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Documentary by young filmmaker set to air on television 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Documentary by young filmmaker set to air on television, "Documentary by young filmmaker set to air on television," Oakville Beaver, 2 Sep 2011, p. 20  Unheralded; National Film Board's Calling Card Program; Lakefield Herald
World traveller inspire youths to reach for success 
NewspapersImageText  Howes, Nathan, World traveller inspire youths to reach for success, "World traveller inspire youths to reach for success," Oakville Beaver, 26 Apr 2013, p. 11  Running the Sahara; The Project
Cameraman was nearly on top of the world 
Newspapers  "Cameraman was nearly on top of the world," Oakville Beaver, 23 Aug 1995, 1, 2 
Show looks at effects of violence on kids 
Newspapers  "Show looks at effects of violence on kids," Oakville Beaver, 16 Jun 1995, p. 15 
Local man on Mt. Everest film expedition 
Newspapers  "Local man on Mt. Everest film expedition," Oakville Beaver, 26 Mar 1995, 1, 5 
Filmmaker wins another award 
Newspapers  "Filmmaker wins another award," Oakville Beaver, 28 Dec 1997, 9, 12  Includes photograph
Lost at sea : precious negatives survive 
Newspapers  "Lost at sea : precious negatives survive," Oakville Beaver, 13 Jun 2001, B1  D-Day reception : Unlucky Lady Includes photographs
Proud Gemini winner 
Newspapers  "Proud Gemini winner," Oakville Beaver, 31 Oct 2001, C1  School of Animation, Art and Design; Gemini Award; Amanda's Choice Includes photograph.
Weekend was lucky seven for eco festival 
Newspapers  "Weekend was lucky seven for eco festival," Oakville Beaver, 4 Apr 2007, p. 12  The Faithful Witness: The Journey of the Whilte Pine in Southern Ontario ; Escarpment Blues
Juno award surprises director 
Newspapers  "Juno award surprises director," Oakville Beaver, 25 Apr 2007, p. 24  Juno Award ; Escarpment Blues ; I Love the Escarpment ; Best Music DVD ; Seven Painters Seven places
Gore's film donated to school boards 
Newspapers  "Gore's film donated to school boards," Oakville Beaver, 2 May 2007, 1, 10  An Inconvenient Truth; The Great Global Warming Swindle
Oakville veterans sought for documentary 
Newspapers  "Oakville veterans sought for documentary," Oakville Beaver, 18 Jul 2007, p. 13  Lest They Be Forgotten
World-renowned chef to chronicle The Islands Project 
Newspapers  "World-renowned chef to chronicle The Islands Project," Oakville Beaver, 19 Mar 2008, p. 18  The Islands Project; What We Bring to the Table
History TV turns cameras on OT students 
Newspapers  "History TV turns cameras on OT students," Oakville Beaver, 12 Mar 2008, p. 19  Ancestors in the Attic
TV documentary depicts Westlake's life as a Sledhead 
Newspapers  "TV documentary depicts Westlake's life as a Sledhead," Oakville Beaver, 3 Oct 2008, 48, 52  Sledhead: Canada's Sledge Hockey Team Includes photographs.
U17 World Cup spotlight nothing new for Szwed 
Newspapers  "U17 World Cup spotlight nothing new for Szwed," Oakville Beaver, 22 Nov 2008, p. 24  Girls of Summer Includes photograph.
Eisenhower the key for Oakville filmmaker 
Newspapers  "Eisenhower the key for Oakville filmmaker," Oakville Beaver, 30 Oct 2009, p. 31  A General consesus
Show featuring local Parkinson's victim to air 
Newspapers  "Show featuring local Parkinson's victim to air," Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 19 Oct 1999, p. 5  The Nature of things Includes photograph.
P.L. Robertson documentary to air June 16 
Newspapers  "P.L. Robertson documentary to air June 16," Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 7 Jun 2002, p. 10  Ode to the Robertson Screwdriver
Screening of Tiger documentary set for Apr. 16 in T.O. 
Newspapers  "Screening of Tiger documentary set for Apr. 16 in T.O.," Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 8 Apr 2005, p. 23  Includes photograph
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