Ontario Community Newspapers

Whitby Gazette, 14 Jul 1904, p. 3

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sion o! E:LSt \\"hitby nnd iu tb!l 9th conct•>~Sion 0 ( l"ickt..· rin~, null :d:;o a::~ to tiK" t.lau~,·rous natu rt~ of the ct·o.s.;in~ o( 1 h·~ t: raml 'i'runk Hail way :1 t Urock s1 r ,'<.·t in th~ 'fuwn o( li ,.;bri•lg-c. C:Lr- ried. M .-. Baiw:.rt.ls, .snconlll!d by Mr. l!rown, ruov~1l that the Cl.,rk notify th,, Council of th" Tm,·n u( \Yhitby t h:\t it wuulnoo o£ the grounds :don;,: the [runt of th·.• Huust or tt,•(uge to h:LVe th:\l part of lli~h · street o;t·;ulcd and tb·.' gn•"" <'Ul. Carried. Th,, Clct·k ·r.,:>al a \lommunir.:otion {rum l\lcs.o;t·:~. llow· & Mc'-'illi\' ruY with r ,•f<· reucc to ll•c e;;•lary o£ th" matron f of t h~ g:wl. . Olle ~at "~nt of youth and beat!tY at Mr. llroomfi.-ld, SQ(Oonded b}• Mr. tile youn~ woman_ or tbe moth~r ts the . prn~r nnder.;tandtn~ of bu womanly sys- j Cil ru,•gic, moved that the. coutmunt- tcmand .. -dl-beiar. Every woman, younc c:ction wilh rdcr.-ncc to the , mat- o~old,should lmo:l) 'An·.rdfan'd her_pbJ• run's e;:.lan· w laid over till thene.xt ical make up. A cood way to am~ at . . -ui1-c'tinl; -oC this· cuunc,il on account this )rt.Lincd inll Dr. R. V. Ptertt, at Buffalo, N. V. at tl.ti:; ,;_,,;:,ion uf the counoil. The chance: from maidenhood to woman- hood is one that involvc:s the: whole body. Ur. Kiliser muYc"' (ecti\'e autritioa. In al_l ~uch_ e&;~~ Dr. <>d. · Pirttr's Favorite Pr~Knpuon 11 JUst tbe Ur. J~n.isl! r·~ •uutiou wa:i then put veg<:table tonic ror the female &ystem. ;\1\11 lost. •I caaDot ~xpr~s..' m:v tba~k~ f~r t~e ~~~&t ~ )lJ·. l; iiJlJ .... • mol iou wa.:; th ~"u llllt and llaTe R"ttiY«l (rom Ur. Pa~T'C"C' • "'."'11nnr-s. I write-a )Ira. Ju11u• 'W~hrlv, o( Ca~hndJ!:r". ~r· O~l . cllestn co.. Md. •I took •Fa...,nte l~p- Th,• original owl ion uf Mr. lln>Om- tio11' aa\1 frtl that • ~f«t c:ttTt ha..,. ~ fi ~·l1l w a:-. then pu l 0111d car ri~tl. decl<:d I feel like thaakiac ,.ou rortltrltinll Th .. c·uum· il " '"Ill into Cflnlnlittee pd fatl~crJy letter& which you WTOte." Here's n Snap. WHITBY'S DOINGS. This i." lhP la r~c-st loe:U npwsrm- ~r pnhli~hcd in Canada. bl'iftP: twel\"c t b:trgllins call at the pnges wceklv, and the J.o'.-.mily Uenld If lOU wan . 1 11nd Wrelnt year for 5U,. J.o'irst . eoml', class job. first oserv.,cl. ~ow run your orders Muro :Stw Walk:!. Th~ ~ra.uulithic UICII .;n .. ooct to towu a;.:aiu fo la-y muro n :·w Wiillr.s. 1'h" (ulluwin~-: •"'"' ui.,ccs :trc to be put down - Uuodas :St. u.•t "~en Ce~­ tr.: iltul Kent .nr.,cts, north s11lc: Gtl- bcrt strc~t uctwccn Uro<"k and Athol st r .. -cts ,.oul b side; llick()ry 11treel !rum ' uuudas to llary, ea.st aide: M:u·y str.:ct, hom I.> rock to t•erry stroot..s, north sid" ; Uu111.hs street, from p ,•ny lu As h «ill'<'l, north .si..t"- Centre street, from Coll\'ine to Uuuiuv. ~a.st ~ide; Uyrun ~trt'cl fl"om. Gilwrt street south. FnL•y-Jl:>mil toe\ ~upl ials. Th~ marria;.:c of lli,;.,; A::n•·~ Ham- ilton of Collt•~c str.,el, Turuuto, tu q\'il'k or you will bo too lnte. : Tl,,• Bintler Tl',.tt>d. The Do:~.rd or llin-elors or the Far· mf!ra' Cu-opcrlltive Harvesti~ ~b­ ehlno Company m et at the h~tory offieis in Wlutby on ::;,,, urday l:tsl. In the o.fternoon -ole directors drove out into tbl! eountry, where one of th<>ir nc wsprin~t J!lt~el hin•ler.~ wn" \ at .. -ork on the hrm ur Mr. John l'ttt>rill, all expre.~~in;: l hem~lve~ n~ dl'lighte cl with th':' fitoe t to nr""k"ill ... ; 1\lr. · :~net )Irs. Btalon, 1\lrs. l.ittle :tncl"o" 'O.•haw" lo Mnl\trt'nl ~nd return; all D~. Pierce'• FaYorite Prescrip~iou waa of tit ' " ·Jwic "" tfl" ,-,dnntors' re- th<: first <:ll:clusivdy woman's toniC ~n tbe pon. mark<:t. Jt has sold more lar~ly 10 tbe 'fh ,• c·ummilt<'<' reportr..t !hat they past third o( a century than aDJ otht-r Wt• n: unahi,• to agree as to it.ti o.HIO()-. medicine for women. Uo not let the dru~- 1 ion or rc.i<:Clion. ""st persuade you to try M>me ~mpound I b ibat-has not bad the tc:st o( so many years' .:\lr. Canh~}!i(: tuuv~,L ~:e<"C'ntlt· t y au.~ss. )lr. )luwbraJ, thal tl1,. n ·pnrt be Dr. Pi<:ne'• Plea.n f>l~pers.. 'four ioe:tl ogent will m:tke rel'H• v:>tioo.s.. $~0.20 ROU~D TniP. Witl: nn opportnnitr o( ..-i,.iting in (;h;.-a)!o. Urtr:~it 11nd at lnlermed- ia•e C:m'ldi;tn &ta.lions. Note -· On applk:ttico to .T. D . Me- . Donalr. Miss ll:uniltun wore gr11y l'rCl'l' de chenc o\·c•· whiln ta~feta t riwm" d with Iri:>h l:tcr.. Th~ bride<~­ waid \\"3.$ in bisque vuih' with an ••xquisite pictun• hal. Mr. l::<.lwnrd Crothy a<'t~.! "" ~~~sr man, and Kr. and Mrs. t'ol ·.·y l!'ft for \)wo•n Souad on an ,•xlcncll·d w " ddiu;; trit> to Bri- t ish Columbi:l. A w., •Jdi~ break- [a.st \\·u.s J!iv,•n lU aUout fif~crn - or twentv Cricuels. at \ht· n·-.. ~clct~rt of Mrs . . 1'.-t<'r lJ ;uuiltuu. i\{ r. l>'ul~)' "l'"nt l:l-yite, tiO w,• t•Xlt"nll guud \\&.::.lit·~ to both. vi.-. tht• Ricll<'lit'n ~ Onr:trio '-'""ig:•- lion Co .!'t!~:>mcrs. ~~ r. lll'rbo•rt \\'oodholl~r :Lntl t"'O fr:l'nolS, .. \. hifl>~· to ;liias::nra F.-.ll" nod return via !'i- ·~:.r:' H.i\"!'r Line from Toronto; ~tt~~ J::u<'l:t•· Wl•ithy to Wnk<'fi<'hl, Qur., ancl r••turn; ;\Jr". W . • r. lL Richanbun Whithv to )lilt on :tnrl rrturn; the Mi~f'~· (.i;tmhle. ~trandau~rhtrrs of M.-... GPo. ?tkGiUivrn;, Whitby to Wnkf'field, Qur.,; Mr. W. C. Smith, Whitby to !"ault :=;te. Marie and Fort WilliAm, Ont.; 'u- llenjamin Wil- li:>miiOn. Whitby to Tnntollon, .\.<..."11.; MiM )),.long, Brooklin to Indian fle:t tl, A!<.~n.; l'li!:i D. K. Watson nnd Mi!!S Brrnn:Ln, Toronto to Syracusr. :S.Y. ; Geo. H. llam. Whitby to Man- Ina!; Mr. ~orman Uum . Whitby to I THE WHITBY BARGAIN HOUSE / 4 'tlil'HSUA\:, JUl.\ 'lith, 1~0 -1. ==================== COUNTY COUNCIL DOINGS. Th~ County Rcfu!>t.'ti to Endorse WIJil· b)·'s Ucb.,nlurftll - Th•l :::;lllU - Cl.:r\.: l'a,-cw.-\1 G.,ts no locreasc. . J 0 . The n · ~~n u! the coun· ~.:-;--~. · k t~uocil "~C..ul wee . _,i .• ' .r'in;>uciul Matte rs. \ Tb" fin:.nre comwitt._.e, : through Mr. Carnt•gic, m;.ulc lht!~ '.... reco•n- IUtltldatiOtt.!>- . \ . Your committ~o h:oVr cpn.sulercd lbe Application uf tl~- l'oli.ue C~m­ mia.iunPn& o( lhl! Vuhttt: lo~ :S~n­ derltuul lor ll I! nwt l<) '-'""'-"l ID butld- illlf u l()C•·up '(or blli•\ v;.'l"~"· •nd do nut adv"'-' Ll.to giving ' aC u ~trant Dl tlci3 Li~o. I Ynur cc.mwiltoo have ""'""idcred t.h" applicntiuu of th.: ' CII!rk for an increa::tO of aalar.\·~od rttcontmt!ttt.l thilt ~0 as a retainer bo gi•·.,u him ~ 110licitur, ai\IIUilU)'. Your commit t~ have r.ut~'antun-.s' for water•• orks cnolu~c.t l>r thi" (A)uncil. :tml r>JCommcD•l that thi.:i Council .J.- nul uu<.lur:kl th~ wntur- \\'ork.s. \\',• l\ .l.VC t•X.lll\iOI,I\ the b)·-t\W to the nl.)' , au~.! (iutliu~- tlu.• o:;:;:>-..c ..am!! Oil fu--seb,.~uJc. w• rucumm.·nd its third r~ndinp:. · Your conupitt'.lC haVe cot...,..lorod th" atl(llication of th•• retirin~ carl!- talaid to the SuuLh On· tarlu \\"ouacn's ln.:illtul~. Tb••t :;;:!5 1•ai•t loy Uoi.>at ;\clson fur ;ut uuctiull~er·,. licl!n~e, w re- funded tu his. brothel'., \\lm. Nelson, [or tbl! C.StiL:"• = tSaia llo>l>ort 1\cl- ...,n ,jj.,d o;uou afl·~ r havin~ paid for tiaill liCllO:OC. . Tlu•t Wtl hUVll ~on.sidered lhc report of thu co>u11ty valua.tur:l, uwl n:cuw- w~ u..J. tho lldO!'tion of thu .r>amtl. Sine" th~ F~ lo.-u:>ry llll't•till;; of this cuuncll we have h oul UIM b..JU.tlr~c.l atu.l (ifly h :ct u( hUS wa- t\lr La nk '" a co:11. o( :;;JU tur h_"-:;-'• ~:!.til cuuplin~,;..-. and qt.z .. lc, - ::;;1-:- ul ; fur CUIII1t'tliun.-; tU tank_, l;;t.\la, ¥Ja.5ti. \\'~ la:>Ve hud two druw.s 1•ut in lu Lll\.! wc.:it c~ l.tOo\, oL-:t lhu uvcr- Uuw (rum Lh ,, al>ovc ko·pt lhl!~tl·ound v~ry w.:t. l..abu•· Iur do~u~; liU ~u..t ~~~. til.,in.:; tl"' Jowe:>t tenJcru r, awouut ' t~I00.5U. 'fhi" incluo\ld two , . ., .. , ... . 1 dah:s. the (runt und ul:JOCa~. t>ut _up 1 - )' llt, but arc aow ne~otual&Dg ·~-•lOb IN'rtiM w have that dnnl!. Jll"- Car· ~~ie, \\. ,J, '-11>0:1, I.A)WmuiJtiOnc.t·,. Mr. l:lroowfiuld, ..,..-und•·ti by Mr. llenry, moved that ufl of clau,.., 4 rt'luti~ to the buildiu;; .,( llw \'e r a n- tlab ou the wc,;t t1itlo u( the If un:IC o( Rnfuge be at ruck out of llllid rl!· vorl, and t h:~ t it bo amended ac- corditl6(ly. Cat rillll Mi,.,,· pam·uu:. u'~siiH!~~- .Mr. Onui~wu, 11ocotulcd tu Mr. l'uucb.,,·, wovcd that tho Chl\;irm:>n of thu Cuwwittt:e un County .Pro- " "rty llntl <.:lurk U.S uutllori&ed to DII J" nd n t&ru.nll t1UW in pnwuriul{ dc- cumtiow< fur th·~ county buil•liu~..-. cluri•~ ll.tc jubilee celcbraliun uC O.,h;oWII 7.;!;1 a . 111. l.IU 1.7f> th~ 50th rear of tltu o'.lntliou frum lhl" unltnct cuuntit•!i of \."ork anti PHCL Th\! wol iun wa.'i tu .... l . 'l'lu.! IUt"UJ.Ocn• of lhCl'. 1'hc Clot·k >~latt!tl that th11 Uuwiniun lt.nilway GuuuDiMionvr~ a•uquNHl vin- ilintt the Co.-l><• tt'.>~ l'uiut cr~>--<.~iul{ uf 1h.• Gru cul Trunk lln ilwa y in the Towt..,.hijl uf 1\ hit by. 'l'bu Hai•l en"'· bit~ buin~ on<~ "hic h \I as fra•any'" lin,· l""'"' maclll imt"'""ulole ' or d-.n~rc rou:~ . 'l'lu• War of thu or~i n,.;::t or th~ C:uanclian nociric llnilway nvor th~ lle11l'h Uoad in the U• h conc~..s- 1 ·."(0 ("iUJU(toS~ti u! tht' loilowiu~. na.me- Jy, M.t:s..~ r:,. llowUra.) , Ur,,~i;:,lun, Car- m·~ic. Mtllard, liiblk>, K"is~r a1ltl tbe IU0\"\!1" wath n \·iew u( r. .. rrl'lillt:{ nt an nmicabl~ .:;ctllewent iv order to av- oiv ~Ia·. Ut.•nry, ruov.: committt>e of the whole vlilh instruc- tion:> tu aw.:ud the .saw:· lly rec.-"Ul· meodinl( the atlovtion t~f I b~ :;cbedule rl!fcrred lu in the former motion in lieu of lbc clauSc recotumcudin;: lt~e adoption of the v.olul\tur·~ reporl. The ad- option ot tltu report Wll» then pul ont\ en.I"Tit.d.. ltfr. Ormio;ton, seconded b)- Kr. Gibbs, mu•-.,d that tl•" Ward"n and Mr. blowbr.1y wuit upun llr. \\'urro:n, gaol .>~u rgcon, with a view o! '•"·in;: th~ woman uow "-" gaoi ~upp~d to b u u l'un~otic, t-eufu\'ed tu the a.:ane. Carried. Mr. Brown, .seconded hy Mr. Chris- tie. moved that lJonald :M.cKa,-, ~oun­ ty tr,:~Surcr, and J. F:. .l:!'nrewell, county cl~rk, be granted ou" month'.>~ leave uf a.b:!eoce. · th,,· appointing sou~t• competent pe nmn to act in their tllacc d"ring guch abs.,oce unci l):q ln ~th~ pcr.$011 ,;o actinJ!. Carri~cJ. :u1•• ~ ,...,Wfl......_ hy 4lr. Puu~l.teu, ·.wo>;c~ t11'aL'l' l~ll . tuUo-r.iO¥ eowruunic:~tions llu1u tbe Hon. .John llryden re -... upport of :><>or and dt\Stitute pe~Dil in their muoicipnl- ill·-'-" u.s me'lloriali~ed by thi.s council, l!'rotu C .• \ . l•atl!r-"'>n, Clerk of tbe Vill•~" of &averton re composition uf County Councils, nlso from John .MeArtbut·, Cl~•·k of thu Towo:~ Couucil tu the C;ma•lian Conferenc" ol Charitie,. nn.t Cor- ructions. Canied. Moved by Ur. Kilisor, secon•led by II[ r . li"(lL'Clora.tu ·prc.st~nto•l at tbi.s se>~­ Hion br ln,pcctor JaJD\!3 Mcllri.-n nna the n •purt of Ur. \\'auj;lt ju.st rnCLd oo rtoCeivcd by this council, and \IIILt W\l ltcruby ext•rc"" o"r ple;"'ure nt the gcol!ral ~>ati.:ifuclor;,- cun•lition of our DC1tools, and \hat th""" re- pur lli be printecl with tit" wiuut8:! of th\l se>.~Sion. Carried. Mr. t:dward:i, ll\lComic•l by. Mr. Han.iy. moved that Mi.so.t H11y be paid tho Hum of 55 f!lr typewriting the r~porlli :~.od by-la w:s cf thi,. >~e'l:.ion (or t•r"-""· uf county, Carried. Mr. Urown, >lt.OConnt hi:< order on the Trensu rer in favor or )(,,. ..... Geurl{e Pll.rur, W . 1>'. Weir and Charloa :ruokia for tbe •Wil of two huDdred clollara eaeh fur tbeir sen·"'- u county valuator><. Ca.r- ri•-..1 . .5fr. Kth\ ards, 8econd..rl by Mr. Pou- ch<'r, moved tlmt the membe.-,. of l he eonunitloe on the con~olicllltion of t!J,, liy-IILW.:I be p:ii•l ior tlu,ir .. er- \' icus in and a bout the bllmto us fol- lows.- :Ur. ll~nry. :! •hy_., 10 miles, ~;7. llr. Ch•·i.>till, :! li~l"• 18 milq, ':;7.1!11; also lhll cldu~:utt'd tu the \\",,..:tprn Onl;u·lo Gocui Uo:\tl:-- · A.5;~ ~: i .-.. iun - :\Ir. 11-: nry, J tla)·.-; au<.l rail· \\'a)' fnre, ~111.:.: •. Mr. Gibb3, :1 day .. aad railwuy f .or J , $11 .10. CtHics, muvo<.l in am~ndwrnt thnt t h01 n•porl JUSt rt-c~ iVetl Lu no[ nu\v nd- opt•·•l bu~ be rdtl rr,,d b.a..:l.; to the commitloo oC lhn whule wtlb irt:!lruc- liun.s to "trike out that [>3rt ofclause which rucomweuds tllat no uction bci tako•n ""' to lhu nssumin~ by thi• council of rh•' Canuin~ttou IJri.!en de- IDILntleol br two muwbers, tbere W dre Cor lh" lltnethlm.,ut Mo.."-'""· 1-:d- w .. rds ILIUI Gibl"', :.!. zo..·uy:t -lbssr:L llruomfi••ld, Urown, Cnrne~rir, Cbri.s- ti.,, ll<•nry , ltarciy, Ka;,.,r, Mu\\ bray, Millar, Ont ., J ul~· lith, 190•. Cb:·irm::n of th•· General Commit:ee Jubilt"e Cdebration. Dear Sit,-At a meeti~· o! the Whitby Ohl Bn,s. h~ld in the T emple Building la.st ni~bt, it w:.s moved by Ma_j()r A., G. Hendcnsoo, t~e<>onded by Me3:irs. \\i m. Epplelt and Ja.-.. Humphrey und ~.-­ solved - Firstly, tb:.t .-. cordu1.l ovo\\! ot \\\:o.n\i.'!'. \Je \~nn•i a·~•'r""" thl' hope that it Ill:\)" MOOn renlize its de,tiuy uf 1><•- wmi.~ \~e re:sid<:ntia.l town for the busint!&'l comwuoity of tlus great city of Totonto. · E. ~·. D. Ueadersutl, .-\.S.:Oi~t:l.Dtt ;Sec'y, W. (). .t). Chkoutimi. Qui'. Il:lilwa; Commission :.t \\' hitby. The Dominion B:\ilway Corumi.ssion came to Whitby last weet to •eon- Aider our three nilw~y et'O!OS'iDff'l. Nr. RPrnit'r \\-:ls aLJ.oMont. TM! eom- mistoion Arrivt"d by speel!ll train, ar:- eompAoied by Superintendent M~­ Gu~lln and other Gmnd Trunk orft- eilll8. The lo•..-n nuthorili<'-~ m et th~'m with ~~~rri~{zN• at the junc- tion l'l:ttion, ~ncl drovo the p:trty to the ee\"eral ero."SiOJ:~. The Tery daagerous one :.t the hot< crossing, leaclin;; to a. ta- n. lkCI,•ll:~n, a_,mulecl u t the moua olol-t ime pienic r:round on the B<'nnct r House tu atluncl " banquet !llkl! ..hore eo.~t of the' ~own. in plnoe gi,·cn in hiS:! honor. !!'or tho pa•t of having n eubw:ty, il to be made Bl"'en yetHti he has been u~oci.ated 1!..!\(~r M to ftpproll~hi'~ ::tnd an elec- with th•· branch uf Lb3 Slandnrd trio bell in5t:Uied. A vpry l:tr~e :.nd Haul.:. ll\llcrly us teller, but has re- nprcBentntlve gAtberi~ of county .sigoe•l to :orc<'pl a mana~;•rship in A'Dd townsh\t> eoancilloR nnd neigh- Lite Cro"n Jl;•uk uC Can.o•la. M,ayor ~ fnrm~.,...J;tt"'·r• fle<'Unod by ~-A: Jum~ll>!>i•l.,d, aud W. B. -:!liT • .J.-1' •. 1"£'_,... ::lr J:rM·werW&d \rjr Couch, on h.!hnlf of tile citizens, pre- the (A)r~tt ~~ Gen<'r:tl llpproval ~nted M.r. McClellan with n 110ld wM exp~""erl nt I he decisions ot the watch and c:h11.rru. .\ very flatteriag eommifld ont long-delayed justl<'e. nlll~ to be present. and t1hort speecl.t- 1'.3 followacl from D. lJ. Simpson, K. C. J . R. Young, C. l'. Clair, W:. 'F. All•n. K. C., William Cunu, Ll. D. M. Galbraith, llr. Colville, li. S. Uij:nam, Juhn J.yl~ . J. H. McMurtry and others.. Gee. 1'. J.o' rpeland •. 11:. C. Southey and A. Jlunly contributod liOD~tB. Mr . McCldl:on h :LS been nppoint.>d man~~;cr o( the branch of tb11 Crown Rant.: at Cumoor, Om, and i.s n son or Mr. ancl Mrs. Jnmll!l :Mo- Ciclluo, o! the ""uth wnru. It af- fords u.s much ple"-'!uro lo congratu- 1:\t., onr former townsman, who waa in town ovur Sunday. Town Council lloings. Til\' t"wn counci l ffi('[ 1:\st week, .-.11 tlw tbembcrs being preseot 61'Cept Mr. Culwill. A . letter ro:td from .Mr. Toole y • to tb,, c:ruSMillg oppo:litc the .:rindiog mill which h" inter1Jnllar Mf'rlin~: Gf thr bnnrd of pduention w:ts htld on "'ednest\."y t•Venin~r. ThPl'f' mrm'Or.rs "'"rc prl'- 1\l!nt - M,..._ • ..,._ U:trpPr, eh:tirm••n, Fl't'lltlf!On, o\Jcuillivn:r. Goldring, ~c­ Clelll\n. J.o'mc and llus::~ard. The I'IChool l't'port.. for .lunr show- ed 1\n avcrA~e ntbneiiC'no Rn•l c::>re· tnll:.'t for in<""'"~ 3{ .._,lnry be not ~rrnntet it hntl i>l'en Mr. Hobson """ured th« adoption .ntim:>ted to h :m lhllt ~h'"-n wM uf 'th" n lpurl of the finan<'o · eom- tUlttl Anxiou,. tlo~t the morlpl ..chool mittoo, reeowmeu•ti~ tho t•ayment of t.honld continue to be locueol nt pt.IO to S . ll. :Sewton for extn Wbltbr. nn•l ~lllliCNted the p~~L•nl:f! printing, awl lhn followilli{ amounts of f motion <':tllintt Uj)On the eecrp- for aerviooa na coostableo; durinv the tnry to write the O>:.-t 111 vccw. On s. Va•toue on Job '!';_ coalql -. motion o( Me~~l":". FugU!>OD 1\Dd Gold- - 0 .-...- ar ~.. ·- this <' u t It H. l'hlSI.;t!tt St. 'I hi! rl'J)Qrt ul:so re- rt.._, ~ n.e Wl" - " . en. cuwmended tha t tlw trc"-"urur pre- Kr. GoldnOR IL'llt~ lf 1t would not (l:lrll nnd ha vo prioteJ a citcul;lr for bo ,....,u t~ adverf~-~e . for a. m~l dlst ributiou ;•mong l.truk llr~ and roc>hool """'"lnnt, in VI~W o.f .M'"" monetary iu~titution.:~ u.-;kin.,; for len- Vaa V~l~enbursr • . •n apphc:nnt Cor t.lur.-. for tbu purcha.sll u( the SG3,000 the poo~ of tliia Greeawood ii!Chool. On mottun o( Mr. 1u" •. """' l ·.•utlllJIC Uell'• not lea•·e it IO ttl¥ ,-,.rge of the :.t;"nin~. l'h., m e mb.,,.,. uf t;IUU, in ac~o•· oC thr opinioo th,.t-. Dl'W cisiun r,·achml ut .1 former IUeetiQil wort couly S9 Our S(l.OO euits al'1! well known. They :.re a. great sn:tp. hilt thi" week we reduce our prices oepeci3lly for home comers.. There are ei.x d iffer- ent lines. and they can be ecen in our window. Bargain Dny price SG .. ~lrn's hot we:t.tber unde~nr • ...... .................. Special $1 au it Keu'a waterproofa in a dart gny color, nlTet oolla.r, ~iated: euffa oa elNYea, aenms are aowa l.a tape; ~y are IJUa.-aateed fro1111 the faotory. ...... ...... _ Specinl $!). Men's blnct C:lfihiiMire 110ek9, regu- lar price 25c. --- f:OR 20e. All nre corcli:Uty invited to the New Bargain Store, as it is no trouble for our ~oodll and pricee. It g.,W,. are not eatidaetory, money re:unded. us to ehow LOCAL IMPfiOVF.MR~TS. - Tl\lte notice that the Municijt:tl Counr.il oC tho Corpor:>tion oC the Town oC Whit- by intenil1.1 to eonst ruct upon t be followilll{ ... 1 r!'CI~. vi•.- l)untlll.s :51. h • .o t \\'llPR C"nt re nnd K .. nt streets X. side , "~' im:tt~d CO-'< I. &170. Gilbert St. hcl w~en llro<'k nnrt Athol St."·• S. ~iel t•, c~ tinullt.•d co~t. f.100. Ui~knry Sl. from Dunala." to Mary E. eide, c.o;tim:~.trtl co.~~ l}~!!O. Mary St. from nruck to P e r.,. Sts., N. eidc, ""timalt•O!t, SlOOO. PI. BRESLIN. COAL GRAIN I ) SEEDS J. :H:. DO'W'NEY & CO. by tho Court. J. D. Mitebell, Cb:>ir- m:tn of t:treeta. Jo.,.eph \Yl.tite, Town Clert.-12-t. • ' Mr. Miteh~ll :~trccts report, wl.tic4 reoom- cooded hy Mr. H~l!itllnl. t~ f!('hool m t!nt.lc<.l thu fulluwinl{ necouiiU (or mAft"8f'menl eomm11tf'e wa" tnslrucl - I"'YIUent - John MacCurl work til_ ed to Ill Oll<'e malt• :til r ea,.onabte· nl- G7; lloltt. l'l; .. ~kdt, w~rk, fl .. !lli; paira, but to 811bmit _ _ nn utim:ttc of \\'111. Uarri;.~, work, ~l.~U; u~nr;- Law- the . ell.~pnsM of rCA'!I'I:trv OJ\ o.c count s~.90; l',•rer Underwood, teatDiOII, 0~ the Gov .. rnmf'lll thuatenin« to $G.5U; S . Van>itonu, tc nwinv, $8.~; Wll~holcl_ th~ ~r.tnt un:.,,._~ l h~ ll)'m- J . l\'. K=tun, town 4ull e lectric light, n;t~hiiD.'" rnnurt't< corner w.u l~fl in t ·b Air. _Mll~tht ,.u, too, ~ nd han<.~.< of lltu "troel oo>uo11Jillt>ll tu .lea~ :tu" Wit: Jlroh:tbly "'"" to ton•l~r~ lae- with,• ull roport"d 1011 ' '-"k<'tl !or. thnt llr. Al clain.ucl to hav., puid . fo(r_ llul{~nrcl brot.~h_t up o. Q~lll 'l· fu1· th" tile u.:.t~d io tho old drain. lton "~· tu . huw l'trlnu_• pr~m~t 1oos o.nn t h" proj>l\rly nbutli~ lh·J rc un, a nti tu br henefil· IAy the enid llt\Sn.•>st'Crlaint•'ritla)'3 :aocl ~'lurdnys during July And Aug- ust. .J. E. Farewe ll, G. Y. Smith, llow & McGillivray, D . Onnis ton, .J:>mP" Hutlodge. Dated July 6th, 1904--11-4. Lsarn Short~and at Ho~ns Tho w:~tter of optlning up t be .str-eet !muting from tho w .. .st end oC 'tbe Dew 14tatiuu wa~ di..:tcu~t!tl, i)ut u• tJao m ember" ""'""'"I to t bink the .-.. Wl\a a tlatlt{cr in tr.Ldiull ott the ~ro11nd, a moliun WitS adottttO<.l to lldk tbe towa .:IC.Ilicitor tu rt~purt urun quC~~ttioa.. wore 1n:uh' 10 thfll t'OIIn~ aat~ lR.!i5llt u tt-. Tbf! m.1ttco r wa" h•ft on lhfl t:>lllu for (nrth<' r c-:.nsidcration . if dremed no- Cf'NI\r~- . A T:JCTION SALES. 8EXHLL IIOU~EIIOLD DYES The&e Dy611 will dye Wool, Cotton, Silk, Jute or 1\llxed GOte you perfed. OBTAIN niGHER SALARY. Mr. John Smith hu an lldYertisc- lll••nt in tbi.:i i.:iduea :s10ying h11 is pre- pared to buv &Crap iron, bmd!l, lead, <'LJ•th•r, ·zinc. llont)o:i, rui.Jbera, r..lg:t, L•l••., to ho weiHlted on tho town lltlU.les. S .lC him nt J tu. Long'" .-.Lore. Thn water t'ommis.sion~ra ad"reu- ed· too c:oun.,il re.spel'tiu~r the ale ot th,, wat,,rwork.s d~bentur.., by ;.. guilllt a circular to wouied indirid- S..turrl:ty, July ltith. -r Elt tho ho11r of '-'<'Vf'n i n thl' .,v.,ninft in th" Couur.il Chnmllt'lr Lor tha purpo.'IO of h t>:t riiU! complnint~ a~tnia'lt t lw proposml ns~rssmt"nl, or nct.Url\cy of lh,, frontn~rn m,.n,.u rr- m e nU.. or nny oth<'r compl:tint whir.h opersons inlcr<'.-.t<'•l m11y cl .. s iro io make, ancl which i'< h_,. Ia w I'OHili•able colounat . W. J . H. RICHARDSON'S Faocy Geods Storn. CireuJAlion is what adverti.sera Shorthand ia oowadna lndispen- Bible to e•e.rybodr. Utili•e 11paro tim~. Very 'mOderate fee. We pro- cure positionrs, "-' rite fo>r free book- let. Cenlral (A)rreapondeme C-ollt"ge, 2l5 Temple Cbambere, uals. Tbi;.~ wus agreo.t . to. w-ant. .We )lave ~t. 7-26. Templo AYeaue, Loudon, E.O~

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