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Old Scotch Kirk Cemetery 
ImageComments:  1931  The boy in front is Edwin Guillet, son of E.C. Guillet.The old Scotch Kirk was located on King St. West at Ontario St.
Diocesan Theological Institute in Cobourg 
ImageComments:  c. 1848  In 1842, Bishop John Strachan founded the Diocesan Theological Institute in Cobourg, an Anglican seminary that became integrated into the University of Trinity College in Toronto in 1852. It fell under the direction of his friend and former pupil, the Reverend Alexander Neil Bethune. The Trinity...
Alderville First Nation Cenotaph 
ImageComments:  c. 1960  Native War Memorial, Rice Lake, Ontario. The Cenotaph was constructed in 1927 by Alf McKeel and Son of Campbellford who supplied the design and donated the materials for the project. Volunteers supplied the labour. The cube on the very top symbolizes the four courners of the earth. The three...
New Public School (Central Public School) 
ImageComments:  c. 1915  New Public School was built in 1906. The New Public School was later named Central Public School and then renamed again, to Thomas Gillbard Public School. In 2005 the school building was sold and conversion to condominiums began in 2006.
T. R. Harvey Grocery Store 
ImageComments:  c. 1910  Robert Harvey is on the right. He was born in 1880. The gentleman on the left is Arthur Hayden a clerk in the Harvey store who in the 1930`s had a grocery store at the corner of King and Ontario St. known as Barney Lilly`s. T.R. Harvey & Sons was located at the corner of King and George and had...
Archie Perk's Ice Cream Shop 
ImageComments:  c. 1910  Annie Lawlor in back Located on the north side of King Street, between Division and George Street.
Bank of Toronto 
ImageComments:  c. 1910  Behind the grill is Mr. Ross of Port Hope. Mr. George Mitchell (with beard) from Baltimore, Ont. and Reeve of Hamilton Township, is in the left foreground. The gentleman standing with him is possibly his brother Thomas. The fourth man is unknown.
King George Theatre 
ImageComments:  c. 1900  Located on the north side of King Street where the Bank of Montreal is situated. The owner was Mr. George Mitchell who also owned a butcher shop just east of the theatre and was in partnership with Archibald (Archie) Perks confectioner. The partnership was entered into the 30th of May 1910, and...
H. W. Cooey Machine and Arms Co. 
ImageComments:  c. 1945  The Cooey rifle factory was located in the old Ontario Woollen Mills buildings. It was taken over by Winchester-Western a manufacturer of sporting guns and ammunition.After a fire destroyed the Port Hope plant for the Cobourg Star newspaper, the production to the paper moved to the former...
Receipt from the Cobourg and Peterborough Railroad to Henry Fowlds 
ImageComments:  1860  "Cobourg & Peterborough Railway Company. Harwood Station, 20 November 1860. Received from Mr. Henry Fowlds in apparent good order, to be delivered at Cobourg subject to the Regulations established by Tariff. 220 bags flour and forwarded to Alex Pratt, Cobourg."
Memorial Cross, Harwood, Ontario 
ImageComments:  1948  Memorial Cross one mile south of the village of Harwood on Harwood Road where 14 German labourers on the rail line's construction died in 1854 of cholera and were buried. Members of the Crick Family, living near by, had kept the cross in good repair. It was erected in 1882 by James B. Barber,...
First draft of the 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery at Grand Trunk Station 
ImageComments:  4 Dec 1914  On August 7, 1914 men from the Cobourg Heavy Battery left for Quebec City and then were ordered to Vancouver where they manned guns until October. On their return the unit was demobilized, then called up again as the 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery and in December 1914 was on its way overseas
Cobourg and Peterborough Railway, Harwood Station 
ImageComments:  25 Sep 1992  As the station was when it resided in Roseneath, Ontario. South side Road 24, east of Highway 45 Built in the 1850s this station was sold when the Grand Trunk Railway bought C & P on 15 April, 1901. In May, June, and July, it was dismantled and moved to Roseneath by Mr. A. Copperthwaite, where it...
Graduating Class of 1925, 1926, 1927 from Nursing 
ImageComments:  1927  Students pictured from Left to Right: Front row: Milner, Dorothy; Allan, Alice; Burkell, Lily (seated); Abraham (Dr.); McNaughton (Dr.); Johnston, Annabell; Fryer, Helen; Lyons, Meg; Mitchell (Dr.)(m. Pittuck); 2nd Row: Varcoe, Rita; Shaw, J. C.; Brown, Bertha; Burkell, Mabel; Griffiths, Emily;...
Marie Dressler House, Reception Room 
ImageComments:  c. 1970  Lenah Field Fisher, right, Brenda Wilson, middle, in reception room in Marie Dressler House, King Street West This home was owned by the Field family and rented to von Koerber. It was a restaurant for awhile and it now the Tourist Information Centre with rooms dedicated to Marie Dressler
Columbian Hotel 
ImageComments:  6 Sep 1994  Demoliton taking place on September 6, 1994 The Columbian had two annexes, Lake View Lawn and the Baltimore. On Lake View Lawn were two first-class cottages containing, in both cottages about thirty rooms. The Baltimore was near the lake and had about twenty-five excellent sleeping rooms. It was...
Cottesmore Hall 
ImageComments:  ca 1920  Located on the northeast corner of King Street East and Cottesmore Avenue. Cottesmore Hall was the largest summer home in Cobourg and was built in 1910. It was built and owned by Wallace H. Rowe, president of the Pittsburgh Steel Company. Construction On Cottesmore Hall began in May 1906 and was...
Cobourg Kiltie Band (Cobourg Concert Band) 
ImageComments:  c. 1980  Cobourg Kiltie Band marching done King Street. Also a good view of the New Dunham Hotel. In 1920, as a result of a leadership disagreement in the Cobourg Citizens Band, an offshoot band was formed, The Cobourg Concert Band. A year later the disagreement was resolved and the two bands reunited...
Cobourg Curlers playing on a creek 
ImageComments:  1896  To the left is the old Cobourg and peterborough Railroad station (near the harbour) and to the right of it is a storehouse in which theatricals were produced during the Provincial Exhibition of 1855. This location is southeast of Town Hall. The water was either held back from the old creek or...
Lakeport, Ontario 
ImageComments:  1994  Bridge by Mill in Lakeport
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