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Baptist Church 
Image    Black and white photograph of the Baptist Church in Philipsville, Ontario around 1905. The church was built in 1869.
Cheese Factory 
Image    Black and white photograph of the cheese factory in Philipsville, Ontario around 1900.
Pennock Hill 
Image  1900  Black and white photograph of Pennock Hill in Elgin, Ontario in 1900.
Main Street in Elgin, Ontario 
Image  1900  Black and white photograph of Main Street in Elgin, Ontario in 1900. This photograph is of the corner of Main Street and Perth Street. The location is the location of the Laishley store built in 1848 - 1850.
Hotel Kenney 
Image  1900  Black and white photograph of Hotel Kenney at Jones Falls around 1900.
Jones Falls 
Image  1900  Black and white photograph of Jones Falls, Ontario around 1900.
Jones Falls and Hotel Kenney 
Image    Coloured postcard of Jones Falls, Ontario and Hotel Kenney around 1900.
Chaffey's Lockmaster's Record Book 1835-1863 
Text    This lockmaster's record book was kept by William Fleming, 1802-c1885 ), a former Sapper and Miner who was lockmaster at Chaffey's Lock from 1832-1856. His stepson James Simmons (1821-1903) also would have kept the book after Fleming's retirement. The book remained in the hands of the Fleming...
United Church Parsonage, Delta, Ontario 
Image  1945  A photograph of the United Church Parsonage in Delta, Ontario circa 1945. Two children are visible in front of the building. (Condition: Fair.)
Delta Fair Float, 1937 
ImageMysteries:  1937  A photograph of a Delta Fair Float for Robin Hood Flour from 1937. Two men stand in front of the float. (Condition: Fair.) Photo from Ron Morris.
Group at Jones Falls Circa 1910 
ImageMysteries:  1910  A photograph of a trio posing at Jones Falls, Ontario circa 1910. (Condition: Fair.) Photo from Alice Eyre.
Newboro Women's Institute 
Image  1911  Black and white photograph of Newboro Women's Institute in 1911. Back Row: Mrs. Mc Carthy, Mrs. Sinart, Mrs. Whaley, Miss Rockerbie (teacher), Mrs. Bawden GW, Mrs. Witarry Leggette, Molly Tett Baker, Mrs. Ed Green, Mabel Topping, Mrs. Oter, Mrs. Leo Church (Crosby), Mrs. Stedman, Mrs. J.S....
Newboro Women's Institute 
Image  21 March 1914  Black and white photograph of the Newboro Women's Institute on March 21, 1914. The women are dressed as pioneers. Back row (left to right): Maude Singleton, Mrs. Jim Lyons, Mrs. George Leggett, Mrs. Smart, Mrs. Wm Whaley, Kate Landon, Mrs. Wm Bilton, Mrs. J.F. Graham, Mrs. R.B. (Dr.) King, Mrs....
Jones Falls, Upper Lock 
Image  1905  TInted photograph of Jones Falls, Upper Lock around 1905. (Condition: Good.)
Road paving on Main Street 
Image  1920  Black and white photograph of road paving on Main Street in Newboro, Ontario. (Condition: Good.)
SS Loretta 
Image  1940  Black and white photograph of SS Loretta at locks in Newboro, Ontario around 1940. (Condition: Good.)
Steam launch, Thistle 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of the steam launch, the Thistle, at Newboro, Ontario around 1910. (Condition: Good.)
Richard Grothier House 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of Richard Grothier House in Newboro around 1910. This house was built around 1885 for Richard Grothier. (Condition: Good.)
Gorsline Store 
Image  1910  Black and white photograph of the Gorsline Store in Newboro, Ontario around 1910. (Condition: Good.)
John Draffin House 
Image  1915  Black and white photograph of the John Draffin house in Newboro, Ontario around 1915. The house was built around 1860 for John Draffin (a Newboro merchant). After the Draffin's sold it in 1895 it became the Anglican rectory until 1945. (Condition: Good.)
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