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Newmarket Era (Newmarket, ON1861), June 12, 1925, p. 6

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RthmPl Qm It MOUNT Mount Albert A HINT Mr Cora Nellie Hun fllcliTnoilil Hill a MOUNT Hoy 000 l MOI1IAI Join I llii sliirl tt1 3rd pins lo Hike core of not J wojMooh moil llliunli of Giimiilii Ml ill is inn 11 A in P M P M Our ilioloo lo llm ilniioli I mom il Mr Mm W Shields of Mrs Moure mill Ml- Win I of noil Mrs Iliiimi mill Mr- Julio lolllloo of Ml icrril oil mill Mali for the iiflor- our anil folll from Hie business me floats union of Till lu alio in Kill in l Ilie followint Social floiiini lee Co iwlior Mrs films in Mr J Mini filly Miss ami Mrs Go Mrs Duo riillirrs aiol Mi J Miss Hogg Pianlsl- Miss Dike for visi sink DAY Tin held memory of die oldest inhabitant look place on Jui 3rd The in of llio arrangements credit fur the way tiling was conducted lernoon began with an elaborate parade from school ground to spoil field and included of floals by tbufllneaa floats band and hi cycles and many other features The games included a foolhall a baseball lournament be tween Zephyr and which was and a ladies soft ball tour which was replete ff thrills Mount Albeit market Iheii hulling prowess the bail liKhly all the corner of be lot behest of Hie Newmarket pitcher Ir Hie football between Mt refreshment did drinks and hot dogs Miss Moore dressed a meeting of tliR l IlMMnA on Sun Inch she is en Work in gaged in Dr Crow of Nora Scot A guest at the home of over the weeken Mr recently of ham has moved into th house purchased from ft Dike of Orillia home of over Sunday last Miss Mini and Hitch School hide York Co Niagara foils on and hail a and family ilors the Mrs Bohme parly of look in excursion Saturday la reaching the were judged and sports Ihfn Ilie lay ended in Ilie killing wjis to iw Cemetery ally to liili J Hon Day Ju ay morning at a and Evensong at Sunday the in a body event a special inaugural will be hold on IiuKi iond at oclock In GwillimhU Church The choir will pi Taken acutely ill Sunday Juno Sis is visiting he si Church Dr Daniel of lie ministers of the lion his deal Saturday iJlialh the iiiiiii and hi chronicle the passing of our day ho was rushed operation despite ami in die ico Foster and other and James Peters of Church Union will be well v hearing Tlio late William Morrison was a prominent citizen ol North York As a he was udden death of Mr Wit is deeply farm on the sixth lie of the township iMr and spent Sunday with his sister Mrs lunninghani the wedding Baldwin ill about ace Monday and wa tended The service ducted by Rev the thing hat cools Mr pro all mi fl- largely dil visi rep benefit am young people specially Wallyn Mr and Mrs J Ban- of Mr Henry and William Keith M I Hon Bowman and Mm Bbwiqftn of I IK Brace of Island town last week looking af file finest in the took an intei ship affairs and foi was of the Base Line School He was a Liberal In and a member of tin Order of imoni his Mends and neighbors integrity and of character he will be tonid hi- family and Circle of friend j ie son and only child of William Morrison of New- He was of Scotch extraction descent In he mar led Marlba of pole which for first lime on ly iho flag pole Mr of Ihe own paint for the by Miss Smith nnd applied by some of our young Mis Ihe flag which gaily fed be afleruoon r spoke a lew ds at opening of the sports congratulating the town in and especially lo lie lailies who tin- pioneers il the work Mr Mainprise pitched Ihe first hall for he hoys id Dr Johnston Ihe first in the ft ball game The Judges for I lie procession re W Law Mr and Mi- While Hall Girls Prize Newmarket Girls Prize Hard Bull Mount and Zephyr Tie Knees Boys yards Draper Boys yards Sack Gordon Yd for all Win Simpson Fat Mens Marvin Novelty Mace- Sim Graves Girls Hack Girls Orange A Morion Noon Irene Dike Married Ladies Mrs Stan tdies Novelty Mace A nose Float Harry pen Float Sncv School Holt Float Oscar Dike Decorated CarMisses Vera and Dike Bicycle Ronald bus in course of repaii bo lib modern en IJie is nou putting on the finishing touch- understand going to begin business in i few days lac He is survive dow and four go- of Mabel ami Joseph Too late for last week late for la Crawford his fine new that if till- alii ting Jun Wednesday da tide Blanche daughter of Mr hill ami itrf Barton of Mr Clifford of Newmarket The took place beautifully dc- Tea of So only from tender leaves buds that yield richly of their delicious tfood -ilov- mo drover lives In anil Joseph his rosiiloooi oclock largely 1 offerings noil fnlermi fa is clionli i insuil in of I Ins Im I no ml ol 1 tollgate This bite lilacs and fern J cere- Too late for last week ffors of loony was iioloroieil Hoi I is Ini an coin- fD1 Is a enliicl lilies of Mrs Iaj cork mil Jack will join few holidays Mrs valley Oils of Port played hy Mr of Toronto ittt i Aid and a Mcllniilisi old llieir regular monthly will fill Pi I he J sold his farol and has her pretty g moved away resuming active ripple crepe 1 duties suburb was of Sunset Hoi vicinity I Lilies of the Valley Miss Grace j Meftiodism Mr fltnlcly is very husy Ward was tier sisters brides- Mrs A lliosc days mason work Jnsl maid and was gowned in a itcityjj vqm deli place your orchid with hat Methodist and hell he jolly on lie spot to match and iter l Hie looked lovely satin lie home of Mr- tulle veil Gowan Brae being caught a wreath of Wednesday next June to lose Mr and orange Her shower p in A good alien lane last AT CASINO Poll Admission Tax 3p Tlio United Church of Co ill hold their Inaugural Sunday aflcrnoi ill Ibis J will ale on the Sunday June CEMETERV Saturday Afternoon June fit annealing at II interested are requested Mr is doiiiff a hi Maine Orchids tourist trade this year according Mr Kenneth acted as imports groomsman Mr tank Ward and news for his week Mr Winch as ushers foot After the ceremony a reception bold the home of the jTliedo held oh Simpson Ave Melb Miss Ida also attended as delegate from the Mission Circle They report splendid pai Late the happy a motor trip collected at Field Concert Pilule Booth Keswick flie Church of Canada will hold heir Service ay evening June Mill at You will be to ion Service ilop will close his leensville circuit sa7oo tiin- it eleven and point anti and almond ing on Mr James Stiles Farm he large bain was discovered to A pretty feature of girls from of her school flower petals on the path as held bride left the church This event was of unusual interest as and lie bride has taken such an ac es- five part in church work and also the in Sunday school ppointrnont Mr Stewart of o pied Hip pulpit and he lack Sunday plendid hear Mr taken very sick rushed the n Sunday evening three time of writing- lie is hope very that Mr exciting game of soft hall Park on Tuesday evening being in favor of and Miss Walton and have re The Ladies Aid of the I Church are making ions for a bazaar which held sometime through the The foundation for of the to with Mrs Morrison lasted some few days T tins were brought by motor me on and the targe fimeril and Impressive hat the merits later speed wish her God Too late for last week The Bible Class of the- Methodist Sabbath School with oilier young people of the vicinity numbering about fifty in met at the home of Mr and Mrs Milton Hamilton last Wednesday evening A most enjoyable time was spent with very deeply with laved family lime of lie presentation of a pur vent of the lion Mi- which llni son radles Aid one from I and and from s The ringing the voices was much appreciated Kindly was very appioj also When Work Is expressing Gertrude Ward the fani- the Class who to lie the married very soon- The folio was read wish express yea On Wednesday The ikinj the barn It is supposed hat Hie barn had been struck by ighlning which no doubt had smouldered for some time before broke out All be out build al fat hogs and calves and he houses wenl with the barn On Monday evening June the Womens Auxiliary or the Anglican church served a tea in St James Ball There was also exhibits of sowing and other articles which they are sending to the mission school JACKSONS POINT There will be Sunday School jeach Sunday morning com mencing June at 10 oclock Standard Time All welcome HIDES pay Is per lb or Beef ISAAC FISHER appreciation of your effort us especially during lie class so ably filled the office President Your association always bring happy this J End- token hi 1 of Mi Hand Mo 1 I ho Ham and child Hall Toronto of Jun of Bachelor heat for a few trying- Hie welcome Consider- has done at differ- in the vicinity hut IlK ho with Joe ill from Mri To for Kindly Sunday nest June Inaugural Services of the United Church of Canada will be con- dueled by the Frank if The United Order and pi i was totally destroyed clock this fro opened P fiih Holy is no Public J Come lb Holland River Pari Hot ami Qwlltlmbury hereby given that of fle- for year will be held of which all Township Public Note A sllfhig of Municipal Hal the day Tp of Georgina BYLAW HO A provide for bor rowing of money by Ihe Issue and sab if id for Hie purpose of con on ihe within Municlpility of the of Whereas bridges on highways within the Township fl fieoign be- cable properly of Iho sail in addon lo all other urn of Nine Hundred and Six Dollars and FiftyFour bring a sum pay ihe of principal Interest accruing due on said provided In Hie foltonlog Dun Total 32218 1927 Will 1912 12316 4316 Thai a vote the ratepayers of Ihe hip of iconinn pilli til- nil taken a this on Mo day July between the hour the forenoon and five oclock In Hip afternoon Hie following polling places by the Deputy Returning and Poll Clerks herein named Polling subdivtMon No I Metho dist Hall Virginia Arnold I flO Frank Poll Clerk Polling No Hall Thomas- rtoher Wek Poll clerk Polling sub division No House Joseph Shetr Poll Clerk Polling vision No 4 Metho dist Hall Egypt Riddel I nil Stewart Taylor Poll That on Saturday the fmirlh sllll 1 final mlng thfl on behalf Passing of By- That Clerk nl filull a Whereas the amount of whole property of the Corporation f the Township of to the last Rehcd June DONALD Clerk RIDDEL NOTICE Take Notice that the Irue copy of a which been taken Tin amount of the of the said Township of I and Ool- Section No Hundred anil TJdrlyTbree and SixtyOne In School Hon No Five Thousand One till- and Dollars and I I til in il Thousand Hon bed tn t

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