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"Conservation officers on the job" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesImageNewspapers  Cassin, Joyce, "Conservation officers on the job", "Conservation officers on the job", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 24 Sep 2012, p. 1, column 2 
"Victoria White Rose to benefit Cobourg Heritage" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesImageText  Beneteau, Jeanne, "Victoria White Rose to benefit Cobourg Heritage", "Victoria White Rose to benefit Cobourg Heritage", The News Northumberland, 5 Oct 2012, p. 3, column 1 
"Mayor gives votors top marks for Alnwick/Haldimand Council choices" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesImageNewspapers  Gard, Jeff, "Mayor gives votors top marks for Alnwick/Haldimand Council choices", "Mayor gives votors top marks for Alnwick/Haldimand Council choices", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 15 Oct 2012, p. 1, column 2 
Banks, Samantha and Hanes, Travis (Marriage notice) 
Genealogical ResourcesImageNewspapersText  appeared in Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 27 Jun 2013, C1. Date of Event: 20160615  See also Northumberland Today "Wedding", July 4, 2013, C1, col. 2
"Laveanne Lavender fields host a feast Sunday" 
TextNewspapers  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Laveanne Lavender fields host a feast Sunday", "Laveanne Lavender fields host a feast Sunday", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 26 Jul 2013, B3, column 1 
"Province launches $195M youth employment fund" 
TextNewspapers  McNamaara, Caroline, "Province launches $195M youth employment fund", "Province launches $195M youth employment fund", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 19 Sep 2013, C1, column 4 
"Cobourg rugby player selected for national tournament" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesNewspapers  Longwell, Karen, "Cobourg rugby player selected for national tournament", "Cobourg rugby player selected for national tournament", The News Northumberland, 10 Oct 2013, p. 12, column 1 
Graham, Allen Gordon (Death notice) 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapersText  appeared in The News Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 17 Oct 2013, p. 29. Date of Event: 20131014  Graham, Linda;
"CFDC receives provincial 'collaboration' award" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesImageNewspapers  MacDonald, Valerie, "CFDC receives provincial 'collaboration' award", "CFDC receives provincial 'collaboration' award", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 28 Oct 2013, B2, column 1 
Roberts, Jean (née JeanHornby) (Obituary) 
Genealogical ResourcesImageNewspapersText  appeared in Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 6 Nov 2013, c2  Hornby, John; Hornby, Jessie; Roberts, Dorland; Roberts, Joan; Sutherland, Duncan; Sutherland, Kay; Hornby, Wilson; Edythe; Hornby, Jack; Lambert, Kay; Lambert, Norval; Gunn, Joe, Gunn, Margaret; Duff, Adrian Grant; Brian; Sarah; Grant; Paulson, Thor; Duff, Shelia Grant; Balfour, Karen; Dick,...
"Home destroyed by fire near Roseneath" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesImageText  Longwell, Karen, "Home destroyed by fire near Roseneath", "Home destroyed by fire near Roseneath", Northumberland News (Cobourg, ON), 15 Nov 2013, p. 7, column 3 
Rowden, Barbara (Barb) (née Winn) (Obituary) 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapersText  appeared in Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 16 Dec 2013, C3. Date of Event: 20131214  Rowden, Ronald; Rowden, Donald; Rowden, Chad & Robbie Jane See also: Northumberland Today, "Obituaries," 17 Dec 2013, C3, col. 9; see also Northumberland Today, 18 Dec. 2013, p. C2, col.4; see also Northumberland Today, 19 Dec. 2013, p. C3, col. 4
"Family fun concert opens NOC season" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesText  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Family fun concert opens NOC season", "Family fun concert opens NOC season", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 23 Oct 2014, C1, column 5 
Hawryszko, Stephen and Boyd, Victoria (Wedding Announcement/Description) 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapersText  appeared in The News Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 12 Feb 2015, A, p. 14  Were married in Kingston, Ontario on December 6th, 2014.
Effiwatt, Adiya Dominque to Effiwatt, Anthony and Butchart, April (Birth announcement) 
Genealogical ResourcesImageNewspapersText  appeared in Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 1 Oct 2015, C, p. 12 
Killoran, Richard (Died) 
Genealogical ResourcesImageNewspapersText  appeared in The News Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 11 Feb 2016, A, p. 29. Date of Event: 20160116  Killoran, F. Willard (Bill); Killoran, Ida; Killoran, Martha; Killoran, Michael: Killoran, Wendy; Killoran, Chris; Nickerson, Linda; Killoran, Dara; Killoran, Kalan; Corrigan, Maureen; Lindsay, Michael; Lindsay, Dana; Lindsey, Megan; Lindsay, Jesse; Lindsay, andrea; Carr, Breanna; Carr, Josh;...
Byers, Dolores Marlene (née Dolores MarleneMcGill) (Died) 
Genealogical ResourcesImageNewspapersText  appeared in Northumberland News (Cobourg, ON), 24 Mar 2016, A, p. 32  Byers, John
The Globe 
Daily Times-Gazette 
PublicationNewspapersText    Precursor to Oshawa Daily Times
Oshawa Times 
PublicationNewspapers    The long-standing daily newspaper, the Oshawa Times (also known at various times as the Oshawa Daily Times and Times-Gazette), was closed by its owner Thomson Newspapers in 1994.
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