADYANOE SCHUMACHER RED CROSS REPORT FOR NOVEMBER The Schumacher Red Cross Rociety imet on Thursday with six members present. The receipts for the month were :â€"From Poreupine Consolidated Patriotie Club, $300.00; Mrs. Duncan, membership fees, $2.00. Expenditure for November, $21.43, _ Shipped to headquarters, 13 cases. A letter from head office was read. acknowledging with many thanks cheque for $200.00 and the satisfactory ‘report of the work done by the Schumacher branch. The members packed and sent 34 boxâ€" es to the boys overseas. The followâ€" ing is the work done for the month of: October:â€"Mrs. Angrignon, 1 dozen handkerchiefs, 2 dozen towels, 6 house wives; Mrs. Bergeron, 13 pairs bed socks, 1 trench cap; Miss Byrnes, 12 handkerchiefs, 24 towels; Mrs. Cockâ€" burn, 1 pair socks, 1 suit pyjamas; cut 13 pairs of _ pyjamas} Mrs. Cain, 1 dozen towels; Mrs. Cossâ€" er, 2 pairs socks; Mrs. Dunean, 2 suits pyjamas, 24 handkerchiets, 1 dozen towels; Mrs. Elliott, i pair socks; Mrs. Ferguson, 3 suits pyjamas, 1 doz. personal property bags, cut 12 suits pyjamas ; Mrs. Gilbert, 2 dozen towels, I sutit pyjamas; Miss Hogg, 3 palrs socks; Mrs. Hawley, 9 towels, 7 perâ€" sonal property bags; Mrs. James, 5 pairs socks; Miss Ruth Johnston, 1 pair socks; Mrs. Johnstone, 12 suits pyjamas, 3 pairs socks, 15 pair bed socks, 2 doz. towels, 5 comfort bags, Mrs. Joyner, 4 doz. towels, 1 pr. socks; 2 personal property bags, 24 handkerâ€" chiefs; Mrs. Leng, 2 suits pyjamas, 69 towels, 22 handkerchiefs; Mrs. Pilkâ€" ington, 2 pairs socks; Mrs. Richardâ€" son, 11 suits pyjamas, 2 pair socks ; Mrs. Rippan, 50 pairs socks; Mrs. Smith, 3 washcloths, 12 handkerchiet‘s Mrs. Tennyson, 1 pair socks; Mrs. J. R. Todd, 1 pair socks. The Society will meet every Thursâ€" day in the church, as the Red Cross is turning its attention to NMefugee work which is urgently needed. MRS. II. LENG, Secretary. WORK DONE BY SOUTH END D.Y.B. CLUB IN NCVEMBER The following is t. November by the Sot Y.B. Club:â€"Mary 1 socks; Ollie Orr, 1 ; lyn Brinton, 1 pair Brinton, 1 pair sock: 1 pair socks; Laura socks; Stelly Miller, Laura Crawior Kennedy, 1 pi pairs of socks. REV. D.L. GORDON, COBALT, GOES TO AGINCOURT. Rex. D. L. Gordon, for the past five years pastor of the Cobalt Presbyteriâ€" an church, left this week with lus family for Agineourt, near Toronto, where he has been ealled to take charâ€" ge as pastor of the Agincourt Presbyâ€" terian chureh. As the Cobalt churches are all elosed on gecount of the Influâ€" enza epidemic, Rev. D. L. Gordon was not able to preach a farewell sermon 6 iA l = t\n.\\\lo ‘\]]f h‘x i\'\:'ll()(l :] l‘.)()(l_ to his people, but bye, message in t lar letter to his e to hig people, but he issucd A bye, message in the form of a eirenâ€" lar lefter to his congregation and friâ€" emils.. In this he. thanks the people of Cobalt for kindness shown him during his pastorate,and expresses his sympathy for those whom the war and the epidemie lave bereaved. Over eighty members of the Cobalt Presbyâ€" terian church joined the colors, and six of these have given their lives for the great eause, while many others have suffered wounds. ‘*Bimmce they so nobly fought to make the world safe for Demoeracy,‘‘ says Mr. Gorâ€" â€"aehaulaA "noyv fi.fl'ill to Illflke six of these have g the great have suffered wou so nobly fought t safe for Democrac don, ‘‘we should safteâ€"fTor LDemoCEAc}y, â€" wd . don, ‘‘we should now fight to make Demoeracy safe for the world."" Reyv. Mr. Gordon was widely known and estcemed in the North Land. He visited Timmins on several occasions, and has many friends here who will wish him all suceess and happiness in his new sphere of labor. In accordance with the request of Gunner Fmmett Smith who wrote home from the front askirg for this service. Solemn High Mass was chan‘â€" ed in tae Haileybury Catsedral on Saturday morning for the repose of the soul of Licut. W. A. Montgomery (Monty) who was killed in action in T ranna in> the closin«. hours: of_the the soul of Lieut. W . (Monty) who was kil France in the closin world war. Notice is heroby given that the pariâ€" nership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, as Grocers and Butchers in the Town of Timmins, in the District of Temiskaming, was disâ€" solved by mutual consent on the 16th day of October, 1918. Al claims aâ€" eainst the said partnership are to bhe presented to Frank Byek at the Town of Timmins, aforesaid, by whom the same will be settled. Dated at Timmins this 20th day of Witness:â€"A. B. KENT. Mrs. _Kill(‘:li(], Hon i_n'cmber, 1918. . Mary Bartlett, Signed :â€"EP RAXK BYCK. XICK BLAHEY. work done PYr ‘L‘ 5i ide 1 rcupine x D. alrs LV eâ€" 111 ol S +R ol on se se oi ol se se oBe ols oo se aBe se oBe iB ob oo aBe oo aBe on e oBe Pn o afe afe ofe afe e afe ©00004¢006000000048§000084666 0000000000000000000000060046464 © [‘ WMNN“QOGMMQOWOMW@ WWWNQQW“OQOM’OM % Phone 78 FPhone 95 B oommowommmowooooww“»“weowmmo $9000000080000040840004¢0¢6006 $QO0OO00000680000400460404%e J. T. EASTON Funeral Director and Embalmer Phone 52 TIMMINS WWQ“GMQG 000“4“000000“0000000“0 Hay, Potatoes, Peas Vegetables Guigues, Que., via New Liskeard TIMMINS Stewing Beef, per lb.....12c. Chuck R'oast, per Ib. ..~15¢. Porterhouse, Tâ€"Bone, ana Sirloin Roast or Steak, s .. :. .csÂ¥ .e 29¢. Rib Roasts, per lb. .... 22¢. Round Steak, per lb. .. 21lc. All kinds second hand Mining Machinery in firstâ€"class condition. Boilers, Hoists, Fumps, Drills, etc. Sausage, 2 lbs. for .. Pure Lard, per lb. We can save you money on the best of Meats, Groceries, Etc. â€" Come and See. (Wm. Leduc Co.‘s Head Office umber, Building Materials Coal and Coke, Mine and Mill Supplies ACENT FCR Colonial Steel Companies Famous RED STAR DRILL STEEL Read these Prices: December 13th 14th ANY QUANTITY ars Lots a Specialty Phone, Write, or Wire to GENERAL MERCHANT Old Stand, next to The Advance Office.) SCHUMACGHER LAMB Leg of Lamb, per lb.... 20¢. CÂ¥ Other Parts, per lb. ... .328 PORK Loin of Pork, per lh. ... .35ec. Shoulder Roast, per lh...33c. Bean Pork, per lb..... 29c¢. YÂ¥ ard and Warehouse Fresh Eggs, per doz. .. 60c. Agent for Hayes Bros. Tombstones.

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