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Steamer Assiniboia 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photograph of the Steamship Assiniboia on its first visit to Port Arthur. "This steel passenger and freight vessel was built in 1907 for the Canadian Pacific Railway's Upper Lakes Service" (taken from Great Lakes Ships We Remember).
SS Monarch(1906) 
Image  7 Dec 1906,   A before and after view of the steamship SS Monarch. She was shipwrecked on Dec. 7, 1906 on Isle Royale, MN.
The Athabasca 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photograph of the steam ship Athabasca, taken near Port Arthur, Ontario. Photograph reads at the top "Str. 'Athabasca'".
Excursion Boat Doric, Northern Navigation Co. 
ImageMysteries:    Photograph (b&w) showing the excursion boat Doric on its way to Silver Islet. Inscribed on the side of the boat is Grand Trunk Line - Doric - Northern Navigation Company.
S.S. Hamonic 
ImageMysteries:    Photograph (b&w) of the steamship S.S. Hamonic (no year given).
Steamship Algoma 
Image  1884-11-24,   A photograph of the luxury CPR steamship Algoma, as she arrives at Port Arthur, Ontario, November 24,1884. The ship is covered with ice. At that time few ships would risk the gales of November on Lake Superior. This ship was built by Aiken and Marsell in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1883. On November...
Kaministiquia River 
Image  1870,   Black and white photograph of the Kaministiquia River at the mouth of Lake Superior in Fort William. This photo features several boats conducting day to day operations.
Shipyard Gate (Drydock) 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photograph postcard of a group of gentlemen standing along a drydock. Featured in the postcard are Tommy William, Dan McKiver, Mack Curry, Norman Taylor and Captain Jas Stitt.
Harbour Scene 
ImageMysteries:    A group of people gather around the Port Arthur Harbour.
Hamonic Adrift On Lake 
Newspapers  "Hamonic Adrift On Lake," Fort William Daily Times Journal, 6 Nov 1925  S.S. Hamonic ; Lake Superior ; Captain Montgomery ; Caribou Island ; Brock Patten ; H.H. Gildersleeve Full text available on microfilm
Hamonic Encased In Ice, Arrives After Severe Trip 
Newspapers  "Hamonic Encased In Ice, Arrives After Severe Trip," Port Arthur News Chronicle, 2 Dec 1919  S.S. Hamonic ; Captain Oscar Wing ; Northern Navigation Co. ; Lake Superior Full text available on microfilm
Officers Of The N.N. Co. Steamers 
Newspapers  "Officers Of The N.N. Co. Steamers," Port Arthur News Chronicle, 1 Apr 1918  S.S. Hamonic ; Officer list ; Northern Navigation Co. ; S.S. Noronic ; S.S. Huronic ; S.S. Waubie Full text available on microfilm
Huronic, Port Arthur, ~1928 
Image  ~1928,   The SS Huronic at harbour near Port Arthur, Ontario. The Sleeping Giant is visible in the background. The exact date of this picture is unknown.
Kaministiquia River, Fort William 
ImageMysteries:    A view of a steamship in front of a grain elevator on the Kaministiquia River.
Steamship Athabasca 
Image  ~1900,   Views of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and north shore Lake Superior scenery. The steamship Athabasca is docked at Prince Arthur's Landing, Port Arthur, Ontario around 1900. There is a Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive to the left of the steamship.
Know The Cause But Not The Man 
Newspapers  "Know The Cause But Not The Man," Fort William Daily Times Journal, 22 Jun 1906  Steamships ; Lester Young ; Monarch (Boat) ; Douglas Japp ; Port Arthur ; Sault Ste. Marie ; Umbrella as murder weapon ; David Mills ; William Slater Full text available on microfilm
Row On Steamer One Man Dead 
Newspapers  "Row On Steamer One Man Dead," Port Arthur News Chronicle, 21 Jun 1906  Steamships ; Lester Young ; Monarch (Boat) ; Douglas Japp ; Port Arthur ; Sault Ste. Marie ; Umbrella as murder weapon ; David Mills ; William Slater Full text available on microfilm
Collective of Ships 
ImagePublicationMysteries:    This photograph is from the publication "Souvenir of Kakabeka Falls near Port Arthur and Fort William" which was part of the Dominion Series View Books. This photo features a collection of photographs of the steamships S.S. Huronic, S.S. Noronic, S.S. Assiniboia, S.S. Keewatin and the S.S....
S.S. Hamonic 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photograph showcasing the S.S. Hamonic near the Port Arthur harbor, Ontario. This photo is part of a collection produced by the Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. titled Souvenir Folder of Port Arthur, Ontario.
S.S. Keewatin 
ImageMysteries:    Black and white photograph showcasing the S.S. Keewatin near the Port Arthur harbour, Ontario. This photo is part of a collection produced by the Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. titled Souvenir Folder of Port Arthur, Ontario.
Unidentified Steam Ship 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Black and white photograph of an unknown steamship, most likely the Hamonic.
Wreck of Steamship Algoma 
Image  ~1900,   Wreck of the C.P.R. steamship Algoma on Isle Royale. Also P3501
Port Arthur Views - W.F. Davidson Company (1885) 
Image    A view of Port Arthur's waterfront in 1885. The building with the belltower on the left is Port Arthur's first fire hall. Beyond it are the government docks and the Steamship Alberta. Boarding the Alberta are soldiers returning from the North-West Rebellion. Well-wishers gather at the foot of the...
Paterson Steamships To Unveil Memorial 
Newspapers  "Paterson Steamships To Unveil Memorial," Fort William Daily Times Journal, 17 Aug 1946, p. 1  Paterson Steamships Ltd. ; World War II Memorial ; N.M. Paterson ; Paterson Sailors' Park ; Young Street ; Montreal Street ; Fort William ; P.C. Poulton ; John Byer ; Canadian Armed Forces Full text available on microfilm
Steamer Rapids Queen 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    Passenger ship steamer Rapids Queen of Sin-Mac Lines Ltd.
Huronic on the Rocks (1928). 
ImageComments:  1928,   The S.S. Huronic grounded on the rocks, 1928. Date on the photo is written to be 1927, however a patron commented that he believed it was 1928, and local history research shows this event to have taken place at 2:55 a.m. on a foggy August 6, 1928. Also P3550
Lone Ship Follows The Bigger Fleet 
Newspapers  "Lone Ship Follows The Bigger Fleet," Port Arthur News Chronicle, 6 Oct 1914  Great War ; World War I ; Atlantic Ocean ; 1st Contingent ; First Contingent ; Strathcona (ship) ; Canadian Expeditionary Force Full text available on microfilm
Nordic ruled 100 years ago [ Looking Back ] 
Newspapers  "Nordic ruled 100 years ago [ Looking Back ]," Chronicle-Journal, 8 Jun 2014, A5  Nordic passenger steamship ; 1914 maiden voyage ; became pleasure ship ; fire 1949 ; scrapped ; photo Full text available on microfilm
Steamer Helpless In The Open Lake Forty Mile Gale 
Newspapers  "Steamer Helpless In The Open Lake Forty Mile Gale," Port Arthur News Chronicle, 14 Nov 1914  Onoko (ship) ; Lake Superior ; Passage Island ; James Whalen (tugboat) sent to for assistance Full text available on microfilm
North King (Steamer) 
Image  1931  The "North King" was a frequent caller at Cobourg in the heyday of lake transport. She ran from Charlotte (the port of Rochester, NY) to various ports on the north shore of Lake Ontario including Cobourg, Port Hope and Toronto. When the North King, the Caspian or the Kingston arrived hundreds of...
Steamer "Carriella" 
Image    Steamer "Carriella", first Orillia boat owned by Capt. David Lang Sanson. Ran between Orillia and Washago with passengers and freight from 1870s to about 1890.
Steamer "Enterprise" 
Image    Steamer "Enterprise". Built in 1869 at McPhersons, Rama as a schooner. Rebuilt as a steamer in 1881. Remains about 2 miles from Jacksons Point. Bill Hester has written a book on the Steamboat "Enterprise" in which he states that the skeleton of the Enterprise lies just out from Sibbald Point, off...
Steamer "Longford", 1890 
Image    Steamer "Longford", 1890. Built in 1887. Length 80 feet, tonnage 36.24. 60-horsepower engine and an extra-large boiler. It had two decks, a lounge-cabin and a hurricane deck. The Longford did a lot of towing but was also in demand for taking passengers, and was licensed to carry forty. Longford...
Ida Burton 
Image    Ida Burton, steamship, 1870. from the W.S. Frost Scrapbook
J.H.Ross. Builders 
Image    J.H.Ross, Builder of high grade skiffs, canoes and yachts. Was the buildier of the steamer 'Islay"
The bones of the Emily May 
Image    The bones of the Emily May at Bell Ewart. Pg.8 W.S.Frost Scrapbook
S.S. Ramona 
Image  1867  The S.S. Ramona
Lake Simcoe steamed in hilarious history, il 
Newspapers  Daily Packet & Times, 19 Jun 1999, p. 3 
Leacock lovers buoyed by sunken treasure find, il 
Newspapers  Daily Packet & Times, 3 Mar 1999, p. 1 
Orillia once eyed as Ontario's capital, il 
Newspapers  Huronia Sunday, 28 Aug 1994, p. 5 

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