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Joey Kranjcevick killed at Howey Mine 
NewspapersText  "Joey Kranjcevick killed at Howey Mine," Porcupine Advance (191203), 28 Sep 1933, Section 1, p. 7 
Emilio Fabbro and Joseph Buffa are killed in an accident at the Howey Gold Mine 
NewspapersText  "Emilio Fabbro and Joseph Buffa are killed in an accident at the Howey Gold Mine," Porcupine Advance (191203), 8 Feb 1934, Section 1, p. 4 
World War II - Prisoners of War (Axis): German POW Dietrich Franz captured after escape near Geraldton 
NewspapersText  "World War II - Prisoners of War (Axis): German POW Dietrich Franz captured after escape near Geraldton," Porcupine Advance (191203), 7 Dec 1944, Section 1, p. 1 
Noah A. Timmins is interested in the Red Lake District 
NewspapersText  "Noah A. Timmins is interested in the Red Lake District," Porcupine Advance (191203), 22 Jul 1926, Section 1, p. 8 
Transom, E.J. - Principal of Central Public School become Inspector-Supervisor in Fort William 
NewspapersText  "Transom, E.J. - Principal of Central Public School become Inspector-Supervisor in Fort William," Porcupine Advance (191203), 27 May 1943, Section 1, p. 1 
Tashota, ON - Post office opened 
NewspapersText  "Tashota, ON - Post office opened," Porcupine Advance (191203), 6 Dec 1916, Section 1, p. 3 
Tashota, ON - One thousand claims near Tashota 
NewspapersText  "Tashota, ON - One thousand claims near Tashota," Porcupine Advance (191203), 1 Aug 1917, Section 1, p. 1 
Tashota, ON - Forest fire 
NewspapersText  "Tashota, ON - Forest fire," Porcupine Advance (191203), 20 Jun 1917, Section 1, p. 1 
Tashota, ON - Important gold find 
NewspapersText  "Tashota, ON - Important gold find," Porcupine Advance (191203), 9 Aug 1922, Section 1, p. 1 
Dougherty's Cut - CPR construction 
Image  ~1885  This photograph shows the extreme terrain construction crews had to deal with in construction rail lines across Canada. Rock had to be blasted and then hauled out of the way. This photograph also appears in the books 'Building the Railway' by Rosemary Neering, Fitzhenry and Whiteside c1974, and in...
Steam Locomotive Unloading Ballast 
Image  ~1900  To bridge the gap between rivers, or to create a solid road bed for the rail, a great amount of ballast was required in preparation for the tracks for the TransContinental Railway. At times, the 'track layers' were only ten miles behind the bridge makers on the line.
Rail Construction T.C.R (~1905) 
Image  ~1905  Early 1900 black and white photo, showing men clearing away crushed rock to make way for track construction on the Trans Continental Railway near Rat Portage(Kenora) area of construction in Northwestern Ontario. Manual and horse power were used in the 'Jachetta' contract for this portion of the...
Trans Continental Railway Construction 
Image  ~1905  Work gang moving crushed rock from a rock cut along the T.C.R somewhere near Rat Portage (Kenora), in Northwestern Ontario. The contractor for this particular section was contracted to G.Campbell. Thunder Bay, Ontario, transportation, railways, railroads, work gang, McArthur, tracks, construction
Wooden Train Trestle 
Image  ~1900  A Linde photo of wooden trestle near Dagero, a small town near Ingolf, Ontario, near the Manitoba border. To the right on this photo is written 'Dump-88 ft. high'. 'McPherson and Mc and Black' is also written on the photo. These men were the contractors or the foremen of the work gang, for this...
Bucyrus Steam Shovel 
Image  ~1905  Black and white photo of a 'Bucyrus' steam shovel used to prepare the roadbed for the laying of the tracks for the TransContinental Railway near Kenora, Ontario.
'Jachetta' Work Gang 
Image  circa 1900-1905  This photo by Linde shows the heavy work involved in removing a rock cut for the construction of the Trans Continental Railway in the area of Rat Portage(Kenora), in Northwestern Ontario. Jachetta was the contractor or foreman for this section of the railway line.
Marion Steam Shovel 
Image  ~1905 ~1900  The 'Marion Model #20' steam shovel was one of the state of the art pieces of equipment used in the construction of the TransContinental Railway in Northwestern Ontario in the early 1900's.
T.C.R. Construction 
Image  ~1905 ~1900 ~1900  A Carl Gustave Linde photo showing hand made booms used to lift the blasted rock onto pallets, for removal to another area, in the construction of the TransContinental railway during the early 1900's. 'Chambers, Mc&Mc' were the foreman and contractors on this section of the construction of the...
TransContinental Railway Construction (~1908) 
Image  ~1908  A Linde photo of railway construction at the Olson, Camp 2 section of track in Northwestern Ontario.
Double Track Construction T.C.R. 
Image  ~1900  A Carl Gustave Linde photo of the rail gang working on the Anderson and Johnson contract on a section of the Trans Continental Railway near Kenora, Ontario, during the early 1900's.
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