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Porcupine Advance, 11 Dec 1918, 1, p. 2

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* 3 Ti e t 9e qi t 5 OR e mee o oo S 00000 0 P * 1«14! UPP un um m mm um muminumume e nmumim mm An Ideal Gift for Wife or Mother ‘*"endless Every once in a while this silly **endless chain"‘ prayâ€" er scheme is set going by some maliâ€" cious or demented person. Some years ago it caused so much annoyâ€" ance that there was quite a general demand for the suppression of sueh tricks by an amendment to criminal code, â€" Nervous and superstitious perâ€" sons are always upset by reeeiving these ‘*endless chain‘‘ prayers. â€"Often they have not the time to make the copies nor the spare money to pay the postage, yet ithey are worried by the fear that unless they keep the chairn going they will ineur ill luck. . The best way is to ‘break the ‘‘endless chain‘‘ and so save others annoyance nd inconvenience. _ Nothing will hapâ€" pen that would not happen in any case. There is no virtue in any endâ€" less chain prayer,â€"no blessing,â€"no curse,â€"nothing but silly trouble for those foolish enough to keep it going. Break the ‘‘endless chain""‘ and save the postage. _ Prayers do not reach cruitin cords Offce that it be pubplished in tfi local press: Headquarters, R.A.F., Toronto. [ have been constantly informed by my Oflicers in charge of Recruiting of the sterling service you have rendered in connection with recrurting for ‘the A great many people in the district have received copies of what is termâ€" ed chain‘‘ prayers. â€" Accordâ€" ing to the scheme of the ‘‘endless ehain*"* plan, every person receiving this prayer.should make nine copies of it and send a copy to each of nine friends.. Those who do this are supâ€" posed to be blessed and those who break the echain are supposed to bring illâ€"luck upon themselves. Of£ course, there is neither religious sense not common sense in this ‘‘endless ehain"‘ prayer idea. The only eurse that works in the matter is when some one is foolish enough to make nine copies of the prayer and pay the postage to send the prayers on to worry nine friends. And the only good luck is when the recipient has sense enough to throw the paper prayer into the fire and so break the foolish and evil CANADA SENT 253 TRAINED PILOTS OVRRSEAS BREAK THE CHAIN OF THE ‘‘"ERNDLESS CHAIN‘‘ PRAYERS. e postage. EraAy eir destimation by + Timmins Sub ecSCor the 1t IV C ue mail THE POBRCUPTINE ADVANCO®E During the past few woeeks several aliens in Cobalt have been ffined for having objectionable literature in their possession. â€"On Saturday last Magisâ€" trate Atkinson fined one alien at Coâ€" balt $200 and costs for having enemy language literature in his possession. A number of similar cases were adâ€" journed until this weoek for evidence anrd decision,. rigadierâ€"General, Commanding R.A.F. Canada. From the Poreupine over sixty men went to the R. A. F., either for sorâ€" vice as Cadets or for the trained work in the mechanical department. members of the local subâ€"eommittee for reeruiting for the R.A.F. were:â€" (+. A. Macdonald ({chairman), Dr. J. A. Melnnis, F. H.. Simms, J. Taillon, and the \Ia)m. Royal Air Force in Canada. I wish to take this opportunity of thanking you for your aid and eongratulating you upon the splendid results achievâ€" ed through your efforts. I wish also to say that it was not un‘til Civilian Recruiting Committees were organizâ€" ed throughout Canada that a sufficiâ€" ent supply of Cadets was ensured, and the success of our efforts in establish ing training guaranteed, â€" You will be interested to know that we have sent everseas 2038 trained Pilots, while we have 552 in Canada, who have comâ€" pleted â€" their training, ‘These figures are considered very â€" remarkable in Eneland. .04 Yours very sincerely, ifiA on e terter ies t td ie ies 066084 060460664000004000080 000060600090 09008 00069090000 9060408466 098080002 large stock c All | Vie have Rogers, Wostearholm, Keenâ€"Cutter, from the heavy tone handle to the of dainty pearlhardled gifts in No: Other Suggestions Cazercles, Electric Irons, Smoking Sets, Cul Glass, Brassware, Sleighs, Skates, Carving Sets, Manicure Sets, Safety Razors. o Urns, Eloctric Ball At your service any evening. | have just what you are looking for The Great West Life Assurance Co. AND The General Accident Assurance Co. aseâ€"A a n xi ts LC nt de represented at Schumacher by T. MOSELEYâ€"WILLIAMS â€" BOX 52 t C Tcasters s of Pocket Cutlery t dalights * a in bos cat t Tcapals, Hlectric BElectric C p 4 fae Wlil p '\" Use Modified Milk Powder (C.M.P.) for infant feeding. Canada Feed Doard License No. 13â€" 2 1 1 Picasg and cther famous makes, .’.1 finrsst bearl. The finest ling s esc X CE ulX 24 on Th w i w ‘f 2 â€" t 45. se ao »~ Ne ns * h. TE €. 1S y *If

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