Ontario Community Newspapers

Whitby Gazette, 14 Jul 1904, p. 4

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' • • 1'"';::~~;~~~::""'1 Ser\":lDl.'< Wanted. To Do;; Owners. R~~cmbt>r l\lun<hty. Au~t. 1st. Tht>rc I Remt>m..-,..r tht' Whitby Citizen.."' will be l'kntinp; at. Lh" .l:tkt'. , I Brlnd erlebrntion nt Ileydm•horl' I>nrk To go to the citr. general, good. l\londay. Au~. l~t • $1:.: per month. Houst·LUaid, . good, ~l'. A!'Ph '! t this ofiic.,. A lnrgol nuanb<!r h:"·iug !:ailed to .secure thr.ir dog tag, r;ummo~~~~e~ oro o.bout to Le i:l.tiu~d to compel them to do 11.:1 unleo;.-. the lax is paid ot once. 'I:ho.t', Bell, Chi~( CuMtab!e. Church Nott'..s. I Ill the "~n<·P of Ret". Din~h~m Th~ Sick. lllAt Sundny, ~lr. J>enyes (l('rupiPd his Mr. lh~•l ""oodruC[, who md "ith pulpit in th~ morni n~;, nn•l 'Alr. E. nn ftecdi•nt on the 1-'ir.tt. 1~ nble to H. Ri~h:tm in thP CVPni~. be out a'!ain, antl the (nctur<" is \\"ait for It. " 1 f and ~~Its. i Gr:wd J:-:,;cursiun lO llt. Catb•tr- ine!> l"'r Str. Al·gyle ou \\·e<lncMhy. Ju ty :!it b. undt• r tl>c au.spic .. s :of the lJ.,,;,.at( St • .S. $ .,of (}.;hawa. StP- 1\IDt•r ll!:t\'t•s \\' llitby at ll.UO a. m . 1-'art: Cor t·uund trip, !Jtlc. Children Slk. llPro'<> a Snap. This i.s t ho! largest local DII"Allp&• per published in Canadn, being tweiYe pnl(l!S weekly, nnd the 1/'amily Herald 0\ntl W cekly Star of -Mont real, ia 1 be l:tri(<'St provincinl news!lajl~r issued in Can:uln. A limited number can ~et these lWO WhOIIIICrs from US from now until tho un•l o( the prt'- Sl'nl year for :JUc. 1/'irnt come, first ~~~r\"Cl<.l. ::\ow ru~h your order.. quick or you will b.! too lute. ~t.. John"s, lmr, church Suncl:ty h~aling nkly. ...,hool pienir wn• lu·l·l nl Corbett·,. Point Yl'!<L!'nl:ty, Thur.tdny, :rfter- noon. 1\. ,m<>"l rnjoyahle tim'" w:t.s : . . I 'Ve m:>kc a Blteeially of pre- i eentatioDB. gifts. and c"u quote + you a righl. pri<:.e on anything i+ in thia line. X:.tionul Coun<'il of Wom~n. ' c ::::.-;:; Xot nn Ordinary E,;rur»iun. '"l't'nt. I Civic lfoli<l:ty. i : GoLD or Sll.Vt:lt H£.-\.1.)1.:0 CAKES. . SOLID GOLl.l W A 'fCilli.S. • • • • • • • • • • • Tbe annual meeting o{ {be Whitby braneh of the Xational Council of \\'owl'n was hdcl at th~ re:oidcnce of Mr.s.. 1-'. J. H\·l:uul on Wc..ltac.sday nf- t.•ntoon. ·n;~ followin:; oHicer.':l \\· ~~.·t-e ttlt!-rt~d fur tbt~. co\Dil!g Y6o"lr - Mr,._ )kCrimulOn, l'r~sident; Yr:< • Emory, Yrs. Galbraith and Mrs. Dr . Han•, Yi<·e Pr~sideots; llis,. Wllit- fiPjcl, <"uPa-.,spondilll; bOII·a·etary; and ?;V,_ lhlaud, t r~a.surer. Refre.sh- tnt·nts:- \\~er~ ber\"..:d, and a very pl~:t.s­ anl 1 imc ~IJtCDP. M~~r·:::.. JauH!S L. llu;.:h~3 :uhl Thos . The Whith1· Citizr.n"' Ibn<l hn~ nr- r:tnged to c:-.;,ll'brRtl' Ci"r. Hollclty, Mondl\y, Au!{. ht, at HP~dn~bore J":\rk. A <'ommitl..e i3 oow, al work rrf'pRrilllf a (lro~,trnmm" .lf aports. n,,!lidel' 1 hP u~n:tl Coot rn('M, jump- in;:r. etc., th"r" will ~ foot bnll nnd bn.!ICball m:tl~llt'<!l. Also nqualic ~port~ swimminJf, clivintJ', c.."lnoe TA- .,,.,., cell'., etc., A "l'h•n.tirl d:cy', ~port will bo:l pro,·i•lrrl . i SILVERW..UU: CA.BL'i:ETS. - 41 =-GRAND 1-'.\.TIIER CLXKS. • TEA SETS. ' , : ~LE CLOCKS. !: ELEGA'!\T SILVERW.l.m: : Yellowlct•s, uf Turo10tu, vi;,ite.t )(in- garn •':11ls Ja~l w,~k 1..0 -::on1ph:le th,~ arrUII!;t'lllent.s fi..lr I h.· Uu rh;oUI Old Uoy« E,;cur.siiJn, Mma.lay D••>:t; July 18th. The result i• tl!.tt man}" ftli- c.,ptional- features will l>t: .wjoyeJ by thost• who take in thh• t•:.:~ur,.ion . Th .. wholu party ha\·c bt,en invited to,.;,... it the .:\ational l'uotl ~,,.,. J:o"actory, wh·'re l,aOll bushl'l" .;f whe"t •are con- ~·erte<l d:tily into shrcchlecl wbeat bi:;c't!J.S o.nd other proctucts of tbe com~ny. A li);hl Iundt will b.. "crvcJ free by lhc c ullll•any to all vi,.itors. Arr:t .. ~cm~nt" have abo bt>cn wad'-" to •ulm:t till' I'" rty to the Gr~nt Pow"r lfuu:w, "hich · i,; ontl of the wunucr.s uf the pr"""'" ago. At th~ Pltrk. but an• I cold water c•tD be procur~cl f,.,., o( chaq;t:, "'f . me.1b can be had trout 15 cent-. to 00 cenu enc:-h. unc uf t h,, bu:<t a rn ogo- w.,nts w:ulc "as that :,J "hich cur- riag~ . ..:. \\'C:"rc tict·urod wluch ·will t~lke cl.t·ur.sioni»l!> 1o ull points of io- l~n:.:;t for .1 h~ .. wall »Uut ut ·15 centa for rountl 1 ri11. :tllu\\·in~ th~m to :1top as lu~ us th·!Y tlc!iil·c .tl any !iJit..~i:tl point:<. A ,.p,•:·i.ll t raiu fur home will leave To1·uuto ~iun .. hy taif{ht aL !I o"clock on "rrival o{ ,,.,,lltJcr, or F.x,.minnlion". Mi81< J.. llr)•cle n ha'- ·t),..~c d l hP pri- mn.ry piunn rx:unin:tt ion "ith honor~ nt t h!'i r1'CI'nt t'Xamin:a t ion" held at lllfl Totunlo Con"C'r>":tl ory o( Mu,.ic. · = PlECES. -It l[EDALS :>nd PltlZE OLl PS. • • • • You Shoulc.l. ::\ul :Miss. ~pt-nflio.,: a r .. ~w da.y.s al the flr~.tt ~ll,OOU,IItiU 1-:Xpositioo, St. l.uui,.. A oi~ht \\·orth a yt•ar'~ ednl"ation. Through :s)t"t'p~a-.:; 11:".1\"t• daily Cor llt . ].oui~ '\·ia Gr·au.t TrunL:., atui your ·local :;.~~nt wilt wake rt".:servation:o and ~;i'··~ full in(ormation rea:;ardin~ connt·ctiun \\ith \hrou~h t-rain." from this "tat iun. Low rat" ol $:!0.:!0 is in t'fft'<'l lor raun dtl'i0• aud allows stop o\·~r at Chic:-a~m. Uctroit nnd io- t~•-wc•liatc· l:anacl~u1 st.oliou:;. Call on nny Grau•l Truuk ag<•nt for tick- .,..,._ illu.-tratnl lite•·.ttun·, and Cull in(orm:~tiun, ;101i esp··~·("ialty lit't1 .E. ::it~pLt:~otJ, town tt~t·nr express. tic~~t arad tc.• ltt~r.tplt o!'i::-r. OIJII<hilt! post o(rico•, Wlliticy. J .• lJ. Mcll,•n- ald, Dbrri•·t l".t.SScl);t:"r A;;~ut, 'Io- Gold ){ounl"d U.,us andbup- dreds of otht:r "m"ll thing,.. : Mi'!18 Eel it b Ro~~ p:ts~<'d the lntH- m.,dintt~ piano ~:xaminataon and r-amp 'within one• mark o( hnnor< ~t Lhr r~nt rxaminat ion" held nt the To- ronto Con"'""ntory o{ M"~i<". We invite your in:;pection. No tNuble to .sllow goods. • • • • i : NORMAN~ASSETT I Jeweler and Optician, Brock Sr., Soulh, _ _ • __ : )Vhitby Successor lo £chArdson ·s, Co. • • : • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tll\iRSU.-\Y, Jl ' LY lith, 190-L WIDTBY'S · DOINGS. Interesting News from Every Part of the Town Picked Up by Hustling Reporters. Notice. t Our dent .. t oUioos will be closed each Friday :>lternooo during July, August a.nd S~ptember. Dr. Adams and Dr. John.stone, \\"hitbv. .WarninG ro Bicyclist.J. Ali bic)·cle ridem are tnl.:iog too much libo-rty in u..;ng tbe 1own .&dewalb. 1 sh.lll be ouliged to ~­ aue summonses uul~,;;, t l>e 'lame 1!1 atop(a'd. Tho:i. Hell, Chief · Con- ata_!lle: :t'he Entr.1ooe J;x.co. Dr. - \\":>ugh inform~.! us f""lerday . that _the re:~ults ol thtl reoenl ed- trnoce ex .. mioation.s could not pos- ~ be ttupplied us this week. but they · will be r .. ad' for publication aeJ[t . -elt. · : ; •· Bo for St."-Ca.ll•arines. ~ - ' ' ~ •· , _ 1~~- G:utico Cit}· ol Canadu. The 8tr. · A~rle wiU ,run "' Qr:and ex- cureion to St. Catb;orint!S and return on 'Vednesday, Julr :!ith, leavi_ng :Whitby at 8 :>.m. Far~ 90o. Child- r•n 50o.. g,., large po3tcra for l>&r- ticulora. ;Jubilee Yis•tor.s. Following a.r~ a number of jubi- lee vi.:iitons wbtL."\c: lllUQ e.--a were omlt- ted in l :u•t Will'lo: .,. n•port - Mr. John Colli......, Sc~.,.;; l.lr"- W. 11. Gr-.>en- • ·oud, Tnrunto; .llr. and .llU.-t Lo~,-~s. ToNnlo; )(..., Wurn~r, Toronto ; Jli"" Kempthorne. l'oronto; Dr, apd Mrs. j),,vey, lbyone .. , X • .T. ; M.i.:ls Foote, Toronto ; Mr. David Morrison, Toronto; Mr. Fr.,d. Morrison, 'l'cr- ronto; Mr. unu Mr.._ W. IL New- bert')·, Toronto; llr. Herman Dill- WAD, Toronto; Mr. :tncl ) I rs.. D. St·~­ wart, Turunto; Mr. F. Taylo1·, 0 .-•h- awll; llis..'< Mav Shi,•lu:>, Toronto; Jlr. K. GriUou, Tu1·onto; Mr. A. lLtm- ilton, Toronto; :Mr. J. J :ty, Toronto; llrlr. ancl Mrs. :\icholl.:o, Uxbridgo; )IU... Winni" llutchi>ion, Purt I>crrr; Mr. Aik,•n, l:Qf.unto; Mr. Stuart, Tu- ronlo; Mr. Sidntl}" Thomvson. Mon- trral; !11~ Altn:t llob:loh, Uamilton; Ki:~tt Emcr50DI Toruulo, Mr:1. 1-'reneh, OllhaWil; Mr. Tbom:l.':l .Yooril, ~lid­ land; lln·cl Y r. U. Smil h, l'ort Huron, Ki<:h.. Mi:~:~ r.lcJJ.-rmot t, Port l'crry. •""h"t Oua M:tn Haa Done. ){r. J . L. Smith has {urnish t!d a mD'It enc-our:tJ~i~ illustra.tion of what m11y be :>ceowplisood by 'o!Vea o~~e la.ruuiJ. i( be "' ~d ur apirit aad determia;11tioa, iD briqiag a •nat corporatioa to t~. Mr. rontu. f B>"<' Liuc: \\".<·~• lLcw.s. )l r. ancl '[r"· \\'m. Thew, of \\"i:tr- ton, wa-. th~ gu<'St o( Mr. and Mrs. Allan l":cmc•run oluri,...; tl: ~ Old Uoy"' c~ebratiou. Messn;. Alhrrt an• I Mill on Storey rPturu.-'<1 ~und:~y ni;,dn to Moo1real. tho=;t· cu.:.siriu.c{ tu ..to !hJ cau :H ut• over and r~turn on rc~uiar tr.lin:i n~xt dny. We hop'" our r~adt:r:o will join the Durham Old Boy.:i in thi~ day·a outing, "" a ut=t un.io);:tbl<' day is as..•-n.ar~d by the abov~ arran•cremunb. Mr. ""m. l\JcAllan, u( Toronto, is .stnying with M.-. J . Wi'hs durin~ the· h11yi~ nnd bap-~"t oc...,on. ~ Brief :U.Cals. i\£i><>; l'ugh, o( Au·il~y. is paying Th" :~i.:deton o( Mr. :r. G. Jack- Miss ld:l Storey a ~-isit. son'<~ n.,w hou'fll i:; no"· i>ei~ raised. Mr. Wm. OL;., i>< h"viu:; hi.i l>aro Mr. l.l.:~·itt, of u reenwuud, is mak- sbi~led. . intr """" r pipu at the lake .. hore Mi"" J,•noic S:anley ftOd Mr. nnd front. fuUilling lbe .:outnu:t •·bich Mr.:i .Wilsun of Stoufh·iJie, vi. .. itecl the to•,·n ... ..,.,01 Jy m:ule with him. M Mr. 1>. U:>lh':< Suadi&J. lb·. llha. c-.m. .. -cua. \'·..-! • ..,..,...... Mrs. Cba.s. E:tstley ha" b~>\1,. some fully the examiutioos 11t th~ HumiJ- of lht! H~t atrawberrie! , we h•ve too Sehoul of I•edilgllil:)". Con;rrat- acca thi.:; 11eo..son, aan slill ha" them ul:>tioDIS. for sale, and thD:kl l(ettin~t them Mi.M G~r~tie Va.nvo~IJ.:~nburg h."l.':l from· h<-r are «tUu oi :>o.-cu:ing fresh been appointed tt~ach~r of c rc~>n- and deliciou.s fruit. wood <~ehuol. The interior o! ·the lJominion llnnk Mr.' .John Willis h"-'< :>n extra fine h,.,... ..,.,,. uuu.,J·goin.; further im- crol• of sugar becLs. provemcnts. A \~ry t'Xpensi,·e and Tho• l>arley h:>S nicely headed out, oel\t liuolcuu1 hn.s b.:en plar.ecl on the ancl (arm., r<> are C.u.sy with llleir hay. lloor. 4;ilci!'U Jcltcl·s on tbe window&, Col. F.Hc \\cll in wentioning th<>.ie bc.:oidCB olla,·r [i:..:ture>' which add who took un active part during the much to it.-> ai'I'Carauce. t'~nian Haiti into C<~nada, overlook- The f:tnu.s of the late G,·o. Jo~ o<i one a~ed veteran in t!lc vorson of which WPre off<'rod for s."le on \\>ed- Allan C:un~ron, who wn:o lieut~n,•nt nesduy, June :!lith, ot tho :o;.,w Ann- of th,J Whitb)· run., Comp.lny <.lur- .. trol"' ltOWJil, WCl'C nol :>ultl, oWiJ~¥ lo ina,r that 1 iw,•, nod wbo ldt hi:l furm tho nl.':lerVe bid rwt i..Jciug rN&Cbecl wilhoot b.oillt( able ~o lleCure nny 'I he farlll'i con now be purohasec.l . br b~lt• during his absence, aud went privato l'llle, an<l if not wid in Utt1 with his compo.oy to i.be front and meantime, they oon bu ro;ut~cl. Btnye•l there ~ long .as De<"..ss:uy, Th J w soe· I hold under the and \\'ho ha~ JWlt P':e't'lOU.Sly 0 retnr~- O.WI~ell 3 :f s~~ .Juhn'!l .B., c. ed after ~•IlK· !KalinAe• ~llh . · 4ia. church. on Thursdny June :lOth at tbe eomp~tny "~ · l!ort. CQlborca.Jnllll t~ ~idrnct- •• o.f WJU\Jl(ll uLeemeC.:..olli 8th o( .ll"~- h tu. lh·r ;.:l:ol u 1 l Avrtl, uuuph•, ~r. J"n.t. .Mr.._ u . llcUrfldi. .. _nd four mo~tl•s tn 1bG:i uill t •e fron- " -",. lur~"lJ' nll<·ncll!tl, and eYory- ta.,r • .so I_ thank ~~~~ o{(,c~r,. nucl illfln thil"' vas..ccl ocr IOUSl ,; uccc~..Cultyr of old ~o. 1 \\ lutl>)· R1flt}:l :"hould The rroet:~1i.; awuunled to r·ur.ue ~tU. not bo overlooked wben tlpeakang of , . . those ol<C'iting times; when our eoull'- Dr· l"nrk, .of l! xbntl~;':• """ one t . . • v· t1 d. Honor to whom of n dcputnlaon that Wlllted on the ry \\a~ •; .a- 11 Minister of l>du.:alion in Toronto honor "" ue.. rll tho cladin~ o( ~ilher :he Whitl>y Brief Locals.. Mr. \\"w. Calverley baA moved to th" Vickers bouse, rceontly pur- ch33<'d. The llowell house on Brock tilreet south ha!l boon solc.l. to Mr. W. A. J.o'rrlllt!r, ; uf too (oundry. - for ~00 Ca.."Lh.. ~ O'Brien & Stodh11m'.s photo ~t:>llery will be open every Tueed11y, l!'riday and Saturdsy during the enmmer months.. P . T"'Y lor hu cseou red lhe services or ll first t'l:us watchmaker to take charge of his business ?orin~ his :>b- aencce.- 7-::!. • \\"att•r 11i1JC.S ue bt:ing P.,.t into t be Dandd llou.""· They haVt: , t he honor of b-~ i•~ th~ [in;l m •owu to in.stul tho~ watc.-. A mo.-cling of a.ll tho»e intt'l'C~lctl in cricket :ti C tt:tlues tcd •o ruet~t 111 thu Royal Hotel thi.<l 1-'rdiay. evening "' s.:so p.m. 1 1 Mr. A. T . L.1wl~r ,;hiPIJ! tl 1\ thollll- antl whit" lillie:> uu \\"udn.,.d:ty morning from Wbitby to Mr. Uuulup, or l'ort ['., rry model ~~ehoul~. The new rc~tnlation requires une of tht>.SO f\t"hool~ be cut off,• he decl:trc>~. \\'onder what diflcreuc" it cnn make to him even if bOth ochouls remain f . $l.G5 to :>;il\gar.l :h'ahs and ~,;eturn Moodny, July 18. lbil lu Toronto, boat from 'foronto. Tbe Durham Old Uoya invite evo~ryone togo With tbem to Joi iagn ra 1-"a.JI,. July lilt h. 'l'11ke vour bnsltel!> alung and nll your {rit:ocis. Grand · l•rep~er:ttious haYe been ru:ade for a good time. S()'!Cilll train l>y G. T. R. leav~ Whitby Jot, 7.:19 a.m. At Toronto tbe Uurh:am Old Boy« City Association will meet. the pa rty ami a ll will take lht' W:lfr- nificeut 1:1tcamers of thtl !'li.•gara Jc'all'l Line to L~wiston nncl from there tlJc worlcl reno\\ ned c;.,rge route to thn Jc':tll:l. $LO,"a bu)"" the roancl trip tickPL, or ihooc wi~hi.ag to stay in l ' oroolQ can pur.: ha"" Tcr- ronto tiektiiS for Sl.lti. S(l<>eial trnin .stltrlt! nl Trenton; catlin~-: :tt all atAtiontl ns far as Whit h)·. Children ha lf fare. Sjlocial leav~s Toronto on arrival o! steam~r at 9 p .m. florist, u( Toronto. l'ort Whitby l\otes. See IM'Xt weak'a iuue (or progrnm KiM Dai11.r Wal'IOu anti frit>nd, of ciYac bolidaJ' lliMICb at Heydaabore KiM Drenn~>n. loft on Tu .. a.by for l'.,rk uDder aupio<IA oC Whitby ~yrncuae to NSllme tbei~ dutic!a at Citinaa' Uaad. the hoapit~l. Uurdnt<bore l"ark i:s aow ia sood Mr. anti llr~ Uav~ Milne nre Yi.lit- orde r fur• thJ "llCCoauuodation u( all i.,.r their old homo • . kinda of pO..aicol. Hot and cold Mr. r\n<l Mr11. J. II. tiale hnYe morPd W:tt ·" ""l'lllicd: New s"nb have been to th•·ir f.t~u for the iloli<l:ty tf'rDl. t•lacec.l. in tbo vark, and bo.l·ts arc Cor Mr. T .t•,,rry, Jr., and lli>t<> r, ~iu hir.•. Thi>~ IU:tkc" ll 011" of 1 h~ best l .. ouie, l.,ft for Turuntu, wh'r" they t•l~ :•ic a;rouu•l:~ in th..: cuunt)' . will p·.t rtn :u.en:J~· r.·..s.ide. Lay )our pl .. n:t lor ~oio~ 011 the Mi"" Ethd Uut.h-i•~ is vi»iting lri- l>urham Old noys· excur.':lion to Nia-. e ncls in Turontu. agaru },'a ll:s on July ~lith. Fare, 1\li,.,. K:tth t ... •n Cu.tcly, of lhmilt.>a. WhitlJy J<'l. to TurontA :lllc.l. rctur·n, is "punctin~,; h ·, r \'a<'JI:cu with her SI.1U. l"a.re lo 1-':>lls and return, nunt, Mi..ss Co:tct)·. · st .GS. Speci:tl train lc uvus Toronto Jdi,;, Le na l'rotuHuut left on Tues- un arri\"al o( st~:un·!r :tt iJ (l.m. duy for o t \\o muath" lri r• to ('hi- No une ahould miM thll trip by onaro, O.unha, nncl other 1•l:~ ce.s, aad Gorg.- rou~c to ;o.liagara Fall.s, Mon- will tak•J in th ~ .:;t . Louis t:xpo~ition Mr .• T. B. )feh::t)·, ><On of Mr. and Mrs. D. Jl[d~ay, hnvin~ pnll.~c·d the fiol\l examinations in mr.rlidn~. hn.s r-iYed from th" Univcusity o( Trin- ity Collt'Jfft I hr rlPll'rPC of M.D.C.ltl. So tlrt your h:tt now tn Dr .• lohn B. McKay. At lh<" Triniay Jo:.:,.minntions Mr. RobL.: Dow rf'«!ivecl honors in thl'! po- lit it'rll 6t'i~nc·<' eou r-•r- !otis~ Down<'r w:v< Rlso "ueres,.fu I in her ~xamio.t­ tinn. )[i"" Et.hc•l l\[orris won a ,.,holl\n"hip in thr <kpanm•nt of morlf'!rn hnl!lll\11<'". _ (..- - . . llr . .\llnn 11. .-\clamS. "on of Dr. Adnrns, dent i!<l, of this luwn, who re<'ently ~tr,ulll :lle d in w.,Jicine from Toronto l'niv,.rsilY, h:os. re<:PiV~ct the "l'poinlmont of ~<inent.- pby~tiehn in ehargf' of .lhe Ho!'<pit:tl .for CoMum- ptivn.~ at l~-rnvanhurtot. · Dr. Adnm.~ h•ft town on Tuesdny to :>Mum, hi!l dnliM. The re.."lulls of thA music:t) exnm". h .. ld :>.t too Toronto CooSPrvntory of 1\lu .. "lic, Torcntu, "how l\[i3s Elellnor F.. Wil:con, of !l[rrllP, a~ nmon~e the Ruce~ruJ studrnh in thP juni-or -yenr tnki~ Cir~t-<:l:t.<;.~ :honQr,. in muni<"rll hi• I orr. hnrruon.· nn<l rurli- mf'nts. IIIias \\"il~on \\':L'I. R ~tudcnt nt Ontnrio J.,rlirs' (.;oll~:l(~ ln:st Te:tr, but hnvil'll! t~krn her PX.lminntions in To-ronto, h<'r nrlmc riid uot ap11~ar with the 0. !.. C. rc~lllt-". Pusonnl Mention. llli,... Vioie t A~-tn:.tu• is ~pc mling ht>r -holidl\f!l in Keene. .Mi311 C:ntiCJ .T ohn..~ton. Chif'.,JtO, \\".As -in town the p:ts t Wctk. 1 II".&~ M. llarclny l•ft Cor a .-istt io -\Vl\kt>Cielu, Quto., on !Uon:lar • . _ .Mi&'\ Arnold, o( Toronto, is thl' goest of Mbs !Jow, llyrou S~. t Mis.>< Short. of Toronto, iA thl' guo~t 1of lcli.se ·P. S:nilh, r~ntro "I reel. Mrs. Curll'l tc, of ~ew Yor.lt, is vis- .it ing h~r l'li• tcr, ?irs . .T. H. Uowney. Dr. nnd Mr!!. J . T. t•'olh:-rin~th:un i"'v" r~turnPd (roll lhPir trip :>brol\d. Mr. Aclnrn Ro,.lnod m'td~ n vi3it to ~ld .acenl"' at~~ a fe w •L,y" ~go.- • ~--· ........ ;-...;.- ·~·...... . \ .Mre. nnd ;\fiBS · Ilbldt>!l rdurnPd on S.'turdft)" a{ler their \'i-<it to St. · l..oui..1. Mr. Blnelr. of Kington, form·•rly or th·• Coll"f(illtP ln.stitut• ,;tnrr, is vis- il i~ in town. I Ur. ancl Airs. lh rP n m 1\ t lb·eir 1cot ln~fl in !lowman ville for t be vn- cn lion 6l':t.'<on. .- Mr.~. S~nrs i" overhaulin:..r :>r.<l mnk- li~ ~trf'nt imJlrovcm~nl~ in her hou.'le on n .. nr)· ~trert . Missrs Kl\lc nnd Emily · Richrtrd!!on bft on 'fuc."'I"Y iur :~ thTPe weelr:rn•i- "il in l"r. C:tlhn. rine'l. Mrs. \\' •• J. H. llirtc.• rcl.«on h•{L on Friday for n two "'"'~.:"· ll\liirlay with hrr p:tn•nls ·in l\lilton. Mr. nnrl :\Irs. H. lln•,.lin c ntrrt:tin- ed 11 number of thrir Toronto frie nds on Tun."'la}" nfternoon Mr. E. A .. llbw, c itr cclitor oC 'lbe \\"inni(a'~ l're" Press. is visiting his brothf'r, Mayor lllow. .Mi&" Andr,m·, of ll~ttle Cr,.ck, Mi<-h .• wns a Jlll•'"l of the ~l:,.,.es Mc- Cll'llnn over Suodnr t.a11t. )(;,.. l'n.ge, who no.. holds a lion with the T. 1-::~ltn C.:o., of ronto. wa.'l •n town hat week. Mr. nlltl !II t"- lit'nht:Y. of Sound, 1\pcnl thn w..,k with lle1"81M!y'e mother, :lin. Jame" til on. Ow~n Mnt. Joho- 'Mr. 11:\rry Lnl'n!<, lin•. LuMs rlncl dnu(lhtllr J<>$"iP. of Toruntn, wt>rc Yis- ilil'llf Mayor lllow for :1 l.>w <l:ty., la.et WPek. Mr. W. J. 8ourl1 llffi-~[rs. Souch hllve rceturn~•l to Oovm:tnville 1\(ler IIJ)eodlltft n fP.w \Welt,i with Mayor Blow. R.IY. .Mr . . ninsthrlm anJ Sheriff J>all.tOO Wf"rtl in U~t "'it l he l'•ll•t ........ k r\ttrncling lhe euovention of the B.Y. l'.li. Jlr. Jnm~-5 !;hnw, of the MncDonald llf')'Wftrd Co., o( :\nw Yo.)rk, w~s bomP. Yieitlag hi.~ l'"'rtnh over the Old Boya' celehrntion. )(iM G..rtin muv.•r, · uf Holhnd Lnndi.,.r, a nd Mi,... \\'ithdruiua Wit - son, of :\rwmnrkct, nrt vi.•itiog Mr. 1\Dd Mr~<. W .• 1. Ln ko. day. July 18th. Cboic_, of l wu trips. ·b,•Corr h~r r .. turn. Toronto anti retuto il.IO. Nia~tnra . J.itti•J Willie Willis w :u f'Xn"tilliD« Mr. W. \\". T .,mbtyn, ~x-princip~l of 1-':tlb and return :;!l.oo {rom Whitby th• my" t.cry or a ta\\·n 1n~w.,.r, and the eoll~inte iMLit utP. ,,·n:• in town J c . SI><:Cial tr:tin luav"" \\hit by J c. I~Ct th~ llllfl or Ullll llll);~ r In II , but l&At We<"k Cor a ·l •. lft ut t , • ., jubilee. 7.:S9 ll.m. l'"utther panieutar:. nt:Xl i" cloiote nil ri~,;ht. nacl receiv .. ol mnny wnrm welcomes. woek. Mr. Gcurw• Md' lc•ll.tn W I\S there- Mra. 11. ::'11. Ucckc•r, who nrme with oit•iont of 11 h.o nclsonHI 1,.-,.~tlDt by 11lra. Dr. !llayh<'<l to n: l • .a a<! th<1 jubi- hi" {ri.•n•L~ in t :owuun,· ittn on hia lee, lntPnrl" to ~prnd a month with removal to Cum!Jcr a:o n.tlllla:Jtlr of a "hitby fri 1• 1ull\ !Jc (om returning bo.nk. home. St. Joh11'3 S unclay 6d10ol (Jicnio at Jlr. an11 Mrs. ·wm. loms hl'lve rce- CorhcU'" l"oiot, Thurs day. 14th. turned after ,.penclin~ ,.010e moutb!l 1\[r. Aaron :"harr:Hcl, whn we re- pOrted u.s beinll: quitP ill, havinFr·~n ovt•rcome with I h" h~at about two WN'k" ago, •" pn•t"ty much him'l,.lf n.gnin. All will '"' pll'a~d to hen th:ttiMr. Chnrle8 .Jo::~stlry is :.tea:li!y improving r\11<1 eX(le<'ts l,o ba 11hl"' tO )(,.\VII t'"- hospltl\l in Toronto :tntl <'Om" home very t10on: ·\\'onl wa" rt'('('ivrd on S:~turoby th:tt Mr. 1'. T:oylor lmcl undergont an .operation :tt the .ho~l'i:a i at :!llon- tret\1. nnd th;t t he.• ,,.,,:-. doing a~ \Yf'll R!l COli hi ))(' CX!M'CI Pd. Mr. J. Y. l"allerson i,. <'·trrringlaift h':tnd in a sling "~ :t re!\nlt of :>n injury h~ recpi\·eu whiie d~~orati~ Cor t hn jubilrP. It ,..,.,. n.....,><.s:>ry to put ~lix l'til<'he,. in the woun<t. On the \\"in;(. K Slrrhrn:"on. Whit!"-· '"" tir.k··t- Prl the rollowin)! - Coi. F,rt•wPII to Orillin, Shf'rirr l':nton 1o Detroit, MiAA Brown In Gu-•it>h. ~li"" Cronk to Portlancl. !\£•·., Hr.,·. 11. llinl!'h~m to Detroit •. John :\hw to Rrnmptnn, Mis:i Pn:~oton to G~mrbridl:<', 1\[r.o. lllcAr<IPll nnrl thll:!hl<'r ro Mm<- koka \Yhnrf. rtny ~lc•phen.<on to :'\p\\·- mnrlt;>t. \\. illinm ~rtih h, rx-~l. 1'., Mr. t'rnd· Rk.hanlson ~~~~~ .iohn llo:•~r to Liverpool, Jo:nphncl, ,.i:l ~ew Yt>rk, and S. S . n,Jti<" W~it <· 8t:1r · ~- · ~ .. line: Ml'f'.. F.. Sl<:-phr n><on to St. }..,,i,. Kan.'<:><' City. thr \\"hith\· H~n<t and !l:l otht>.,.,. tu Tnrontn. Mi;._• Smith io l!llnnitowllinl!. 1\!i~ Yuh• to Ga-mb- terl.-,.- lkp:trlmrnl. Otl"""• :s "' prp- l<Cnt Vi!!iting hi.« brother. llr. W . 'britl~e. llr .n. !:'feLarcn to Otta.w:l, Mi.s!l N. l'ronflfoe>t to Chi<-n~to. Mr. All'r. Sh:ow to PctPrboro., Mr. 1\[. F,,rp:u~on to Pnrt llo:«·. 1\li-..• Pni~­ lry to Sadtvillr, X. n., l\fr. t:Frlin.•on to Ottawa. l\(r. Com.·a; to Ux- bri~e. ?llr .• lamr." Ri~hnrd."'n to NoT:tr. J:t.'i. lbn.~haw fo llulhlo Mr. bt'n)'N'. Sr., ro '1\apo<~aee, II("~ I. LewiA to ~OY:>.-r, Jlr. D. Fr-r to Cornwall, and ..30 otber.o to T~ ronto, .J. and 0. Mni\OD to Gitrord M...... 8ine to DelleYillce. 11ll'!l. aad ~tiM Mttelanll :tnd Mi,.,. lfeKenaie to Ki~~ton. T . G .• Taclt.-..ou to Broclt- viJia. 1\li"-"C!! Camp:tzzi to Alln.ny, l\. Y.. Ro))('rt :::ni<lrr to Hamilton, MiAA Michadis to i.\lC'ri,:.-n. Conn t "rank ltn.r to lbmil:on. ~i.'I:!IP.'I 111;: Ammond anti Hnmilton to Silver II")", l\. Y .. l\lis'i Smith to Prt'!I<"O!t. .r. 1\ncl t'. Frisno to I"foterboro, . .1\f. .Ton"" to Pni"l<'y. :<:h .. riff Pnxton to Woo•l:.tock. Mr. II. lhxtl'!r to \\',u- oonshrnc. :Filr-3. ,T. D:tYid!lon to ~}@,._ rronto, M iM O'Leary to F.sleV\In, A."'-":t., Rev. V. H. Jo:mory to London 1-:nglaod. J. nnd T. Foreman nnd dr\ll~thter to Dundn...._ 1\(i;;s w·~fne to Coboeonk. ){j,.,. Scott to ColliDif- wood. Mr. i\lcl~'\ron In Prcs.eott .J. Wrialrht to Clevel:\Dd, 'Ohio, T. Mor- ro,\· to Ow.-n Soun,l, ~fr . .J. R. Lov;.. to London, J-:nJ>land, Mi'l!l O'D·~ll to Oat:'I1\'R, !\li..s Kipp to Tilsonhnr~r MiM G!rldnPy to Trenton, Mi.'I~P~ l\e,.hit tt nnd Rdmi:.on •o Bri(lht- on, Mi""'~" Robert" an•l Avery to Ki~ton. l\Jif;s :\Ionn,•y to St . .Julie, Qui'.. Mi!'<S A~· lwnrd •o N·3\~ffi~'l'k~t. !l[i,.. t"at>d l o \\' oOO\"ille, !I liM CnirM to N:tl>"-'llCC. litis.." l-":t~·l to C:tnninp;- 1 on, llti"" \\"il"on to n.,u.,..-ill ... ~li.•"' C'h .. ml~_r~ .to ,J:-:i!K::tl'liu..-,J<li..a .Jluler to .St. ~1\~obA, Mias cliown to 'Kill$t- "'?n· ].~""' 1.-no~ .. lt·r to Port Hope, l\hRll 0 H:tra to ;\[:tal~. l\ris~ Wl!ese ~- Kin:u; l~n. Mi'<-~ S01ith to Dur- l~rtllton, Ilia~ SI:\L' r to Mont "'"'• Yis" ~hi..., to 8Hiin, lli."-" Vl'rmilyea to B~llevilJr, Mi!lr!' Hill to Shelh,urne .1\li"""" TI"'ith"upt to DPrlin, Mi ... ,.e; ~tevr.n.'l arid Hunt to Linds~'"· }1;,1,. Crlsc to L'hi<'~J!'o. 111., i\li"~ You rex to Df'III'Ville, .1\li.'i!l Sw:tn to Kint'~trcline JIU,... Grant to J":tekinp:Jonm, !lri!l~ l'"re<'man 1o OurlinL!Iun, ~li..._• llrlin to Dutton. MiM llt:tckw~ll to Cnn- ninsrton. Mi!t..~rs Simonet,. to Br.rlin, Mr. Th~o. Moon" to liO!IPric h, !llr. K Mrl<"lc<"y · to llr.milton :>n•l aO others to Toronto. Turnip Seed Our rt>pu ll\t ion for reliable eeceda is found~d oo rears of boa- eat lll!!!d aellill(l. They ahr11ys grow 11nd nre al\\·aya truo to name. Others fin<l it PrlY3 to buy here; It will pay you. OUr pric~.'l this re~r Cnr fresh. n~w ee~~ ore M follo\\"5- CIIAMPIO~ SWEDE SKIRVING'S SWEpE DAJ'\GUOLM S\\~DE CLYDE ELJ:..:l'IIA~T HARTLEY~ BRONZE TOP ( 15c. lb. .. The normal man (·nn he fitted u well in ready-to-wear clothing as by a tailor- We sell suite un-ler a good guar- •ntee that means much. The Twentieth Century Clothing, away in front of all ?tl!er ~lo~hing, is still making a repntation, and its super- torlty 1s guamoteecl .. When yon want a suit we can suit yon in eithAr ready-to-wear or m:tde to your measnre a shade lower and' a whole lot better than you have. been nccn'\t,J>~. ed to paying for. · 1!,4 ·• SUMMER WEA~ F-OR MEN~ ~); F~fii'-. ·White Vestt~, White Pants, Flannel Suits and 2 P1- ·e Suits for mPn wlto want to be comfortable · Also Sum;.~r Coats aad Vests in light weight fabrics at particularly Jo.w prices. 1 ROSS BROS. WHITBY, ONT. Nothing Kills Flies Like Wilson~~ "·Fiy~~Pad~ Joo n.... a ..... Tlla 5t1c1ry .,..._ At the Cash Hardware .Store Eatetroughlng I an« Spouong. We hue a fire\-clua tinsmith. and are pre- pared to do al• kinds of --:ork in that line. If you are thinking Of bn\"ing & bntb put in W8 Cl\n 8&\"e you money. Furnnce lrOrk, plpmbing anll hot \\"nter heating or all kinds. w. M. PRINGLE CORNER HARDWARE STORE. WHITBY. ' SEEDS. We are eelllng Ganlea and Flower Seedll of floeat qualities at close pri('f)ll -lwo papers for I) llenta.. Blllith i.s oae oC JiYe (armer!l who form a litlle c0111111unitr which Ia cut ott 11, Lake OlatiU'io oa tbc aoutla aDd the m:>io line of the Gnnrl Trunk on the nc.rd1. It is imiiOS.qible for tbem to reach markt't, .scbool or churc h without l"'""i~ over th~ r:til- way. Th~rc hu ah\a)s been da~er at the one cr..,.,.iug Oile D to tlulm, but that .t -u~er lm .. 'l IJc~o ~really in- crea>tCd by tbe r"ccnt imvrovrm<'nl in the ~;mJe of the GranJ Trunk, iD\"olvnig raisi~ the tr:>cks .. e v,. r.tl feet :>l this point 11nd the double trackintr of the line. The •PI•ruac h to till• t r:>cks fruw the :.outb is by a crookP.d rw.d. too narrow to turn io with a v.,ry " t <"' l' inclinfl, 1\.Dd bout whi.:h it i» iutiiOS><i blll to see n train ~proaC'hiu~ lrom th., 6.'\.:l t un- til lhu. t raclu .1ro rea~hed; and over th~tt cr~irt~; trains ru~h •lnily 111 u mil~ a ruioulc. The d1tu.:er to thOCie livi~ on th" point, and to picnic pArt ir-s \\ hich have b.len in thu habit of .;oinl' th" "" fur :>n outin~. need 110t he furtbcr in:>isted upon. Be- foro the- c ru,.,.ing was w .. cte :ib dnn- 8<'rou.-> :.,..it is now, Mr. S rnit.h caii- CI!<l the allt"ntion of tbe Grund Trunk to 1 be •·ou:;a,quenccs which would be involwd in tbc dev:>tiuu of Lbe roadwc~r ~nd double tr .. ckinl{ nr the lin~ . Failinl{ to go l lla t ;...fac lion from thi" aourc~ he twicll Wtlnl to Otta.WI\, at hi<~ own e>:pens.:, to lay lhll ea"" before the uld Railway Commill.-e uf the l'riv)· Council. 'l'h;... bo<l)' IJ:....,.ed out of exi~t ~nce be- fore lh<' matter waa (ioally disposed of, An<l Mr. Smith hacl it ~"""'"d on lo tbc ' ltaih• :I\' Comw ;....iuo, with the rDSul~ t h:ll l wo of thu Comwi,.ion" "" wt w ...- L: visi t ed tbe orOS>Oi~ ond 1111\\' tho position of thi~s for the m- Rive-~ . Somethin~; will now b.l doue to lt·~n :t ,._. r)· grn\e daa;;cr ·to At th,• sh;aio•l h aonfv.,r,.nry jubilee of Th,, Glob<!, Turonlo, hd<l at Bur- lington ll:t)", lh·J C-ouuty o[ Ontariu wa.s fl!l'~"'lnlt!d b)- l \VO Veter:uts who had b..coma sul>s<l ribono the firs l year of it;< (IUblica tion - 3obn !':ott, 1:..-q., o! 1 'on l'erq-, und J . K. Gordon, Esq., Whitby. Ol1, fur t.:urol'" · .S l~ec i :il rctluo- Mi"" Eh•io AlkiaL~on ll:ticl 11 flying Ill Wohua·n. ancl while !'rlr. 'Ioms hM visit to h or parent>~ on S:~l u rJ.tJ'. not fully recovered hu recenl poeu- ' Mr. A r t Southn-dl, who hns rce menia ~ • tnck, he is J\kladily improv- mo\'etl to Toronto, will bol ctrestl)' i~ MAG:-;uM DO.SUM The quality of 'llsilca that produces th·e high prloed crop ill they are eelllng. what' lluman life . Ancl this h:t~ been brou"h~ noou t by I he c n"rl!) ot one m a n. \\"h:t l ooo man h:l.:i <Inn~ In thill otho•rs may do und~r .. imiltlr coircums t :tnet'3. The corporat ions, lllr.,at a3 tooy ar.,, are not :.111-vo'"·cr- tut 1 ed ral6!i to uud from ~u~lanol. lr~­ laull, & ullllll<l. Choice o( 1111 ~t lin..,.. lo'o~ tic ket>t llil~l" round trip or llf••Jmicl, :lOt! St e phun:.on, oppO!Iite post orllc~. Whitby. Al"'o oxcur- tliou tick~l!> to ll:~nilobo, Ull&lllr, lowor and Xusltuk:t l11k..,.., via all routeS. See ::;te1•bunsou bdu~ trav- dli~. . Mr. At .. x. Uruw h:u1 ""nt in his rMqrnlllion "" turnkuy of tl·~ l(aol, He hruo a iWa)·a been a YoHf reli.tble and !llithlul offic ial, aud It is a mat- t er of regrel th11t the !11ilurc uf his e)-c~lat compellt!ll • him tc give up th~ IIO"Ition. Whe n iL ;..,. cou.s idercld th11t hi.-. injuri..a were l11rg~ly caused by Arnold'« llltack upou him, whil ., ar.ting in his ~Uici11l t:llp·•city. it i" r11th~r tuu bc&d thai. lbc.rounly coun- cil <lid nt.l d~:tl ·ll lit lie more: liberully witb hiru tb~n r. llowiu.; only ~~00 Uti his ret iring allowance. mi:.<~ucl trow St. Johu·.i chu roh, aa Mr. Arthur Southw~ I le Cr on 0\fon- be toqk ll .1-{ r<lul int~resl in Sunday day for Toronto, wht~n h" will ente r :ochool work, and wa:< ul~o church one or "'" latll" ci ty ,~tantl:~lunttnlft., wnrden. Jle hu been eonnected with our st"lf Mra. t ' rnnlr: Murphy 111111 c hild, of for oYer ci .. lat ,-Mrll, •ncl in him we Clu,..ley, nre atnyiug wilh their aunt, ., ~ Mi"" c. Wbitn.,1·. loat~ n vnlnecl m • mbea ol ou·r toti\U. Mr. llorb<!rt Wouclhuu:w, lea Oil He 'Wl\1\ nlwnys mMt f:litbful an•l Sumiay tor Mont rA:I I, nCtl\r apead- t-ruetworlhy, nntl we lave no doubt, iQI{ n W<<(!k will• his 11citc rs, llDd tat- Plnd hop~. he will m~k• his tnnrk elae- ill${ in tho 01<1 lloys· re- union. whue. A vory auec"-SS(ul pienio wn" beld Ml• Bent rice T:ambl;n, <.l:lughte r of • on Sttturuu)· nt ll•·Ydn>~horo. l':•rlr: in Mr. anal llf r::1. W. W, r :unblrn, of honor uf Mi,.,. 1>. • \\"ul•on 'au<l ber I UowmnnvillP, h~~ ~u~ to Cotumbi:l fric•ncf o( Syracuoo. HniYen;ily, New York to tak11 up Ma\lit i' r Cl-u rlio l'..rrl' • or- Toronto. . aoornft epc-ei:ll work ty~p:t rntory to i~ <IIIMncfing his huhd:~y wii h bis per- ~ tnkln,r ~n I'IXOOil•nt pc<~i t ion in T~ e nl.':l,, Mr. unci Mr:s. T . P11rry. rooto in tho fall, in o.mnection with .Mi.s.~ Ell•d Saun•lers, or Stayner, the Homo Science nnd Ar t . Slat~ h~~a is hoano for a hulitiar . 'l proY~d n brilliant aluent, nnd there Mrs. Uucll~\' \\"oodhou,..,, nflt~r a Ia eYer)" rt'.'\SO" for bcloving th:lt hf'r "hort visit . has nnurocc.l. to her atar will ~ l'qnnllr Jrigbt in the homtl al Niagara ~·aha. 1 ta11111hh'8 prot.euion. Aht'ad of all otbf,r kinds in r~­ p.-:~t,.d tr.sta ti t Model Farrn . . 25c. lb. Th11lr timothy aDd n~d clo111r m/et the appronl of lbll beat farm- Canadian BeauQ' Peu of fair qualitJ' in limited quaa•itiea al"8 fered. cf- The Sllffar lllaqel, a l:ro<13 bet ween eugnr beet aad mangel, baa proved a geoetal faYorlte whereYer tried. Keepung qualities. a:aroellent feeding qua litiree. t,.,tter tho.n any other mangel, ;rield e41ual to aDJ'.

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