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Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 13 Jun 2003, p. 34

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B2-The Canadian Champion, Friday, June 13, 2003 Calling ail runners DeCaire's hard work paying 12-week distance running clinic- dubbed Run Farther "tvhdIr.g AITi1I1 Ira getsundeway ext eekedNnrthmeds n -~ ~ ,.n c). u,. . ttt ~îI1 . \Oii oi y' 'Oakville's Running Company and afins to provide a fresh approach to recreational distance running. The clinic includes lectured instruction and, of course, training ruais. The tirst clinic is schedtsled for next Saturday, June 21 at 9 ar. The coat of the program is $60 per person and includes a 60-page manual and a t-shirt. For more information, cati the Running Company as (905) 815-1952. Soccer Development Model Aademy is proud ta annonce the formation of ts First Soccer Academy in tht altan Peel Region. Operating weekly from JuIy 7th tu August 29th, 2003. Programs are for ail players agea 6 Stu 12. The samps wiII be focused an the "Socer Deelopment Madel" Methodology and curriculum. Pmoguam Fees: Registration Fee $145 per week, By STEVE LeBLANC Ncvertheless, be's been determnined The Champion to tortify his al-around game- and Mati DeCaire is now past tbe mid- thai extra etfort bas paid noticeabte way mark of' bis firsi Jr. A lacrosse .- dividends, including those seen last season- and bias yei to be a healthy Friday. scratch. Used solety lin detense that night, Not impressed! Welt consider the DeCaire was on the Iloor trsjust a tact that be's playing for a second- t couple ot'goals agaînsi and belped set place club that laie last mionîh got a up a turnover tally to aid in number of veteians hack f«rom univer . (rangevilles 12-7 clecisuîmn îwer siy. - .llia- More than a tew local experts l'ig- T wo nîghts later he \sas ihrown ni cd Milton 's Il year-old roîîkie hack onto the offensive side oritihings migbî bave a ougb lime geing much and came ihrougbi with a goal and an loor time at all ibis year, ad wt uld assisi in an 1l-5 dumping of Six bc on tbe oîîisicte looking inonce the Natioîns. iradîîionally-competiiive Orangevile "Depending on wbo we'rc playing Northmen were ai I-ulisîrengtib t'm either being used on the back To cdaie. ibai basn'î bappcncd - door or on the atiack,' explained -That's about the best complimcnît 1 DeCaire, wbo's averagîng jusi under can gîve Mati rigbî now, ibaiti fr bc a point a game wib five goals and basn't har t t waîcb a gamne,-tour assisis in lcîutings. "My floor remarked bead coîacb Lindsay time basn'î cbanged too mucb. t'm Sanderson. wbîîse Nortbmcn bcadecl jusi playîng more specific rotes now. ii ibis week ricing an cîgbi kamc Lasi Eriday 1 ibink t did a reasonably winnîng streak andr an overaîl recoîrd good job on detense.' tif 9-2. "Were happy wîtb bis dcxci- Orangevilte's skipper feit likewise. opmeni. Hes makîng some nice Orangeville Northmen rookie Mail DeCaire Said Sanderson, -Defense isn'î strides." really Mats sîrong suit. but be's Thatiîmprîîvemenî bas been particularly evideni in îerms of' donc preîty well so far. We're bigb on bim antd tbink be's got a detense, whîcb continues tri bc somewbai rît a sbortcoming fror the greaitfuture." former Miltoîn Maverîck. Str'îc'Lef'B/c tai h' e rahed uce i/ch i@iatoiîraîi- ti(oi. ar - MILTON INTERCHURCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE STANDING AS 0F 5-JUNE-03 TEAMS G W L T PTS 1 NEW LIFE DEAF 5 5 0 0 10 2 SOUTH SIDE "V' 4 4 0 0 8 3 ST.GEORGES -5 3 1 1 7 4 NEW LIFE "A" 5 3 2 0 6 5 ST. PAULS 6 2 3 1 5 6 MILTON BIBLE 3 2 1i 0O -4 7 KNOX 4 2 2 0 4 8 HOLY ROSARY 6 2 4 0 4 9 BOSTON 3 1 1 1 3 10 NEW LIFE "B" 5 1 3 1 3- il SOUTH SIDE'2' 4 1 3 0 2 12 GRACE 6 0 6 0O-O Weare Your «YEAR-RiOUND COMFORr' DPealer 925ror MaiStE Mechanical Inc. mon- Wed. 8:00 amn- 5:00 Pm 925 Main St. E.Thurs. &Fri. 8:00am -6:00Opm Unit #3 878-1979 Saturday 10:00am -2:00Opm

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