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Barrie Examiner, 17 Oct 1912, p. 5

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Mrs. May, we-re givan, and t.he_ma.1e; ;;uartette_wa:s also much ,approcia/tod. ; Addreascs_wcre given `by Revs. Mr.- 3 supper, under the auspices of the Lddids Aid Society, on Monday evg.n- ing. was well attended and thorough- :"1y enjoyed. 'I1ze chdh`, undo; the! '1y 3 lenulcrsbip or 0. Mn.y,_x-emlexed choice}( selecticms. . Solos by Mrs. Mnv and II ` ._So1os by May il ', Miss Elsie Rayner ; dauett by M.r..-and fl _ Mrs. May, the male `I umn-noun. ` . The "Dutch Supper? will ' he _held 1 in the <:I<]_Ructory on Monday aft;-r- noon and cvcning, and will be servg : sent to the Church not later Icfrirday. Decorating of the E Cb W111 be done on Saturday -_ noun.` ion, Craigvalc. The mnv~1hr\.r~: nnrl .3`; ) Bureau of the Canadian :,- East, Torontq. or to and all information. s;D. Watson, Preenvdent at the Bradford 1 . imnrsh Dxwinnge 00. Bemre the mach ` ing these men will be shown over a 1 NOTTAWASAGA DRAINAGE 3 Those interested in draining the low 1 - lands along the Nottawasuga River, i have arranged for a. public meeting 1 to be held at Edenvale, at 2 p.m., alto p.m.>,' :]Oct. 25. when addresses w-1 be given 1 I [by Prof. Day, oi Guelph; Alex. 1 zmtive Cmxzpauy. Th: `1:\.'1tuinr,'.`. urn (lesigned for `route between Port Home 2 Pre5ident-Mr. W. H. Ardell. Vice Presia`le:1t--Miss Taylor. Secretary Mr. Oaks. mg is, *Isa(ah s Vision and . ' and in the evening, "Loyalty x :sua." V . St- George's Church. {time 508$ on. But a short time ago a A. Y. P. A. has elected ufders Eh '33 3W5'dd the contract for an 51,6 ensuing year as gallows :_ `armory at Mcaford, then came anoth- , A cow dam not carry on an argu- | men: very obatinatexy; it will soon . gjivo whey. . ' . _ | I Cows seem to do-protjzy weu,Hto`r I even at death they generally manage - to make both ends ' meat. I can't IRE BARR}: mgmxnn 'l !l'!lSDAY, OGFIPODE 17, 1511 _ . it will nat stretch itseli an: 3 it does not go sofa as that. carry wardens, an envelope for your thank oering, which you will make ac- cording 118 Gad -has proqps.-re?! you." with your `prayers and prmises nt- the L the head of the table in the Ark (sol ' say g.rv~cmvolog'iats), because she! ' was the only animal that could cqlve. I The cow' is 13. good mother, and will I contract there isn't a, business man in Barrie who would give the work to a 'liveryman when he could have it ito The Mail and Empire, will cost ,$19,000'. Mr. Tom is evidently in on .ithe ground i1oor_-Gc}}lingwood Bull- } etin.' tics. . " A` now like: reatziug. -It will aladp in` its shed and lie on the gram, but itseli an as cowch : the cow is not 2. `na.uti'ca1 animal. It] looks a`.`tax' ccwm . E - Gowns has a- reg;Ltba`e\_n_:ry year, yt " Ah the magic tduch of RE-NU-ALL three `things 1'mp1$cn--all dirt, dust, andgreaso is licked up -the original polish returns-:evc_ry germ and. microbe is KILLED.` - ' V ' ' uuu . 5; sum: I . , _ V . ` , V I . It is s simple, yet so _ef'ective. It is only necessary to prepare a. cheese- , cloth du`ster with RE-NU-ALL--"und dust! " K 9 'Y0li? too, `will lpok Back 611 the day of soap-`m`1d- Wut,e1-, Spring and Full Hq11seclea.ning,,_zm'd marvel how youjever got -alotxgyvithout RE-NU-.A.LL--' the \`Jondo1*fg11 preparation that felieves housework of all its dy:udge1'y. ` pendencc of God and the it tempt to do as we please. Let me urge thc unon vc T?mMa2i > No mu'sc1'e-tiring.scx-ubbing-no_exE3,1.L~;ting polishing ' --no air-upoluting dust iaised. Just a. wipd over with yqu1"RE-NU-ALL duster and the surface is RE-NU-ED, whether it be 91 paint; enamel, or nietal. Your grocer, d1.-uggist`, hardware 61' furn. spa: iture dealers keeps RE-EU-ALL in 3'sizes-- 25 cents, 50 cents and $1. ' L Cal-1:r_=l_i'a;1.1__VIoo(Al Pdlsh Co. _ Find out for_ yourself.- Wit T;0?ujfh X111-: 4) . I cm. at help t!`.Zukin1;`( that the appalling L1ir:as`Ater_in than North Atlantic one Sunday night in j April, when over 1GUO_ souls` perislu.-:1 1 at sea, f;h1`0ug11 the loss of the "Ti- , ( tunic" was undtlxer can from Gmn`. was from ( tb bring men tq repentance, for 1' many or us has entered a spirit of which is materialistic: ha.viu,r; 3 form of Got.'.'2nL>ss knowing of its `mm. The s thw day is adven`ture_; its'L to forget. God; :1 spirit t scrited by thewvords of the A soloist, will sing at both serices. A [1 zlmnlmtrermg will be-.x~ece'ivcd iu_the I bcrtory. . L1 The Ttentnr 11:: i::um1 Hwrs fr\'Hr\'.\n`v1r! ~' nnnvm: Festival. `Praying that; the Lord of the I .769`: will `be With us 3-nd nnrur nu I-Ic:::.*cr.`.y Father. I We are living in an age the spirit ` material

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