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Barrie Examiner, 24 Oct 1912, p. 2

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=31 .00, Pang: ILCI. 7 -I Ornlha Too 5 1, I would call 1119 very ggunt : capacity. and, , A committse of Detroit aldermen ilnvestigating coal shortage, iound 224 cars of coal standing in Windsor railway yards intended (or Dctx-nit, `and charge that coal dealers are at- - tempting 3 how up. Bishop Stringer, ol the Yukon. in 1 .\I:\nu[.1lurc-I or - Sash,`Doors, Bligds, Frames Band Snwinn and ..n L-inch: -1 mo..- I Band Sawing and all kinds of Plan- -[iug done to order. Dry Kiln Lumber 1 ikept In-stack. cisterns made to or- . der ` . . tempting 3 1 ?add.rcssing the 'Ang}icsu 1 nvmontreal, conrmed the . a race of blonde Eskimosylived in the ::Arci .iu circle and exhibited their [photogx-apbs. He zso told oi the successful work of missionaries among 1 `other tribes. l hf Foal. Sec }'.':`x.3iwx:31iL~`;(i|1u?::`;i ifxllneliii = SHIPPING HORSES to the West XI) R R .-< H I we 1: nu:-p .\~m: n HORSES `INSURED t\x' ipsx Dcnlh {mm D wen.-;c or Accident slurp: 1 U 1: Ix 5 ll 1 K E INSl'KA.\`C1 C0 .|A. F. A. MALCOMSON . n.i1u - mem: mm wmcn I20 try, to mun ma '1 " Government. into granting all-sorts`c/I 1 1-nri nwnrg. Thev declare that the 5 corner St. Unthleriue Street.` iloncreai . Canada, and Wullington, D. 0.. U. S. A > THOMAS ROGERS . . ~ \.\..-..-...m.= u.__ Anyone nan aim; in akutzh nnd cunt?! man an. quickly uceruun _o-u- oplnlon rmo w utlmt an lmenuon In vrohablyrnwnmme. ommuu-.3 mu urmly conauem n.L HANDBUD. nu nut. :enL nee. ohucs: agency for accunng nuance. . Patents taken turmmh Munn & cu. rnut& notice, \vnhaun charge. in tho Qhionfin` Elmmoinan \m.wn van a y3ar.pos1axe pmyam. sold In all mznsuuualors. MIINH 8. !3u._wm=~=v- Haw Yul? _l!-ranch Omw. 0.5 B` St` Waumxmou. D. C.- ]S~;c0tt 5! . 755% s5ss.'.;,.s" .. ` 'C::Pvmm-n's &:t ning at`. .`.. .?.".E`.`?..'.$. .`3.E`.`:?-'. .`.Z .. . .. .".`R`cf .in$`3.{`..`3:"`:-1`. rnzeuus unxuu Lurmmn Munn 3 cu. rno& npeclat Sciemiiicmericaae U0 .5 hnndaomely 9.LIns:x-need weekxy. m c_:g ............ ..- ...- .....m... a....... . m MEAFORD - WEBB s Under-taken` and Embalmer Open my ma night ' I c. u. smglggghggsgo. ; Phone 8:. Horseehoeing No. 55 Bayeld street mnnni fa Ram: Sh-not L121: Japan I-{cum-uni: Wes: Indies. etc. ` These dralts can be drawn in sterling, francs, marks, lire, kronen, yen, tnels, roubles, etc., according to the money of the country in which they nrc payable- This enables the payee tobbtain the exact nuiount intended. QILEQI3`-" QQARILPELI V ' A NUBGET! v0Uf% READHNG NEEDS It will be money in y 1- pockets, farmers, to hnve% repairs to machiuey,' et(:., done at tglxe New Foundry, next door to Tannery: w. G..ANDRvEW.'~ `-Mu.nutnctu|-er oi- L. F. ADDISON Innhnn n-E uh-.11.. BOOK STORE _:-.\ .lj-'`.|._,I `; l"- `T 7'PTLY sz 5:59 5i A M: W 1: L i S'upm.u:r; AT` and Vlg0I' (15 5LIUll' LIWULSIUN. - It is the essence of natural body- . nourishment, so medically perfect that nature immediately appropri- ates and distributes it to every organ, every tissue-`-feeding, nourishing and restoring them to normal activity.` _ SCOTT S EMULSION i: nnf n SCOTT'S EMULSION is not 8 patent medicine, but is nature's body-x1ou1"is11meut with curative, tipbuilrling properties and without a drop of drug or alcohol. tains superior cod liver oil, the hypophosphifes of lime and soda with glycerine, and is so delicately emulsied that it enters the system without digestive eort--builds, tones and sustains. Viv L l\ Ad: I .. n. ..l. A 9;"... ...-...... It con- [DECS ancl SUSCBIIJS. Affer croup, whooping cough, measles and other child ailments it is nature's ally in restorilfg lxealth. After rrrinne nr nnon}n?\nin it Afieranytkms , . . 1 . . _ M , A . . -141" ..m.~..-.. 1._-v.1_ 1 1 nothing so rapidly restores health . and vigor SCOTT'S EMULSION. . '15 nature 5 any m restormg nemrn. _ After grippe or, pneumbnia it : imparts strengtlxraud health,` and " for colds, coughs. sore, tight chsts I fimparts nucx guypc uh yucuululua u. I` ( coughs, tight and throat troubles sco1'1"s CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, s1'2,-so,ooo. % CANADIAN BANK '! % OF COMMERCE A AA} 1J.|.\LLI.` La 1.11.` .1` U11 \JLV \uUU;V .l.l\.l.l.`4D Drafts on the pncipal cities in (db? following `counu-ie_s issued without e.ay: H , > ; 51.00, Pa` able ln.Advanco 1 1.50, if Not so Paid i Iiemlutances should be made to 1 .1 A, Mm-Lnren. Publisher of r Current Ceznmeiiff DRAFTS ON FOREIGN COUNTRIES rrnftn nn the n'rim-in.-1| pith-4: in u fnlinwims nanny:-.'-a hen.-:1 xx-Scum .J\FlIU\Ill H. GRASETT. Pganaoterlf .|nu::1::n relustr, asucu anu unucr nun-1 Uish, removed regularly. Fromm isanitanv standnoiut alone. the ser- . uu.muuuumgeu_ at me resuu: oz me Macdonald bye-election. It says:- ` To have carried 1\Ianr1nn:a1 fnv rnvi_ L `_ye:1.u', (mu szxowea that there has been . no weakening in the cause. The con- : istitueucy is partly in the residential Eluortion hr wz'nm'n-.:+.. u;_. ,-..--. '1 I I 1 mmauy nrpugnt on` at a time when 11 the farxers were busy, which prcntd S_ ed many reciprocity votes being poll- ed. The Manitoba govemmmt barn 1 Proliably the political history '0: the I 1955 generation recnrd: 'nn V'nI\l'n 41...: section being divided between French! poruon of Wmnipegcity, the/'rurali` and English. Tim mhf mm. :..+... L}3.'!JB.Cl'E. CBIBDTBLEE lEB DBUODBJ '~I`hanksg-iv-ing on Monday next. The C year has been one of g'reat'ind\l5tI'18-1 -nrn=nA'l'H v wi+h few disnutes between. umn case of the prostitui ma_chi~uery of justice to 1 poses. No mm (`n nu: Doses. No one can object to fair - ghting, hqwevqr hard, -but when 7 5 British justice in 5: Rv~iM`<-H v--r~-H`--` pause and consider. This is a matter that `pales into tinsiguicance that of 'Iwi-deir markets. and 1'1: .. am-1. M1,... .w W1`1E!I` markets, and (is 3. dark bl the political record of Canada. ' recipropity, the `fight will go 1; Wusual. and as mire as: Hm mm us: must come to the Prairie Pro- .` _> vinces; if not reciprocity, then`: ' what 7" - I C L Defnlcatzions already aggregating: the huge sum of $5,600,000, and Con-\ sbantly increasing. have been unea.rth- `, I ed, in the offices of the Gp.nd-'n:.mp.n. `canny sold. The manager of the clompzvny has disappeared. ` Sir Rodolphe Forget denies that he ` Iwill smrn-ndnr nnn nl Hm l'n1n r\mn.m- ed`!n the Gan-d-Temeu ' za-n Harilrqnd in Belgium, through tho accidental discovery or false share certicates among R. small mircel re- L;Uuh|:l VaLl\'E 1-agarzuess oi` the" The ` redprocity supporter no reason fn fF9'Ir1ai=r~nnrn-and ] ,'th~a_ construction of additions to |}bui1dings )1 : order to make.an 1: [date shoe factory, and will, t The Barrie Examiner `, lipf 19 hours each. an ;.'ar3=, 1914 :9 J`;-t I _ la:1st`_75` hands. " night the Town Council put the n-`Q1 ishing touch to the negotiations that?` `have been in progress for some weeks), company willjmg 75 wihv Pay-!| 1 roll of 530.000. I Th Rn:-vv-uwr Tnrhnafv-(ale: m.a1a.'n} E, Shoe Factory RIF,` CITII } ycar salary, $43.75 ; Fred Reynoldall for use of Orange Hall for meetfmg, 1 : ` $2.00 - Wm. Reid, shovellin `snow on ` . E 211:1 sideroad, $4.007 Chas. Wice, Ontario Bridge Cow $400 ; Thus. Sproul, 57: yards gravel, $5.70 ; Fred M. Wzgmica, gravel and work. on T01- lemlal. bridge, $79.10; Wm. H. Neiley, 49 yards grave1,`$4.90 ; W. F. Wench, ' :bonus on 120 rods wire fence opposite ]Machi11e Co. of Canada, 310 for bl fie): gralder; John Nixon, 10 y: gravel, $1.00; John`Gibbcrns, v '1 on 2nd sidxeroad, $6.50 ; Joseph '1 iwork and gravel on 2nd sidem `unis b` nus 0 Thus. 5 line, $29.20; George, Hewson. dram- ing iron for Tollendal bridge. $5.00 ; Wm. H. Martin, dra.Wing*cement from Craigvale to Thbrton for `gidewalk, $12; Louis A. Nelley, part payment on" Stroll-d sidewalk, $300; Wm. |Motion-'I`hnt the error .0! $3.76 in {the tax of the Bell Telephone Co. land $1 dog tax of Wm. Bogard's be remitted. Mot1ou-'l`hat this Council ues to Suuer 10ss- might have added. reduced uremiums." \,'\ r_, The Uhitgdjjfdtes govamment may ` ta`:e om fa]. n6tice or the arrogant I a:ttitude'%g ne government nnd `mass (21 erunv toward American from the Town. ` Thc Company to qmploy from .1st of February, 1913 to 1st February, . Lu: uuuw I:uuuu.Auub' are .comp|wu women the young yyu with. ' . _ {girls of his congreg -If the Company does not expend [spirit in which it is $7000 on additions and` alterations be- 1m.e_tken`_ 3.3 3 1-emin` Innisfil Council. ' 7 7 7 ' """_ " |lUulCLL'll HI} After the agreement was read rum t.o_do1 3 Reeve Kg W51 unamidmcgslg agrtlpiece also _' "19 `on X_ _ ' T11? .coin bcin: d K11 members present, with the`|i in the chair. The following-ac * 1 were orcleied to be pai :*1 s } year salary, $93.75; post-17 1, $2.40; Geo. Kneeshaw, 20 gravel, $2.00 ; David Taylof, on 25 rods wire fence, $3.75`; I` (IL I! By-_L_aw `Passed W $1.75. On motion, the ` a consent` to the plan` oi ; of part of lgts 26 and th 6011., as lwid out by A. E to the town free e purchaser. 0 occupy the pram-I 5 made. ` . [ PAEE TWO ` ~Dr. McLeod's Lirth, and the wom'en ;` 7 and girls of the congregation nmrked"- yum happy event by n gilt which the '3 Hvenerable Doctar found awnitin: him 'l From The Women of St. Andrew's On!` Atialning His 72nd Year. q....4-.. .. n 1 u _A, H... ilove-t.oken`, 51 reminder of ur Love'F. Harm` ' ` for him. The pm'ce\-the pocket con- Lynch C f _ \|tents, the note. and T11) goodnwishes BMW` >n:_" ' lanniversaries of this date, Octoberll -| 1`w_entieth. The qualities of head and _ `mind win a.-dm'ira Lio'n-the_qua1ities of , _[Mr5. McLeod and himself, in wards of , `deep appreclatipn, his grateful thanks '5 alter the great thoughtlulness and 1 fliinduess of the donors. /ll/4 to mountain top, his \'i5"l0n'f[`equent- for indictable o and 47 for` 117 obscured by the clouds and the minbr infractions of the law. Of the mist? 1m ~'11 he finally F95`-5 W5h 53*-i3 ' 13 crhrljnal cases ve were for assault . faction n the pleat sunshine at. thejiour of which were brought in {mm summit and sees what is left behin `outside points to be trim by Magis- gan herefand 46 years since h begam "`-"'=.Va ugu-ms. e=w- J to preach the gospe1-his first sermom eight f W059 0'1t"ibt9d 531 being; in 5 cellar `in the s1ums'oi I165 and costs. and two a Glasgow. He wished to say that h nollth "in the County gnol. hae to-day a, far` higher and clean; were seven cases oi breach of Them was a me in the nOn_p,e1at1cience,- two were outsiders who churches when ministers themselves bF0B'hl" 135111151` '50 WWII and attempt` thought and were taught to think ed to `sell, one , was aglnst 5, drug- more highly of their order than they gist W" `5 keelymg M5 P*`95`'3l"'-1 ` do` now. some ministers seem to Y-`P1Y led, and the other Was a I think it mark of broad-mindedness."hip-pocket" purveypr who incurred to conceal as much as possible the a penalty of $200. Tllere were two met that they ara.ministers. 1`hev Wvicons for trespass. two for engaged in the common work or the world. There have always been from V the earliest days in every enllghtensd nation men set apart 1:_o tench relig- ion. Without _such, religion would die. The scarcity at such men ln..tbe _ frhe manufacturers, anu everynouygx who has an \axe-`to grind in the way 1 -of !lnc!'wased- protection or ressti-ng ' any reduction` in {he tariff, have used I: the result in Macdona-Id as an am;:u- I1 n 93 dealsrfuu-d the thirteenth case was Twe.n1;y.eigm; yea,-shis E 3.,m;u ft the resuvlt of the fracas on the steam- tinn of time in the 1-011 of Centuries er Islay, when a drunk attempted to but it very`n5i-derablg and impel-(-I .hrite one of the hands on the boat. ant section 3,, the me of an indivm Thirty out of the forty-seven `sum- unl nl` oven nf n hnnvrzation. This `nary collvictmns were for "Creating! or even of a `gong;-egaon` This convictions "Creating; e h-gspassed since his ministry M, Disturbance," Which includes drunk, ince he `1i50i`Er1a ghting. etc. Twenty- pfgnach g,,s,9e1_hi3 of $318.50 in l g the morning service, Dr. | , who was. deeply moved utl III` of aectidn on the part of, So it should be WW ~ se of the xoreigner. who struck a 5415 the F93 `331'I`y them! . dow compaiot for ``doing' him I ` and nearer to the has Jom; at his wagps. seven boys were! utouli". McLeod igieg-g_ They cornvictions c1;.eap_ and preach or the Health Act, ` 5 men whose mg profane lung-uaVg_e, one was :9. long one. and darkness {ell be-_ _ fore it was completed and ncccssitat-I Jed the postponement 0:` the iumninz Two tcams from the Lower School \'.`C:`c the lirst to play. That captain- ed by Miss N.-ildred Humphrey detent- :_tJ. the one_ 0! which Miss Victoria 100 yards.` by Junior boy lGnl1ag~her, Willrid McDonnell. 100 yards, by Intermediate Geo. Clark, Gordon Bell. 1' Bicyclc race, A m`ih2, for Junior` 1 boys--Ear1 Bogardia, Otto Gallagher. 3 Two-mile bi(fyc1a_race-Chas. I,_.owe, Ezm. Parkhonlsle. payame., nus enables the to ` EA-RRIE.-" BRANCH 10 ust completed his` returns. and t1 {show a mntkecffalllng o in the n Iber of convictions made in comp 3`!son with other years. The1:e were I ,lGood Afternunn's Spar! Enjoyed byyl ` the Students. , 1 Pcrlect weather favored the B. C. I. ! students for the Field Day on Friday, v `fund a tine afternoon : sport was en Fine Field Day M I-Inn ` \quor Act, three these being `viola-` 1 'tioris in other municipalities brought . -` here by the Inspector tor conven-V ,. ience; outsiders who ing language, for vag- rancy, one for cruelty to animals, one for obstructing the highway, one for riding bicycla on- the sidewalk, and one under the Neglected Ohildre-n a Act, ` I. ' l 1 l NO 'J_RAMPS IN ORILLIA `-(orinia Times) '7`... un- on -1 '"A't"t'i'ae 3.0.1.} - satisfactory. All pumps should be in ( - one building. Capacity of pumps 32 I I per cent. short 0! that required by truck should be installed. There " should be twenty men in re brigade, eight of whom, including the chief, should be lully paid, and in constant A attendance at Fire Hall, day and i night. Should be Your horses at Fire 5 any ofus could nd cauaes,:or com- I plannt, but these can be more easily ( hnrnp if we but allow ourselves to re- , |They re After I . . H Fire Underwriters 'Ask lany Improve- mants in that Town. . E I -NL. 23:... tvn,:.........:a._....- ....-_:....--_ . E t '_ provements they desire made in the '2 Barrie re ghting equipment, is after :4 ,'0riIl1a also, and writes the Council '1 "uate work in. British Hospitals and ` having served as Clinical Assistant I in Golden Square Ear, Throat and Nose Hospital, London; ' Royal. Lan- DR. J. A~ '0. EVANS, PHYS] Surgeon, etc. Coroner tor ( . of imcoe. Omce and 1325 ...?:-:----j-- DR. E. G. TURNBULL, (McGILL) (S1_1ccesa`or to Dr. R. S. Broad) Of- uce and residence, corner Elizabeth DR. MORTIMER LYON. 122 Blue: St. W., Toronto. late of Brooklyn, (N.Y.) Eye and Ear Hospital will be at 67 Owen Street, Barrie, every lol` a term as resident Sur- _ Royal London Ophthalmic 1; Bristol Eye Hospital Byla- i Birmingham Eye Holpitul, hum; former Mumbar oi Brit- ndex-writers` Association Montreal, conrmed` Ct y sent 3 long list ol im- Svelnnsson. the Arctic e '5 Eskimc ARTHUR ROSS L. Edinburgh; M.F.P. & SI1rgeon-Eya, Eu`. 1 and Throat. tari favors. They declare the contest was fought. purely on the 2 tariff question-the wider markets ` nnlir-v nf the Liberals ag`ai11st- the.

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