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Arts in Hamilton 
Collection    Art, music, theatre and all of the other cultural activities of any big city are alive and thriving in Hamilton.
Group of Seven Style and Design 
Collection    Book illustrations and bookplates designed by Group of Seven artists J.E.H. MacDonald and A.Y. Jackson are examined in this virtual exhibit. Also includes biographical information and commentary on the designs.
Textures of a Lost Toronto: John Howard's Documentary of Art and Drawings 1830-80 
Collection    Between the 1830s and the 1880s, architect, surveyor, and engineer John George Howard produced watercolours, plans, and maps. Many depicted Toronto in general, others captured the details of structures he designed.
Norval Morisseau: The Red Lake Years 
Collection    The purpose of this exhibition is to offer the public - both local and beyond our borders - a chance to experience the life as well as the work of  Aboriginal artist Norval Morrisseau, who emerged dramatically as an international talent while living and working in the Red Lake area, from 1950 to...
George Baxter (1804-1867): A Bicentenary Exhibition of Prints and Illustrations 
Collection    George Baxter said of his prints, "while their artistic beauty may procure for them a place in the Royal palaces throughout Europe, the prices at which they are retailed introduces them to the humblest cottages."
Graphic Works of Claire Pratt 
Collection    Claire Pratt, artist, poet and editor was born in Toronto in 1921. She was the daughter of Viola Whitney (a writer and editor of the magazine World Friends) and E.J. Pratt (noted poet and educator). At the age of four Claire contracted polio and subsequently developed osteomyelitis, an...
Colour Prints by George Baxter (1804-1867) 
Collection    Our exhibit of Baxter's art portrays the image of the world of Baxter's time. The Early Prints, the Missionary Prints, the Needle-box Prints, the Portraits, the Coronation, and the Exteriors and Landscape prints are all represented.
FADIS Fine Arts Digital Imaging System 
Collection    FADIS (Fine Art Digital Imaging System) is a fine art and architecture repository and teaching tool of 30,000 digital images, videos and audio files with accompanying meta data for private study and research. Courseware tools include the creation of lecture carousels with image notes, multiple...
Wenceslaus Hollar Digital Collection 
Collection    This digital collection features over 2500 of the prints of Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677), a great master of the art of etching. The lion's share of Hollar's work was produced in and about his adopted England, but his artistic interest was broad ranging and the site also includes religious and...
Celebrating the Boar 
Collection    The UW Library joins the Arts Alumni in Celebrating the Boar by presenting a display which can be viewed in the Dana Porter Library from May 24 to August 31, 1994. For those who are not able to see the display in person, please join us now for a World Wide Web tour of the display.
Ontario Society of Artists and the Government of Ontario Art Collection 
Collection    In July of 2005, eighteen members of the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) each donated a piece of their own work to the Government of Ontario Art Collection. Diverse in style and subject matter, all the works represent some aspect of Ontario as reflected through the eyes of its talented artists....
Archives of Ontario Remembers Children's Art from the Spanish Civil War 
Collection    This exhibit highlights the artwork created by a group of children who, over half a century ago, unwittingly found their lives uprooted by the onset of the Spanish Civil War.
Art At Queen's Park 
Cramachie [Keeler Tavern] by James Pattison Cockburn 
ImageObject    In the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum, Gift of Dr. Sigmund Samuel 942.48.16 Online Royal Ontario Museum image database caption: The Inn at Cramachi, Bay of Quinte; Cockburn, James Pattison; watercolour over pencil; Centimetres: 10.1 (height), 18.7 (width); before 1847 Gift of Dr. Sigmund...
Miss Macphail Writes 
Newspapers  "Miss Macphail Writes," Flesherton Advance, 15 Apr 1931, p. 4  col 1-2
On the Main Street 
NewspapersText  "On the Main Street," Daily Post, 2 Aug 1970 
New look of art 
Newspapers  Mississauga News, 3 Jan 2001, Section West - B, p. 1  Includes photograph
Ustohal's Winter Road arrives at Peel Gallery 
Newspapers  Mississauga News, 26 Apr 2001, Section A, p. 7  Includes photograph
Painting is her life's passion 
Newspapers  Mississauga News, 18 Feb 2001, Section West, p. 10  Mississauga Arts Council; Meadowvale Art Group; Clarkson Art Society Includes photograph
Mississauga Arts Awards: only Bette knows for sure 
Newspapers  Mississauga News, 9 Oct 2002, Section NW,W,SW,N,E - B, p. 1  Includes photograph
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