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Barrie Examiner, 17 Oct 1912, p. 4

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ed to Barrie. Au ms` {He no new eu- joye excellent health till the last twb years. Death came quite unex- pctedly as e ant in~ ls chair after: dinner. interment took. place `at ii emphasized most fora` ibly in these new Fall and Winter" ' Q n n L n m a n m n . - n cl px ...35c or 3 pairs $1 oo ue IDIKB. rrlc . ...$1.5o, too THE. HARDWARE &. s'1o\/E `MAN Are the Two Fu-e1-Sgving Ranges Manufactured I11 CANADA Pa11dor_a Cast Range A T Supreme ` Steel B339? A Guarariteestands Behind . Every Stove We Sell See Our New Line of Sin-9 gle and Do_ubIeT Heaters tiEAT'1NG[sToyE%% IF YOU wA.NT.~A .` I Ha ,5 I no: zumu nan rnuvcu L0 uxunge ` h Ffoilowing in.-mily : ` Oct. v14'-Miss Andie Rcdfrn was `F. 'Avgmue for the winter. - .`'n 1 ta Fred, and Harvey, of Bu1"1'i'6;>I'c<:ent .visih_ 'ith friends at`Big`' Miss Kirkpatrick-pent several days D805 Algxe, of Cochrane; Damon and Mxs Bray Pamt. . ` ` - `with Torgnto [['i(_`'ndg ,-een1;1y. `Gent 1 IV! (En auigpted (1815'1BT3 at ' M195 L8-um F1'I.:`1l?011 i imfoving] Robert Great: and family, of Belle-ion ` The followmg brmthers and, 51stcrs",m,r hm recent m.ngss_ ":,v.1-119, am spmding A `M, days with Th ..i*`__ "_E ` _ Frank ` WY,"31F| Mrs. Peacock. ns scrma. mu-..+. . .. Iricnrds in town and criuntrv-_ Hinvi ~ bcrn at Crown Hill in 1837, being I -on Vof- :1 "family of e-`xgkit sons and eight dagghters. One dxughtr died at the age of four, `and `Mn Luck was R. Ford, of Minesing, took the ser- ' vice at the house. Rev. Dr.- Lzmgfeldt 1 and Rev- Canon Murphy oicintlng at ` `tho Chm-ish and grave. !( I > . I E ChiT FOR FLETCHER'S\ c_:%A s -r 0 an A % . uvga - $57,000,000 xew mys wxm xrwnus nere. , [ John W. Jwcks. of Craig-vae, mxde Don't forget . the aunivmvary here` on ' a `business trip to LGITOY on N0'B'dn-Y- mm' 911115111 Oct 20311 REV. G- N'- Grey.i Wood moving and numpkin pulling of Thornton. will conduct both se1'- ,is the order of the dav in containl -51. Mr. Smy` has had an 2 of I I71`=l1F'i5'S'. but -is nmproving. g 1; The many friends of W511 E fzjicnds Walter Jo] y,g|$tO' and Miss Mary Bremaner v y be D1?lSB (1`tO..hE8.T of their marri: vices, at 2.30 and 7, p.m. puts of the Miss Cremcta Smgly is seplously ML and 1 ill in the R. v. Hospital. ` _ ` - Swan, in M, Mr. and -Mrs. John Sueera snout ..,_ I `John Spears spmtllkmd; on ',,m,.,,` from the E Slnadiiy with ftndl 31: IVyu nhmaral at gtmnd, x ` Mr. Rowe, ct Golvell, was 3 Blur ~ " 5`! '` ' "9"i` ' '` :|hi:'fn(x;n-i1(1}uilnM:`)Tr:nPt:`<:,.t End ml; Mam Reggie Bzley luau mm`, Your corruepoudnnt am! I'm cure -1 !ot1unet$cut-I1B hand had]! on 3- an M16 commmy wads Wm X "9 bmkeu Ems mt "Bk 'mmny tr; the musty ofzn mm mm` dagmmg Mm! 18 .t`h om 0` we Hiilm. Th-o funeral -nu from Cvsig-'1'. . ,_,, |:L4\4`. l_Qo1es last week. . ., `{ Miss Wyles, who has been tour |Eng1and and the Cdntincnt, ca] ",here for a few davs 1-n was er- `Bton's lif.t1e`baby, which took 1 , last Saturday `morning. ` > Mrs. -`Le-unox, of Ivy, and Pac`; of Califcrhia, visited me slnn` of `E.d\vard Luck and JaIc:`Cl'I'n`d1e's- ` A year ago he suercd a'hel_`g Ke1l,. whov were among the pioneers slight strqke of paralyzus, but had `me, who hewed homesg for thanselve re`cov__ex-ea from it in a. large measure. in V 1;-om} thg {must that gtrytchgd uonglon Saturday night he was in Barrie, R` the P-aanetanz aaf Mr. Luck wss,a111mrent1y in `his W51 health, but; the 9 .HeV. Mr. Mason, of Toronto, preach- 3led an interesting tmperance sermon` gin St. Thomas Church on Sunday > Im>I`m"ng.. ' . Mrs. Walton, of Toronto, a 3 with Mrs. Flaherty last _week. )I .Rev. Mr. Masnn, nf "Fm-m.+,. . Rev. I. G. Bpwl-as, of Barrie, con-1` ducted Thanksgiving serviceat Zibn 1 Methodist Church on Sunday nrter- -1 noon. v E. c. Drury,'of ` Crown Hill. 1 g in Collier Street Church, Barrie,'1a5st`5| ) week. They report very be!pfu1"am-1 1 g deeply spiritual sessions. )1 I V Oct.` 13-Mrs. 0'.Brien, of_ _' Woods," is viating in Toronto. Norman Van Norman nf AI`-'c ; Wendell Gr-ah-a.m, of T1 , Sunday in this village. Rev. G. Bowl:-.5, nf 3 A faw of our young people `attend-I ) ed the E. L. & S. 3. Convention held 1 3 in Barrie. `last : Rev. E. D. silcoxot 'rox ~outo,* preached in the Cqngregat-ioual ` Church s nday evening` in the inter-`! eats at the Dominion Mlance. Mr. 5 Inspector Garvin visited Apta)( school last Friday. ` 1 , J. O. Hayes lelt last week"!o_r 1 Hamilton, where he has accented ni Hamilton, when accepted 5 position with the National Drug Co. Miss Patricia O'Neill is pending a `week mt); Toronto friends. 1 L1 OPPORTUNITIES E5 u `DALBTON - 3' Oct. 14-M1'a5 mu-y"Fox-d. oi T6-"1 route, in slting Miranda in Dalston and Glows. ` 1'! "- D110 `"5- H30?! Lrnnu here. Iis-visiting at the home 0! Mrs. W. H. Miss Marguerite -McAVoy, of Lon- l(nsovn_. _ 1100. Visited milat.-Ives here recently. Ispepbor last ` The Women's Foreign Missionary Aptrsoci-aty's annual convention is to be `held in the Methodist Church hre ton; aged 71 years. (The: remains I were brought to Craighurst, and the I` funeral was held on Sunda.y`under" Orange aixspices. Intermcuf took U1Ur.lA Remember the raopening anni- versary ol the Utopia Methodist: =..;u Oct. 14--Mrs. Burling-ham and child-| ten, of Toronto, returned `home after njxcnus Waltep John- friends here. mi wi1' ` R, C, Tmtor has Lse;1'to.hcar marri'a,,;3 quarters in Mm. : time ago; `They "will live in Yhome in Belle Ewart 1ve_r. 18.0. I ' MLNISSING I2 '15-I reg;-at to repdrt the',, of 1\`.[r._a-:1'd Mrs. John Job.u- < vvvvvvvvv ,1s'm1c'r at "" 9`I`_`i5 ._ -p._ a___ __ A.` Peacock has been u'n`de1-.' s can: for some few days` 5 recovering -now. ` nompdn has :1 telenh-one in- X ,; mcuds in town and cduntry: " M 1 ! t '1 Leiroy lion-dam. I . ` \;@@,@@@@@ks;@_o@@@@@@@@)@ - ' Oct. 14`-Mrs. Henry Farrier, ' `daughter of H141 lat: William Maura, ' forziicvrly of this township. has bL-en ';winter....John Taylor is able 1 about agaiu....TbeVfunem1 of t `Miss Ethel G. Eden `tbok pl }her `of her suerings: The hereaveqlfne breezy. amed from the mp 05 8{ 151: inclusive. TL`s ` si_1oul`d -work to; - f3lmi1Y_1!V2 the aymlmthy 0i the 5"-""ag pole on Lfonday_ The question] the adv:1ntu,r_;e of sppnsmeg who are: tire community`...,l(r. and . Mrs. Mm some was, why 7 Whgn the citylllf-Dying Cars at Toronto. ` K ' `took place at i_ Craigvale on Monday, and was Intge- ` ly attended. The owers were beauti- {y nagzenda-:17. o:.v'ers beauti-|BiV95 a W`11`B_ 570111 Ch_iCaE`0 `D TE` tulva-n-d numerous. She leaves torpoft for duty At BEVEYNY. M355-. mourn her `loss ve sisters, Mrs. laud left for that point on Moday. [if-n:P Rusnz wmma Susie mm Jan-I nr 'Rm:: nr 'rnmn+n nm-nnln fhn Avenue V the icraaae; in fact, peutors who arrived in ' with lcently etatdd that chefs I. The Wmnexfs Institute held thtll` (`meeting atxthe home of Mrs. E. R. 'Mou1'.g~omery on Thursday last.` The Havdies webe served with 5 dainty New The` Elmdies _ 3,Eng,';and luncheon. - - V .3 -r .........+ "AA m-m..4 >8... .:...4\. .4 dry on Sunday. Miss Amy Wise, Qt '-Peterborougb, is-visiting - .[pin1on: I have sold Chnmbrla}.n'a .lCough Remedy for fteen years," , my: Enos Lullar oi Saratoga, Ind.. , I "and consider it the best on the mar- KIE-T:iuTwFL u-an-+ Q 2 ' A . Fred Txlley, ox Craighurst, ; dayed at J. Blnnlefs. ' r Mrs. J. McLaughlin and Mrs. Hiey spent. Monday at Minesinz. THE BARE EiFRB)AY, 17, 1912 1`J"1"-' . 1 The" unfavorable Grosc_ is reoovwring past summer has a illness. gcect on the uorthe ' Iaiui w.'.1 no doubt be the ma 5 inducing a large number to 1 who have not gone before. for the Opickjnimioka River, mutant, 1 and Shining Tree La.\:_oa, (the beat 1 mouse territory), is Imay and 0011- `:4 !au;:1 !Vi8e;7'country mlg the W193 0' {xroken yawn i-n-t-0 1:,-lwa}: bfack p::.1pv:W| 1*-he Qanadin N"'h"n 0t`" RAH" Western Ontario, where the soil is 5n`V "in " 15 appeal t Uh hmterf heavy. seem: to be most ` trouhlml I 03119-51,33 NOW-`m Um -311-3D9"p1e11tifu1crop. \\':;t weather is resp0n~'[ I ian Concessions 0 Sportsmen. I'si1)1e for tho disease largely, though} : Huntrs `Who will visit me wndstsomc *-W-`K the Irish Potato rot di5- HM pmarjo tum . gun in- march tease came in wim the Irish potatoes,` Lmmosu and due, will be amply mpajdglast year. The Irish d'isna,sf! is very} who not buxom. ` ght The district in the vicinity of Ruel, 1;)mm_ when launch connections are` mania ,,,+_,, @@$$$% `pay you : Well to .InVestigate hour claims `V ' Mun s `V061 -MMIS, `black; ne qua-11i!.y,` ` pr-ice ............ ... ............................... ..5O n > WC arc` sure .. of g Every E Suit and E Overcoat Wesell H E is`such Exception- al Value at the Price that once you E Wear one 3'ou`r future Patronage It will Men's Heavy Lined [Mir-ts. gobdrqunlgty. Prick-. ,. , Q1 9;: 1 n` _y mpm'd"'1ast The d'isn.-we 3 cm} m_`tnieL-tious. It dither 1;cts'into the` (sail or the who huvp nun or the land, or` Nobl Sax, price W250 lyoaxs, and will average {mm 100 to ; 3 3150 vuehem per sum. A good deal of 3',rot is achievable on potatoes gxuvn with -rot... Last week 3 fvholesnlo rm ' _in Toronto vfouldn'I: even PR1 tho freight -on twelve can shipped to THE BANK nrrnnmnu lquotccl as say-in likely to reach 5 `V I the inroads mm guuu quaugly. .. $1.25, 1,00 advantage of this` and reserve their" berths in advance, A great many have already done so. " ` Lindsay," BARVRIE, Oshawa, Trenton . and then you ll know _how well `they wear and` 1 - . Sea them-coznpue them 'with what you see alge- whare and you will con- clude that aura are their equal, Wear one retain their good appearance. show -you these grant values. ynu to buy. `Come, let us We will not urge The values nre apparent. W9 do not have to aell`tbeu:'--they sell tlmxnaolvcs. uvercnacx to sun In Uolor, rrlce nn Qmxiy, price $13.00, 12.5o,11.oo, 1o.oo Auunuay uu_y_: uuu ununureu 5 UV! to suit you at prices that will pleaie ydu. Penman : Fiqe Black Cashmere Sox.` Price... ..... Youths , Boys and Children's Overconts 9 mm at nv-inn: thnf. will ulna-A mi. We bav_e manyhcher lines pf Suits new 5:12 nn 101:0 11 nn- '15 aka INCORPORATED .855 'ASSETS OVER - - $57 Men s GBI;llt-`e Gh;ves, ne make. - ` ` an Kn 35 or 3 pairs $1.00 50: or 3` pairs $1.35 nave many onuer lines 91 aunts 11174.. .. $13.00, 12.53, 11.00-,'9.oO 'i..?"_E"i .'i`!.'_F'_'3 I IEMPHESBES Lenuh. 570 he: nrenlllh. an K hunt SJIUOTH ROA D B E D- FINEST EQUI PIWKENT ELECTRIC LIGHTED" PULLTVIAN SLEEPERS Only Double ' 'I`ra:_tK `Railway; V Suits and Overcbats at ` nun UNEQUALLED PDWERIN -VVALUEGVIING A; slmsr Managlen AI.L.\g{AiIlB}Q:_`rl)CIlIL$

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