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County of Elgin Women's Institutes Tweedsmuir Histories	
CollectionText    In many ways, the members of the Women's Institutes were the unofficial archivists of their communities. They acquired records, oral histories, photographs and much more for inclusion in their volumes, leaving us today with an outstanding resource on the history of rural Ontario.
Harlem Bridge 
ImageMysteries:    A photograph of the Harlem Bridge at Harlem, Ontario. (Condition: Fair.) Photo from Mac Chant.
Government wharf, Portland, Ontario 
Image    ...Black and white photograph of government wharf in Portland, Ontario around 1925....
Bev Friar With Large Salmon 
Image  1925  ...A photograph of Bev Friar with a 30lb Salmon caught at Buck Lake circa 1925....
Swimming near Chaffeys Lock 
Image  1925  ...Tinted photograph of swimming near Chaffeys Lock, Ontario around 1925....
Jennie English Laishley 
Image    Black and white photograph of Jennie English Laishley (1883 - 1976) of Chaffey's Lock, Ontario around 1924 - 1926. Jenny was William Laishley's third wife. She lived at Chaffey's Lock until 1976. She was born in Scotland and emigrated as a young girl.
Store front in Delta, c.1925 
Image  1925  ...Photograph of a store front in Delta, Ontario around 1925. In the photograph are Mr.Samuel Whitmore (barber) and Mr. Warner Phelps (hardware merchant)....
Mrs. Pierce and her Sunday School class in front of the Dan Davison House 
Image  1925  ...Photograph of Mrs. Edward Pierce and her Sunday School class in 1925. Left to right: front row: three summer visitors, Zelda Beadle, Eva Morris, Mabel Pelow; Middle row: Jean Russell, Sylvia Howard, Mrs. Pierce, Josie Irwin Back row: Margaret Mott, Irene Baker, Olive Russell?, Sarah Pierce, Leora...
Corner of Main and Colborne St, Portland, Ontario 
Image  1920  ...A photograph of the corner of Main and Colborne Streets in Portland, Ontario circa 1925. The team of oxen was used to transport luggage from the train station to the docks....
Marion DeWell in front of General Store 
Image  1925  ...A photograph of Marion DeWell in front of the General Store in Chantry, Ontario circa 1925....
Newsome House 
Image  1925  ...Photograph of the Newsome House in Plum Hollow, Ontario c.1925...
James Carty bringing logs from north shore of Big Rideau Lake 
Image  1925,   Photograph of James Carty bringing logs from the north shore of Big Rideau Lake to his home to be subsequently cut up for winter fuel, c.1930 (Condition: Fair.)
Bywash at Chaffeys Lock 
Image  1925,   ...Postcard of the bywash at Chaffeys Lock, Ontario around 1925....
Chaffeys Lock, Ontario 
Image  1925,   ...Black and white postcard of Chaffeys Lock, Ontario around 1925. Note the guide boats being towed....
Fleming family at Chaffey's Lockmaster's House 
Image  1925,   ...Black and white photograph of members of the Fleming family around 1925 outside the Chaffey's Lockmaster's House....
Boathouses and skiffs 
Image  1925,   Black and white photograph of boathouses adn skiffs at Chaffeys Lock, Ontario around 1920 - 1930. (Condition: Fair.)
Boathouses and skiff at Chaffey's Locks 
Image  1925,   Black and white photograph of boathouses and skiff at Chaffeys Lock, Ontario around 1920 - 1930. (Condition: Good.)
Elbow at Newboro Lake 
Image  1925,   ...Black and white photograph of Elbow at Newboro Lake around 1925....
Newboro Tennis Courts 
Image  1925  ...Black and white photograph of the Newboro Tennis Courts on Stevens Street around 1925....
Methodist Church Choir, Newboro,Ontario 
Image  1925  A photograph of a Methodist Church choir in Newboro, ON circa 1920. (Condition: Fair.)
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