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Railway Accidents 
NewspapersText  "Railway Accidents," Porcupine Advance, 10 Sep 1931, Section 1, p. 1  in Cobalt.
PORQUOIS JUNCTION - Arthur Venne killed in traffic accident 
NewspapersText  "PORQUOIS JUNCTION - Arthur Venne killed in traffic accident," Porcupine Advance, 27 Aug 1931, p. 5 
Amputation of workman's arm necessary 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 7 Apr 1931, p. 1, column 2  John Bruce got caught in the equipment he was servicing at the Stone plant; arm had to be amputated, rib broken, clothes torn off
Oxford aviator was popular at Kitchener field 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 7 Apr 1931, p. 1, column 5  Murdock, who was killed in a plane crash at Sudbury, was an assistant instructor last summer at the K-W Airport
Driver sleepy, dozed at wheel before crash 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 8 Apr 1931, p. 1, column 5  Hancock testifies that he had only one hour's rest in 36, contributed to fatal truck crash in Toronto that killed John Greenwood of Woodstock
Crash victim laid to rest; large funeral 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 9 Apr 1931, p. 18, column 6  Popular young flyer who died when his plane crashed at Sudbury is laid to rest in Clinton
Leg fractured when girl hit by passing car 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 18 Apr 1931, p. 1, column 4  6 year old stepped out from parked car; hit by driver from Detroit; leg broken just below the knee
Acquits Hancock of reckless driving 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 22 Apr 1931, p. 11, column 1  Hancock, a Woodstock Transport Company driver involved in a fatal accident on Lake Shore Road, is acquitted by Mimico magistrate because he had been placed in awkward position by his employer, making 3 trips from Woodstock to Toronto in 36 hours without rest
Injuries prove fatal to child struck by auto 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 6 May 1931, p. 1, column 4  Princeton boy stepped out from front of father's parked car into the path of a car driven by a Hamilton man; died three days later, never regained consciousness
Death of boy was accident jury decides 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 9 May 1931, p. 1, column 2  Princeton jury places no blame on driver of automobile that struck and killed Schneider (also spelled Snyder and Snider in other issues of the DSR), young Princeton boy
Three instantly killed in unexplained crossing crash; Limited hits Holbrook car 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 18 May 1931, p. 1, column 1  ... Three young men killed at the CNR crossing at Wilson Street; Foster at the wheel; struck by the International Limited westbound train; related stories on page 1 of same issue including photographs of the wreck and two of the victims; see also DSR August 11, 1931 page 7 column 5 for poem written...
Skull fractured in motor crash; former resident 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 6 Jul 1931, p. 1, column 3  Rounds, a well-known photographer, seriously injured in an automobile crash near Boston; hope held for recovery; photograph page 1 column 5 same issue
Auto crashes into building, one man hurt 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 10 Jul 1931, p. 1, column 5  Lawrence drove car into transformer building on Ingersoll Road; passenger McMillan hurt; damage to transformer equipment in building
Injuries worse than indicated in first reports 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 23 Jun 1931, p. 1, column 5  Former assistant district agricultural representative in Woodstock seriously injured in car accident near Spencerville, Ontario; suffered fractured spine
Streetcar hits three-year-old; death is instant 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 27 Jun 1931, p. 1, column 6  Former Woodstock family loses son in tragic accident in Brantford; relatives reside in Woodstock
Fatally injured in fall in barn 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 10 Jul 1931, p. 7, column 2  Blenheim Township farmer, age 47, dies in fall in barn while haying
Walked tracks, farmer killed by C.N.R. train 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 13 Jul 1931, p. 1, column 6  N. Worchester man killed as he walked along the tracks a few mile east of Worchester
Instant death follows fall from hay load 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 15 Jul 1931, p. 1, column 5  Sweaburg man falls from hay wagon to his death
No equipment kept at beach where two die 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 27 Jul 1931, p. 1, column 6  High waves and undertow at Iroquois Beach, Port Burwell led to drowning of an Ingersoll boy and a London man; no life-saving equipment available
West Oxford boy drowning victim 
Newspapers  Daily Sentinel-Review, 27 Jul 1931, p. 3, column 4  Ingersoll boy of 10 drowned at Port Burwell; raised by grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas, son of Harry Blackman of Woodstock
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