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New head master 
Newspapers  "New head master," Whitby Chronicle, 13 Mar 1896, p. 5 
Death of Dr. Rae 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Dr. Rae," Whitby Chronicle, 15 May 1896, p. 4,5 
Death of Thomas Huston 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Thomas Huston," Whitby Chronicle, 24 Apr 1896, p. 4 
Death of Chas Holt 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Chas Holt," Whitby Chronicle, 14 Feb 1896, p. 5 
Death of Mrs. C.E. Harper 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Mrs. C.E. Harper," Whitby Chronicle, 19 Jun 1896, p. 5 
Death of C.A. Connor 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of C.A. Connor," Whitby Chronicle, 25 Dec 1896, p. 4 
Death of Abram Cochrane 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Abram Cochrane," Whitby Chronicle, 6 Mar 1896, p. 5 
Death of Judge Burnham 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Judge Burnham," Whitby Chronicle, 20 Nov 1896, p. 4  Business
Death of Geo Brown 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Geo Brown," Whitby Chronicle, 3 Jul 1896, p. 5 
Death of Joseph A. Bandel 
Genealogical ResourcesNewspapers  "Death of Joseph A. Bandel," Whitby Chronicle, 12 Jun 1896, p. 5 
Newport Bus and Livery 
Newspapers  "Newport Bus and Livery," Whitby Chronicle, 23 Oct 1896, p. 5 
Junction hotel burned 
Newspapers  "Junction hotel burned," Whitby Chronicle, 7 Aug 1896, p. 5 
Sketch of Major Farewell, Q.C. 
Newspapers  "Sketch of Major Farewell, Q.C.," Whitby Chronicle, 12 Jun 1896, p. 5 
The late Mr. Joel Bigelow 
Newspapers  "The late Mr. Joel Bigelow," Whitby Chronicle, 28 Feb 1896, p. 5 
Newspapers  "Belgravia," Whitby Chronicle, 15 May 1896, p. 4 
Whitby Chronicle, 3 Jan 1896 
Newspapers  Whitby Chronicle, 3 Jan 1896,   .... 7111, 1896, 2o acres of Standing Timber, ln hait acre lots. Sale nt i o'clock, p.m Termus-Three manths credit given en ap- proved joint notes. Two winters alawed ta rernove wood. Purchasers to pile brush. L. FAIRBANKS, Dec. i2th, 1892. Auctioneer. L OS T A purse containing about thirty...
Whitby Chronicle, 10 Jan 1896 
Newspapers  Whitby Chronicle, 10 Jan 1896,   ... Department. Le&irg Undrtaker,- Ie je JOHNSon, BROOK ST., WHIITBY. WIL L BUY THE eaccumni Weekiy eGlobe ~AND~ nd ot Preseî ma-CHRONICLE0 FOR 1896. NVon 'I "lq*>BSOur Club.i bing Lisa* llOfderop8Of fGraham. For Delicate ChIIdren, InvaJIds and thie Agd. JACKSON...
Whitby Chronicle, 17 Jan 1896 
Newspapers  Whitby Chronicle, 17 Jan 1896,   ...s ILiN.~ VOL. XXXX. WJIITBY, ONT10OFI AY, ýAIARY 17, 1896.0 elebrated LOCAL NEWS LETTERS, CEOHuOCmcL 0CemsPoNDINCa,. Hlartman li W haveUNDRLND We hve otbeard mnuch of the S. af T., but presume îbey are fiourishlng. _agieMissSaundors, af...
Whitby Chronicle, 24 Jan 1896 
Newspapers  Whitby Chronicle, 24 Jan 1896,   ...'orth $16 for $13. We bave nothing but first-class workmen in our Up. hioistering Department. Leading Undertaker,...! E. J. JOHNSON, BROOK ST., WHITBY. JL7L UYTHE Weckly Globe CEIONILE FOR 1896. ---Wmeeour Club- bing Lista. Hlenderson & Graham. Holliday Bros. have a few overcoats left...
Whitby Chronicle, 31 Jan 1896 
Newspapers  Whitby Chronicle, 31 Jan 1896,   .... Bedroom Sets worth $14 for $io9o. Bedroom Set worth $16 for $13. We have notbing but first-class workmuen lua our Up- holstering Departruent. Leading Undertaker,- E. J. JOHENSON, BROOK ST., WHITBY. $I.23 1 YL L B uY T1HE Weekly *m Globe CHRONICLE * FOR 1896. ---'%See our Club- bing Lisa...
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