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Ida Gallagher Haining 
Image  1888  ...Black and white photograph of Ida Gallagher Haining (1881 - ? ) in Newboro, Ontario around 1888. Ida Loretta Gallagher was the oldest daughter of James T. Gallagher (a general merchant of Newboro). She later married a Mr. Haining and was widowed by 1932. She worked in Toronto....
Lillian Fleming 
ImageComments:  1888,   ...Black and white photograph of Lillian Fleming (Heslen) around 1888....
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 7 Feb 1888 
Newspapers    .... 1888. Mnmu. Bmcx when we will Give Away as a m nearest to the number of " lax-s Given Away 1 next : Gift : Sale .' black and in] line of a. 8.110“ Ca. Pol-thud. Edna. std Ned" free full Mnmtlon how 0mm: ax. of dings. mambo-a to perm-ad um I wherever you n. on m m h... It...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 14 Feb 1888 
Newspapers    ... no w)- to who mm y” mm '1'. unlinch All at Wondoflully Low Men for mu ohm walling and iron- mg Cotton. {Ming plum bear in mind . at. we have as good rvulup KING STREET Farmer-ville, Load: County, Ontario, Tuesduy- Pom-nary 14th. 1888. Bra'nch. Stunts. - BROCKVKLLE. n m...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 21 Feb 1888 
Newspapers    ... the. hy amnion on Tuesday. Mun-31 13th. Mr. Hallway has secured the general agency for the Outfit-in Mutual Life Assurance 00.. and will move into the villaoze this week. Shir NEW ADVERTISEMENTS THIS WEEK. FARMERSVILLE. FEB. 21, 1888 On nccouflt of Miss Phelps’ lecture next Tuesday evening...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 28 Feb 1888 
Newspapers    .... and receive alum sex. of MI as“. wr day 311-1 upwgnh Brockvulc. JAB." R0884 Lucio. Monday. February 28th. 1888. Ens knunitséfi Pmcu HODIRA‘I’I. Dunn. n MAIL wxu. Rnnuvs l’uoun' Anunou. for the ton of the public in the put, and ‘ n, «a (unhar- order- from All lovm mum weak...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 6 Mar 1888 
Newspapers    .... "A! 3.7014711! I” I. MIDDLETON NM {or IQVEI‘II In Novbom u "(m-k on w a mlum FACES. II. 1888. Morn", DIM-ch AMA" of our Indy voter. wont to the poll on Fridoy tut. A fine lathe! oak 5nd roak elm lum- bar has been out here thin winter for (3. M. Count & Bro. Thoâ...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 13 Mar 1888 
Newspapers    ...€œout King and Apple Streets, - BROCKVILI.E. TEB'HB'E'SE’; 1‘. :3 L And m DLES Jr AC K LA N D KING S'I‘RIEIZ'II m 5| ()[tOI fiigégfille, Leeds County, Ontario, Tuesday. March 7 18th. 1888. Lutton zht‘ H H ( )Z‘II'I \th UK our h at the e 05&apos...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 20 Mar 1888 
Newspapers    ... the Newer Designs for the spring of 1888 --â€"whitu and cream, scollopcd and bound. ‘ non Goods SELL TEAS Cheaper than any Firm stud (Crown). Thom no in the Jab-only BEANS. Brockville Burgnix ‘ ‘ Inmh‘l BOOTS AND SHOE» your. Gav». linving. Saw-d! any, by'profihbly pun...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 27 Mar 1888 
Newspapers    ...€"â€"' .Wu ramomme, Load; County, Ontario, Tuesday. March 27th. 1888. muuro ALVIN .n'nsox. I)! 'HMMOND PA "18‘" Pt A gmul'xinmlmn for n ‘ or it could he used I'm 'nm'cny works. Btcmr ml at a rmammblu rate AND RETAIL dob! M "A V! nv businan N m\ nil...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 17 Apr 1888 
Newspapers    ...;LOVIRIN. Proprietor Liana" President nd. Ram. vlw-I‘mnldent Hugh MuLt-nnan. Esq Hon. John Hamilton. E. B. Uroenshh-lds, EM Parmersvillo, Loads County, Ontario. Tuudny. April 17th. 1888. W our“ (in m. .61 My“: Monoton. N. [1 Ottawa. Ont. Perth Out. Pclcrgoro. 0m ['Imxsmn. Manner. Ilnlnux‘ N...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 24 Apr 1888 
Newspapers    ...». Q‘lm primu tall, the u mg; 2139 purchnsvr buys (-hmpvr Hum lwr m L m». urv szurfl to he suih-tl WHOLESALE PRICES BY RETAIL, All 0) 1.888 -- SPRING. -- 1888 In Rich micrv 1 Noted For Superior Goods and Low J l‘s’l‘ PASSED INTO STOCK, 3 Alllfl'l‘TQNAL ('11 *1 \V l )l 2...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 1 May 1888 
Newspapers    ... County, Ontario, Tuesday. May lat.‘1888. nw‘ ac. per a- mh lub- B. ( mmmm 8v- m ‘8'} With the LATEST NOVELTIES in Millinery FQ’EW IjRESS (iOOI)S.â€"Filling the shelvom nvmv flowing to the shelf-tops, crowding everywhere where such stufl’s behng; no room on the counters...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 8 May 1888 
Newspapers    ... Lower than '05 KING STREE at Innvifi & Patterson’s. ld pm. V 1‘ is «acid with 311 kind. of Msnth Ml Cloth Cut» and mad he and “I.” nun-amo- d examine 8th. 1888. will A urn Nunbor 0! 0mm: Gun Diapason or. Court 3': terdny, was held in the lee- ture‘ room of the high...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 22 May 1888 
Newspapers    ...: Health». N. 5. Humilum.0m Km amn. “ Mn my ‘ “ “AH Farmersvifimds County, Ontario, Tuesday. May 32th. 1888. in!» A puma: moi/tum non AND 1:: co mv: my: WI All HE’S FALLS} H"? I‘Il‘! pigment and whim Aacau R WUL‘J‘Flns-g u in- Vim-H during I It In" mutiny! an sum...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 29 May 1888 
Newspapers    ... is stocked wit» u'flflfim‘m Hume Cloth- aud Trimmings. All Cloth CM ‘1 muse-#2.: Gumnloed. mm~wn V,._.__.___v._.. .. mm.._._‘. .-,. V m... .Vâ€"‘-.. -.__ .._.«....._..._- W..-»â€"._._..« Farmersville, Loads Coungy, Ofitario, fiésday. lily 1888. IIND A OMAR mi IVER...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 5 Jun 1888 
Newspapers    ...RlfilZE " in mm A” ms" mmwoww. Hunâ€"Known! jar... .3 ..-... 21...... I l ‘ .;: ‘/ H ’ ......m ~ 1: not: ' plow: “w ..... ~ , v _ "l y ~. 9 - _ ... ”June 5th. 1888. Tl rel ‘ t l t i't ' ' I For the no.“ 60 days, Remnants of Dry...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 12 Jun 1888 
Newspapers    ...€; herself. Curried. '1 Moved by Mr. Moulton seconded by Mr. Wight, That Daniel Berncy be exempt from performing Itatute labor for 1888. lnrried. Moved by Mr. Willac, seconded by Mr. Moulton, Thu J. B. Saunders and B. Beach be Allowed to do their stat. ute lobor on the roads landing from the main...
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 19 Jun 1888 
Farmersville Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser (18840522), 26 Jun 1888 
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