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Old Scotch Kirk and old Cobourg poem 
Image  1908  Among the pioneers who settled in the Cobourg area at the beginning of the 19th century were many from Scotland. They sought to establish the kind of church to which they had been used to in Scotland and despite many difficulties, the result of their labour is St.Andrew's Presbyterian Church. The...
Cobourg Congregational Church 
Image  1906  Easter 1906 with Reverend Albert Margritt behind the pulpit. This church was located on King St. West, between Spring and Durham St. south side. For three years after 1925 (union forming United) it was known as King Street United Church, but closed its doors in 1928.
Delaney's Jewellery and Fancy Goods 
Image  c.1902  William Delaney Jr. and his wife Jane (Jean) pictured in the second Delaney Jewellery store which opened in 1902. Located on the north side of King Street east of where the Bank of Nova Scotia used to be. In 1981 it housed the Cable TV company and in 1984 it became the Happy Sole Shoe Repair Shop.
Daniel Denton's Florist Shop 
Image  c. 1905  Located on the south side of King Street west of Cherney building. Later Mr. Denton bought Mr. Warner's music shop and moved to the north side where Durham Furrier's was located. This was supposedly the most easterly located store before the hotel.
Willis Shoe Store and Repairs 
Image  c. 1900  Shown in picture is Mr. Willis (the proprietor) in shirtsleeves, the man in the rear is unknown. Located on King Street East in the stone Ebenezer Perry building Mr. Willis made shoes in Cobourg from 1865 to 1908. It was the first store east of the old Post Office. This location was also the site...
Thomas Mitchell and Sons butcher shop 
Image  c. 1900  The deer season's results hanging in Thomas Mitchell and Sons butcher shop opposite Victoria Hall early 20th century. Oversize
King George Theatre 
ImageComments:  c. 1900  Located on the north side of King Street where the Bank of Montreal is situated. The owner was Mr. George Mitchell who also owned a butcher shop just east of the theatre and was in partnership with Archibald (Archie) Perks confectioner. The partnership was entered into the 30th of May 1910, and...
John Guy's new Blacksmith shop 
Image  Oct 1903  Located on Hibernia, between Albert and King Street. John Guy in the doorway. John Guy (1876-1953) opened his new blacksmith shop in October 1903.
Charlie McGuire's Carriage Shop 
Image  c.1900  Chas. or Charlie McGuire ran this carriage shop located on Division Street. Located on Division Street, north of Swayne Street.
Colborne Grand Trunk Railway Station 
Image  1908 
S.S. Ontario No. 1, Cobourg, Ontario 
Image  c. 1908  Ontario No. 1 cost about $375,000, was 317 feet long, 54.2 foot beam, 16 1/2 foot draft, speed 13-15mph, capacity of 28 loaded coal cars, 1,000 passengers, berths for 90 people The Ontario Car Ferry company was formed in 1905 in a joint venture between the Grand Trunk Railway and the Buffalo,...
King Street looking East to water stand-pipe 
Image  1908  King Street looking east The waterworks were established in the 1890s. The water stand-pipe, was located on the south-east corner of D'Arcy and King, was 16 feet in diameter and 116 feet high. The pipe was pumped full and then used gravity flow to empty. It was pumped again as pressure reached a...
Cobourg Dyeing Co., Limited 
Image  c. 1905  William Street The Cobourg Dye Works was owned by the Dick Family from Montreal. Originally, the building housed a brewery operated by John Sinclair Wallace. Wallace came to Cobourg with his father, Captain Patrick Wallace and his cousins the Mackenchnies. The Brewery was later carried on by the...
Woollen Mills 
Image  c. 1900  Located on Tremaine St., Cobourg The Woollen Mills was the largest industry in Cobourg for most of the 19th century. It was begun about 1845 by Stuart McKechnie and this two brothers. It was later carried on by Alexander Fraser and William Rosamond. At the turn of the century the factory was...
Woollen Mills 
Image  c. 1905  Located on Tremaine Street, Cobourg The Woollen Mills was the largest industry in Cobourg for most of the 19th century. It was begun about 1845 by Stuart McKechnie and this two brothers. It was later carried on by Alexander Fraser and William Rosamond. At the turn of the century the factory was...
Image  c. 1900  411 King St. East,South side. Built in 1857 by Kivas Tully and remodelled in 1860 by Major David Campbell, it was then bought by William Abbott in 1901 who enlarged and again remodelled the house. Later it became the summer home of the Haas family of Toronto. It is a fine example of the style...
Entrance to Strathmore 
Image  c. 1900  North Side of King Street East. Strathmore, as it was called, was the home of Judge George M. Clark, whose wife was a daughter of William Weller. He sold the estate in 1904 to Charles Donnelly, a Pittsburg steel magnate, who remodeled and enlarged it. This building was an example of the style...
House of Refuge 
Image  c. 1900  Located at James and George Street. Cobourg had developed a 'House of Refuge' near the corner of James and George streets in the early 1890s. The home took in the elderly, indigent and destitute of the community. Soon there was a need for a hospital and a portion of the home was turned over to...
Cobourg Post Office 
Image  c. 1900  South East corner of Division and King Street. In 1856, Ebenezer Perry sold this corner property to the Bank of Montreal who then built this building around 1860. In 1881, it was conveyed to W. D. Burn who sold it to the Crown in December 1882 and it became the Cobourg Post Office. In 1889, after...
Hutchings House, Grafton 
Image  c. 1900  Built by Mr. Hutchings in the late 1800s it was bought by Reuben Lawless in 1941. This house became better known as the Reuben F. Lawless home.
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