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Whitby Gazette, 14 Jul 1904, p. 5

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AyerS Bald P Scalp shiny and thin? Tlien it's probably too late. You oe~lected dandruff. If you bad only taken our ad- 1 vfc:e, you would have c:ur~d I HairVigor the dandruff, saved your hair, aDd added much to it. If DOC entirely bald, pow is your opponuoity. IIT\I)rove it. TBPHSDAY, JuLY Utb, J;jij!, MYRTLE Sl"A'fl\):\. (Cruw<lt•d out la"l wed.::). be lighter th:tn it Wtlllhl otherwi~e lo.1Ve i.ot;~u. The hlu,.,;,uuP """s ~!<- t.:\.'i't!inl-jly h ;t n..ly-ioo•in~· .,nll tlw fnu~~ whlt·la h.l~ :tln•:ui.Y l.h ~.tu tu ~c \, h .. uk ... l)4•l•l :nu! ,·i;;;.~r· •• u:-.. Q,•.- iu:.:, tu tht• lalt'lil'·"""'"' u( the :-,t: , .. ua •u:i - lln-r .s~.-., \\o-llit·~ not· ra:'\p"' c•u b':. lou).! tlll~ )'cat\ fur th· ~ l.ul W••.ttht•r ,,·ill aniVt~ a nti u\·t·n~uru .: :1..-•u. · Hl•.tti \\'. L. }1;, n in'.s atL un r•a;!\.' :!, wiait.·l· ti.iscu:o-:!h!S t iu.~ ,.!\'II! j :u · a uti t••·t-:-:--•r\·in~·~t.~a. r prulJlt>UI. ~\l,·t·lh• ~taliou " .ua:s hu• Ill\ lc h ._·rt; lh.·iu\\, awl i" nut h:u U tu t•lc '1!'0C, bul \q: ~cawrally ,;;ct win'- we "aJtl. },,,,.., \\"l't·k """ rcm;arkl'•l ca~uully in c.nu· t·~n c ... l...,n•l,~nn• 1 h :tl i( tl•·~ \\·c :&- 1 tn~ r .:,L .. L' ,,·oul•l ~~ uJ u:-. ju.it uut~ utor .. • Jil\lt.• ,._ .... · ttil.~ iu ,1\a~c lhe :;uc- ,,..,.,.., u{ lhtl cro(JS \\vulol b:! a • ..,Urll<l. ~~a n ·t· ty hatl 1 i~~.~ iuk drit•d un the l"'l'rr bc!orl' cluwn c·:nul' tl'\! r :. :n in :J,, .. ~lti. "!"ht'rc ~~ ;LU axio111 :tOJU\! - " ln•rc to llll' -.· fft...,::. l h .Lt th~ (trayt"r.s u( .. lu· ·'\vi<"L..(;d d.\l nut t•nt :uay it•t• .. \\"c ll•.nc our r~ ·ui~r~ lu '-'•a" thcia· V\\n t "Uh\"JU..to:iUI'-'"'!-. __ 1'h,· ~yrtl.: ~uaulay :"'<:huol -i,. l•oltl- in~t i1 ~ annual jl it·m~ i_n Mr. 1. 111:m- dc•r,..,n:; \\ood, aud ti.Jt;u· p:t,.tua·, lt""· \\'ilsuu, \\ill 1>.! nhlu cu addrc.>.'\ the J'OU~Slc r:< on t!Jc Wurds ou( the a•u.,t- lt i" u:..t e:a·uwio.; lak:u a ·"tree" In "b11h: '· dotla wake 101cn better bel :n,~ youog:;ter:. will douhtlc•:"" mak.• suit:.i)to n•i,li}' b.) tiingin~ "The Alattlt• l.ta( J-'or J-:\'l'r," aucl lhl'l wuu•ls "L: <-.:hu with lau;d•tcr nod the "l"ril i( not the wur~ u( the oltl au-c:n.; :::ou~- Thirty Years of Pile Torture Doctor. f'8.11ed and Mrs. Ro- don nover expected to be well acaln- Dr. Ohaae._ Oint• ment cured. Mu. W. ROWDOR, North Sl., St. Calhan-, Ont., states :-•• l'or thinr ye-an 1 was setUely afllicted with pies which cave me sucb proo 1onco:d tonunt that I diet 1101 ezpect to e\'et' be wdl ~ I baTe been truted b7 pbyaici&M wbo ban crown crar in the ~ccice of JDedi. cine wtthout obu.ininc rdieL I don't •up~ tlla. eftl' wu a mote discoaraaed 51Ift' a r a r tllaa1was. F'.....Uyl ... fortUit· ala aaouch to C<Mae aaosa Dr. Chaae'a Oill-ntand af\er m- a b boJ:es my co- &Dd I free from ~ IJIIIpiOGlo 1 .... , .. , · that it thill Ointmettl IIU.. could 11ot be cot for ~ than· ten dollaR a boJ: 1 wauld nol be witho out it..• Dr. Chase' a OiniiDellt ill tbe oo1r 1PU211lM C'Ure for piles. 4iO cents a boa., at all dalen. • Edman-., Uatcs 4 Co., Toronto. ~t ..... -.-...... .., Dr. A. w. Cbaoe. - ncq boa. sister,V[~ • .-\. Quinn, at' Myrtle Sta- tion. .Mr. Connolly, who is yet in his teens, lnt.S attain.,<l a deairab&e position o! trust in the harness de- l'"rtrut'nl ol too T. Kltun Co. 'Ih~ dt•:tth occurn•d near High Point on Jun~ 30th, u{ l[rs. Gi'o. Johnston, <tl tth" comp<~rati\·.,Jy yuung age of J6 yea r.s, lo:n-i~ :t .huobtnd and tiC Yen child rt!n to mourn the 1\).>.:~ of a "ood, kind u.nd loving moth.,r. J.k.oc:ea>~ed w;u a daugbte~ o( tho! l"l" .Mr • .ll.'d- warcJ Smith, · ~-lllj_IQg the rclativea who sur\'i\"o t(.O ;rec;:s.;od t;.d,)· ure her :tgt!\1 wolb.!r :wd two si•t.,rs, :Un~. Robl. Chi<>!tolw o( llyrtlc Station. aO<I llrs.. ,iudrew Johu:non, o( l'.o- lumbos. Tit., !uner<~l, which took pi:l4'e to Gro\'o -eM., cemetery, was fol- lo\\'l'<l by " large number of 1 riends and neighbors. the eoHin b,;uing ..,_ Vt'r:tl tokon.s of esteem in tbe abapo of btlautiful wreath"' • Sold 1-\,WRLK\-. Rc(lOrL o(. I.~~ ... 4, lt~·ach, tor titl'l month uf Jun" - • ' . .... .... ____ , AT LIFE'S EVENING~ - To thoee 'll'tll alon; In JUn tbcre comes.. act:ord- ln:; to tbc condition of the aystcm, their mta5ure of lila and r.utrering. Some • ..., youn~; Ill ;o, wblle others an old at 40. Elderlr pt-ople wbo once use Dr. Leonbudl'a Anli- l'illlllld tha!ll baa man-ti· oua power to rellen them of tbe troableathatnotllloc f'lse ,..Ill &hake oa, eapecl- ally 1•:\cl:ach@, conaUs- tl~>n, blaololer trouble, faiJ. In;:- :>.pp~ile, and lndl::e. tlon. If Al<TI-PILL Ia n~J upou taklag cold. tbe ao·beo anol p:Uns that u~ually rot- low •Ill be nohled. Tn proTe thl8, aend to W '"' POl<·Fn.a Co., N I afar a Fall•. Ont.. for a free um- ple. A I<TI•I'ILL Ia oold hJ dru::Jsta at GO cellll a b01 ANTI-PILL. '" by J. E. Willis. Whltoy, an4 .&.. z. De.Yi., Port: Perr:r. IV Class. ~liB mar"-'> gi\"cn - M. Patients will hear of Ill Cia....,., :lOll marb - 1•. ~pe-r, b BAILW A.T 'l'Dill 'l'ABLB. W ITBY STATION, Golnt: We•t ... S-:!1/a.m., Oolai 'E ,.._ ~·ua .. .. .. II.2S)un. • .. - s.o; p.m - • _ i!JI51\JD. I .. . _ &..19p.m .. • - 1 ~lr..m. ~ .. ....Q9..SS p..m The only train going to Torontd OD Sundaya i.s the 5.29 a..m. The only Sund:t.~ trains from To- ronto which Btop at Whitby are- 9.5t D..m., and 11.21 p.m. The 5.29 :Lm. train dOl!.' not tro weat on )(ood:>:J mornings. OoiDI North .. 9.11 LlD. Ooflllllallth...II..OIII.ID :: .t'.: :,-::: I : :: :: ':::: :: BT.,OBB. Leane Whitby for o.ba.,..-' 10 a. m. u4 e p.m. JO<l. Boaldeu, propne-. .t.. .... far Broqba.m aa 10 a. m. J. .L. B.,t propri•-· . The Myrtle Store ::~~!~1a!~~:c·\'r!::.~~li:...!~ . . T. n· IABETIC something to their ad- 16.1, J. Frnnt.lin 1:.6, d. ~teVcDII JS. . . vantage, y writing to ll Cln.511. too mut.:s -:- lo'. Hockin . . the Diabetio Institute Floor Oil Cloth, all widths.. · 99, ll. l:orn••r ~ 1~ J>~olt Hll, H. . GGod. "c":>lue in Cottonaclfs. l'r.-,.,;coh t:Ja, lt L.ao:oiog li(J. • St. Dunstan's Hill, Lon• LadiM' cetton and caahmere he.-. Pt. 11, :!U,O ntuk.-. - lo'. Speooer i We h:>Ye npeated our onler tb'- 1 W, L. Sle\·~1110, M. I~-amb 100, 1 don, E. C. time!' now for LftdiM' Veetiap. &~~ct II. Lnosiog s:i. L l'ru.....:olt SO, A. I NOTH lNG ro· ·PAY haYe just recei•erl aa up-to-dat. Uannah 71, lo'. Bornton 67. waist at lit-tle cost, Come and ae- . !Sr. ! in o~ o{ lnt>~it - H. Hunk- cure ooe at once. ·~· F •. I.:1DS1Dg._ A. Uyeno, R.. Cor- ~ We ha.-e a. fewo eilk; waist lea«t» n.,r, J. U:onnab. • ~-·•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••··~left in blue, black, white and pillk. Jr. I. - L. lle.rnton, U. Lamb, .w. • Some one will tet a snap oa ltb-. L:lmb, s. CiiCtoa, ll. l'n.;cou, W. Why not rou r , . .Jo'r:>nklin, M. l.>n.<;j,IJI_!, G. 1-'r:tD.klin. Top priee paid for (arm produce. t:.. l'rt>SCult, .\. )'r.tn\.:lio .-~·. £. lfay, teac-her. Be in euneat. De in earnest. about your health . ........Illl J'OU aupposo thlllt the bcadacbes, bckacb"" and otber BARGAINS IN T. W. BROOKES, Myrtle \ symptoms fron which :rou suffer 1•••••••--------- will p:us :l\V&}' of their ewa :teeord STRAW HATS. instead of de\ll9pi.ag into Hrioq and chronic di:sac. If :rou are aab- ject to kidoey,liv.,r and bowel de- rangements, tbre is no preparation which . .,..ill be 10 helpful to you aa 1•---------------• BUY A BLOUSE -NOW. Dr. Cb:llle'a K~;r-Liver Pills. One pill a dose. I h:t.Yo about tu·;('~ ns m~<n:r 11trnw h':\t" :ae I ('.'ln hnodle in t~ ft@a- lnr war, and owing to eJ;p:uaaion of busin- 1 need eYery ioeh o( apn.oe I caa get. I have than•[oTe decidt-<1 to clear thP-.<oe bats oul ttt Any Price-"RII- gn.rdl6.91! of Cost." You' ll re111ize tbi" when you ~o the h:~l!l aod the loW! prices 1 ba ve marked them at. The bent of the !lummer i~ Rhen.d or Wl - it isn't behind us llnyhow- aad the \\'calher Bureau predicts much Str:tw H:tt 'Venthor before we are through, eo I"m not oUering Straw HaUl when tbe Benson is over. Straw h"ats for Men. Straw bnts for Women. Strn.w hots for Children. And a large llMortment to choose from . Prices reduced from 25 to 50 per c ent, W. L. MARTIN MYRTLE STATIQN. 'P. 8. - Everyone M)S '"e have ~n anyl'<'here. the nit'OSt Jot o( Prints thPY bnve For book qf parliculan, addre."lS, I Your choice of a.ny Print Blouse in stock for 25c. Regular prices were from 50c. to 11.00. Silk ~aists, stylish a.nd handsome, at Special Prioes. ..... I HOLLIDAY BROS., BROOKLIS a.nd ASIIDOR~. "' 28th, aad JtrLT 1833. Jm J. W. DALY, 8. E. 1., '- • ... Buffalo, I. Y • • F[!RNITURE. SALT ~- WM. TILL & SON I FURNITURE DEALERS, U PHOLST.ERERS, /Just ReceiYed-- llncluding the eelflbrated ETC. Just to hood. A carload of Windaor &It in sacks ond ba •- the Win<hor Dlliry Salt, cand ba.-e the best . on the market. rre..,.. Duy I NEW SPRING BED~ NEW XATTRESSKS "Mnrllbnll Sanitnry Uattri!IS3" aad Pillowa.. • Q SEEDS Canadian ~Farmers, WAKE "Ve han~ a full line ot see<le Garden aeed" of nil a.· S,e lha new folding Ded LouniJ'll, NEW COVERINGS NEW VELoGRS s~~ir•l attention to Upholstering. • CO WEST! AND HELP DEVELOPE YOUR OWN CREAT COUNTRY. ·The Days are Just Beginning for Western Canada. Land Will Advance Rap DON'T DELAY until this advance has started, ACT N_OW. · Are You Going ·to Walt unUI the Best and Most Available Lands are ' We offer you now TWO MILLION ACRES to Select from -------------- IN THii FOLLOWINQ WKLL KNOWN DISTRICTS 6h. FamoUJ' Sa~tcbewan Valle)'- t.hO best known dhlt.rict in • 1 W estern Cauut.dlL 6h. &I& Quill Lako Plaln•-equa.lln every respecL WI the greaL Portr ~>ge P lains of ldaplwba. ~ Carrot RIYer v.n.:r--known u the "Park" region of the Ca.n· adhw W esL 61.1. Daulpbln Lake Dl•trlc:t- uusurpassed in 6h. IA•t Nount•ln L.he V•ll•:r· 61.1. Great Genn•n Catholic Colon,. Olatrlc;t ln ...... .,1.,,.va;n The l&rgedt in Canacl&. 61.1. &I& Nenonlte Colon:r Weal of &I& Quill IAil.IOh tined w bts \he larges t M .. oonlw Colon,y lo diiiU'iota well known. WITH Sl 00 A BUSHEL WHEAT tbe American farmer reprda l aada that wil l prochace t ram tweaty to tbirtr · ft•e baa bela of wbeat per acre_ won~ 1 1 doll•n ao acre.. Tbe prices at whicb we are .elUa,. aDc b Jaada eaplal a a ~b1 tba _ Amc:rlcaa 'tariUer ia co•l•« We ar• tbc o nly laud compaay la tbia c oautry tl.)-d.ly otlerla~ 10 l be l auuuUa~e pu.n;:ba~~er auc.h a wlclo raav• ofU:rruory to wl« l huaa. Wo do aot a.a•• t o "f'&hae of tbla pri•il~~ee of aclectloa. Alllauda are acceuible to n.alro.ad~ aa4 at tbe pceM&t t..lmo \ken a..n fou C"al.lroada &l;h&a.ll.J' bu.aldlac Ia o~ar &4-rrborJ', &&4 t)le Grac4 T ru.uk Pacific ruaa dincu,. tbrual'b Lbe CCGtcr or o"r la.ada. NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO 6UY AND NOW IS THE TIM~ TO MAKE YOUR ~ Prices from $5.50 TO $8.00 Per Acre, On Easy Tenns. DO NOT &UY OR LOCATE ANYWHERE UNTIL Y~ HAVE WRITTEN US. WE HAVE THE LAND SILND .-ol\ MAPS. DILSCIUPTIVIL' &OQKLILTS AND PIUCIL LIST TO The Saskatchewan Valley & Manitoba Land Go., Ltd., WIN:.;.:.~""· ........ aae.. MAmmoth Long Red l~!ftngel S eed 2 l b6.. 25o G' lnds, ~c . . paolt- mechmte Mllngel Seed " lbs. 25c A f 11 1' l · . l:tnt YelloW! Inter-packages, ' • • u toe o turntp aeed5 in bulk and . , 'Ve bn.va a full line of field nod .,arden t •~ ·" ralroo mod m anure fork"· ., oo.., D.LJOvels, Splldcs, boe• A. c. ELLIOTT WM. TILL tf SON. Sittings Of The .Division Oourta VOUNTY OPONTARio 1oo.. . Wbitby-D, C. ~oonell, Whitby c le rk, Jan. 6. Feb. 4, March z. AprU 5. May 3, June &. July 5., Sept 6 Oct. 4, Nov. 7, Deo. 8, J ao. 11105, 9. • Chenp for Cnsh Ston•.~ Oehawa-D. C. Macdon~:ell, Whitby clerk, Jan. 7, Feb. 5, Marob 3, Aprij B R 0 6. May 4, June 7, Jul.v 0, Sept. 7, OKLI N. Oct. 5, NoY. 8, Deo. 7, Jn. 1905, 10 . ;r~n~~j:~~~~~ii~Fe~~~~"~~:;;;;;;;;~;:;;;~;;;;;;;; Drougbam- 11. Glee.aon, Greenw~ ·~~V;:--l!~•·'.-'ii"i'i'i'i"ii'i'~ft'K'i'i"i'~. elerlr, Jan. t, Mar. f, May 5, July 7' • • • .,..... Sept, 8, NoY, 9, Jan. 1911.'1 II ' t>w,Port Perry-J, W. Bur~ha~ Por1! rry, clerk, Jan. 11, ~hn:h 7,' M..t . j 9• July Jl, Sept. 12 NoY 11 J Y Gat • 1905, 13. • . • an. es I l'xbridge-JOft. E. Gould, U:rbrid II "FROST" Ornamental Llgbt Ia wclxht Artistic Ia dulp clerk, Jan. lf, March 18 lhy 20 J:, • ~euonable Ia price 115• Sept. 16. NoY, 18, J~n. 1905,' 12. 1 Cannington-Geo. Smlt1t, . Cnnnin~r- Also a luge line of Standard Farm Gates ton. clerk. Jan. 13, Mar. 17, May 19 al-ys Oil ha.nd. Every progressiYe a.nd :1:Y H, Sept. 111, No.-. 17, Jan. 1905; op-to.datc farmer insists Oil haYing PROST 1 Be a Yerfun-Geo.. F Druce Be GAT.&S. Catalog and pri~s on request. • too. olerk,Jan. 12, M'&rcb 1S: Ma;·~~ \..__ FO~ S ALE BY ~pt. U, No.-. 16. Jan. 1905, 10. 1 UptergroYe- Tbos. P. Bart, Upter-i NATHAN BYERS Por p . I r;,o;:~ .. ~~-~~· H'anlb 15, Ma~ 17, ~pt: LIVE AGENTS ' WANTED. U•lt•4 .O.Iatn OUioea J 0 - 305 Jacllaou St., ST. PAUL, MINN. G 0 D M~u~~~ ••.•• ! ........ ~!:ry' Ont. i 1 ~ oroer, J. E. l"AREWELr, """'~M~o!~$U~ 1 1 "' · • Cle rk of the Pt;ce. - '.._,_ ,, , f ,_ I. I • llO ne '3t \VII lur tch as- ~. R

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