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G.R. Keys at his Electric Light and Power store 
Image  ca. 1910,   This photograph is featured in How Firm a Foundation: A History of the Township of Cramahe and the Village of Colborne in Cramahe's Digital Archives (3bk), p.156. The photo caption reads: "Living better electrically: G.M. Keys' electric light store in Colborne, ca. 1910. The shop was on the north...
Owen Sound: [Introduces Electric Street Lamps] 
Newspapers  "Owen Sound: [Introduces Electric Street Lamps]," Flesherton Advance, 19 Aug 1886, p. 1  Column 6; street lights switched to electricity
On the Main Street 
NewspapersText  "On the Main Street," Daily Post, 12 Apr 1967 
Progress in Power 
TextImage    Ford W. Moynes
On the Main Street 
NewspapersText  "On the Main Street," Daily Post, 25 Aug 1970 
Newspapers  "Postponed," York Herald, 21 Dec 1860, p. 3  Announcement for a postponed display and lecture on the subjects of electricity and magnetism.
Reality doesn't align with opinion on renewables 
NewspapersText  "Reality doesn't align with opinion on renewables," The Era (Newmarket, Ontario), 30 Mar 2017, Section A, p. 10  Letter to the editor
Delivery fees higher on hydro bill where population lower 
NewspapersText  "Delivery fees higher on hydro bill where population lower," The Era (Newmarket, Ontario), 9 Mar 2017, Section A, p. 3  Photograph
Masking true cost of hydro won't fix broken system 
NewspapersText  "Masking true cost of hydro won't fix broken system," The Era (Newmarket, Ontario), 9 Mar 2017, Section A, p. 6  Editorial
Lights out, after struggling with sky-high hydro bills, Ontario residents like Daren Goodchild are going to see some relief 
NewspapersText  "Lights out, after struggling with sky-high hydro bills, Ontario residents like Daren Goodchild are going to see some relief," The Era (Newmarket, Ontario), 9 Mar 2017, Section A, p. 1  Photograph
Canada's Supreme Natural Gifts 
Newspapers  B.K. Sand Kell; Sand Kell, B.K., "Canada's Supreme Natural Gifts," Newmarket Era (Newmarket, ON), 28 Feb 1930, 1, 4  Progress in the nineteenth century consisted mainly in the extent to which man learned to subdue to his purposes a single gift of coal. It was the century of steam machinery. Steam machinery, directly or indirectly, made the fortunes of the period and built up its communities. Col. 1-3
Neighbors Get Service Newcomer Can't Have It 
Newspapers  "Neighbors Get Service Newcomer Can't Have It," Newmarket Era (Newmarket, ON), 4 Aug 1938, p. 1  George Dorland Refused Electricty For Stove On Bolton Ave.
Route of hydro line to Sudbury. 
Newspapers  "Route of hydro line to Sudbury.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 25 Sep 1930, Section 2, p. 8 
Report on power development. 
Newspapers  "Report on power development.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 11 Aug 1932, Section 2, p. 6 
Report of building the dam. 
Newspapers  "Report of building the dam.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 21 Jul 1932, Section 1, p. 4 
Camp for 1200 excellent. 
Newspapers  "Camp for 1200 excellent.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 4 Dec 1930, Section 2, p. 1 
Ontario Hydro takes over Abitibi Canyon hydroelectric site. 
Newspapers  "Ontario Hydro takes over Abitibi Canyon hydroelectric site.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 6 Apr 1933, Section 1, p. 2  *See also: Abitibi Power and Paper Company
Description of power project. 
Newspapers  "Description of power project.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 23 Oct 1930, Section 2, p. 6 
Power project rapid progress. 
Newspapers  "Power project rapid progress.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 4 Sep 1930, Section 2, p. 2 
Receiver suggests re-organization. 
Newspapers  "Receiver suggests re-organization.," Porcupine Advance (191203), 9 Jan 1941, Section 1, p. 3 
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