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"Former partner hopes probes find out what happened" 
Newspapers  MacDonald, Valerie, "Former partner hopes probes find out what happened", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 12 Mar 2009, 1:1, 2 
"Scooter leads to search, discovery of man's body" 
Newspapers  Fisher, Pete, "Scooter leads to search, discovery of man's body", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 16 Oct 2009, 2:2 
"Senator dies" 
Newspapers  Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 24 Sep 2010, 3:2 
"Expression of sympathy" 
TextImageGenealogical ResourcesNewspapers  Fisher, Pete, "Expression of sympathy", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 27 Oct 2010, p. 1, column 2 
"Sculptor Harry Farfan dies at harbour" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesImageNewspapers  Fisher, Pete, "Sculptor Harry Farfan dies at harbour", "Sculptor Harry Farfan dies at harbour", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 10 Jan 2011, pp.1,2, column 1 
"Phillips provides end-of-life care" 
NewspapersImageText  Hawley,Catherine, "Phillips provides end-of-life care", "Phillips provides end-of-life care", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 28 Mar 2013, p. 17, column 1  dealing with end of life care
"Council reflects on Boughen's contributions" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesImageText  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Council reflects on Boughen's contributions", "Council reflects on Boughen's contributions", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 4 Jul 2013, p. 1, column 2 
"Bewdley firefighter dies" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesNewspapers  Fisher, Pete, "Bewdley firefighter dies", "Bewdley firefighter dies", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 24 Sep 2013, A2, column 1 
"Layton Dodge Dies" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesImageText  "Layton Dodge Dies", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 9 Dec 2013, p. 1, column 4 
"Cobourg says goodbye to a friend" 
TextGenealogical ResourcesImageNewspapers  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Cobourg says goodbye to a friend", "Cobourg says goodbye to a friend", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 13 Dec 2013, A1, 2, column 1 
"Another Chris Garrett Memorial proposed" 
NewspapersText  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Another Chris Garrett Memorial proposed", "Another Chris Garrett Memorial proposed", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 5 Mar 2014, B2 
"Death cafes include life-affirming conversations" 
NewspapersGenealogical ResourcesText  Hawley, Catherine, "Death cafes include life-affirming conversations", "Death cafes include life-affirming conversations", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 17 Apr 2014, B6, column 2  Whispering Pines Studio;
"Talking about the end-of-life journey" 
TextGenealogical Resources  MacDonald, Valerie, "Talking about the end-of-life journey", "Talking about the end-of-life journey", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 8 Apr 2015, Section A, pp. 1,2, column 2 
"Toddler dies as result of 401 crash" 
Text  "Toddler dies as result of 401 crash", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 28 Jul 2015, Section A, A2, column 6  Fatal two-vehicle collision
"School mourns loss" 
ImageText  MacDonald, Valerie, "School mourns loss", "School mourns loss", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 29 Sep 2015, Section A, A2, column 2 
"Liberals won't rush doctor-assisted suicide legislation" 
TextImage  MacDonald, Valerie, "Liberals won't rush doctor-assisted suicide legislation", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 21 Jan 2016, Section A, p. 5, column 1-4 
"Receiving the gift of time" 
TextImage  Nasmith, Cecilia, "Receiving the gift of time", Northumberland (Cobourg, ON), 11 Feb 2016, Section A, p. 1, column 1  CuddleCot; stillbirths; bereavement; GoFundMe
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